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Desperate or dangerous juggling knacks, wherein the simple are made to thinke, that a seelie juggler with words can hurt and helpe, kill and revive anie creature at his pleasure: and first too kill anie kind of pullen, and to give it life againe knife or nail inserted into head of chicken to deafen it temporarily
1584 196
A Trick with a Cock hypnotising a rooster
1784 54
A droll Trick played with a Fowl roasted fowl comes back to life when pierced with a fork, as a prank / wager
1784 55
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Das Hexennetz No. 1, egg bag from see-through net fabric, production of up to eight eggs, and a live chicken with body load
1899 13
The Conjurer as Chicken Fancier six eggs produced from borrowed hat, then a chicken
1909 297
Joe Berg The Magical Hatchery several eggs appear one by one in net egg bag and are placed in borrowed hat, in the hat are then found baby chicks instead
1937 13
Eddie Joseph The Boy and the Watch borrowed watch changes to egg and egg to chicken, watch appears inside lady's slipper attached to back of spectator
1940 ca. 4
Hart Fisher Chix-Levitation chicken on board levitates
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1944)
Nat. D. Kane Just a Dream baby chicken appears and vanishes, with egg
Also published here May 1944
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Joseph Ovette The Waterless Tube water in can changes to ribbon streamers, then baby chicken appear
1944 6
A Chicken Produced from Gentleman's Coat
1948/27 223
David Tobias Bamberg David Tobias Bamberg's Egg Bag large bag, fifteen eggs produced and a life hen
Also published here 1948/27 354
Max Malini, Charlie Miller Chicks chicks from Cups & Balls, chicks from eggs
1961 74
Charlie Miller Chick Breaking breaking a chick into two chicks
1961 76
Abel Cantu Cantu comment
1961 100
Francis Carlyle The Cups and Balls baby chicks as final loads
1978 132
Ross Bertram Helpful Hints
  • Where to Obtain Chicks
  • What to Feed Chicks
  • How to Care for Chicks
  • How to Palm a Chick
  • How to Load a Spectator
  • To Prevent the Chick from Kicking
  • Hypnotizing a Chick
  • How to Rehearse
1978 136
Mike Caveney Comedy Load Bag fake and real chicken are produced from spectator's coat
1981 73
Claude Hale Eggstraordinary coin dropper in stuffed chicken
1982 57
Al Mann Hypnotizing Animals! Hypnotizing the following animals:
No. 43: Rabbit
No. 44: A Second Method
No. 45: Chicken and Rooster
No. 46: Another Method
No. 47: Lobster and Crayfish
No. 48: Frog
No. 49: Chameleon
No. 50: Snakes
No. 51: Crabs
No. 52: Guinea Pig
No. 53: Pig
No. 54: Pigeons
No. 55: In the Act (frogs & putting them on stage)
No. 56: With Rabbits
No. 57: The Prime Secret
No. 58: The Cobra! (see also reference)
Related to 1983 13
Wayne Kyzer Wilmot comedy bit, rubber chicken starts to laugh and is eventually shot by performer
1984 40
David Tobias Bamberg The Bamberg Egg Bag large bag, fifteen eggs produced and a life hen
Also published here 1988 30
Harald Kurz L - Latexhuhn on the rubber chicken
1991 34
Mystery of the Paper Ball, Egg, Frog, & Baby Chicken paper ball under a bowl transforms in the things from the title
1993 131
Jerry Mentzer Cups and Balls with Baby Chicks
1994 113
Karrell Fox A "Cheep" Trick egg to live baby chick in napkin
1995 130
Marvyn Roy The Invisible Hen - Fifth Method: Roy Addition eggs appear in basket, then five chicks tumble out
Also published here
  • "Hocus Hatchery" (Genii, Vol. 15 No. 8, Apr. 1951, p. 321)
2002 43
Dave Roper Egg to Chick egg cracked into can, changes to live chicken
Also published here
  • "Finding the Easter Chick" (The Linking Ring, Vol. 31 No. 1, Mar. 1956, p. 75)
2002 226
Herman Hanson The Growing Egg - Fourth Method: Herman Hanson's Approach egg grows, hen from giant egg
Also published here
  • M-U-M, Vol. 41 No. 11, Apr. 1952, p. 301
2002 234
Frank Herman, Jack Yeager Happy Eggster egg coloring routine, chickens appear
Also published here
  • Genii, Vol. 16 No. 8, Apr. 1952, p. 304
2002 280
Nat. D. Kane Just a Dream baby chicken appears and vanishes, with egg
Also published here 2002 288
Mike Caveney Scissors, Coat, Silverware & Chicken knife through borrowed coat, production from coat of silverware, plates and chicken
  • The Newspaper
  • The Chicken
  • The Load Bag
  • Hiding a Chicken
  • Hiding a Chicken Load Bag
  • Newspaper Art
  • Shower of Silver
  • The Stool
  • The Ultimate Gimmick
  • Crash Landing
  • The Scissors
  • The Logic
  • Pre-Set
  • The Routine
2013 373
Mike Caveney The Chicken Chronicles more stories about using a chicken in an act
  • O'Hare, Oh my!
  • Robo Chick (mechanical chicken substitute)
2013 423
Mike Caveney Del Adelphia Egg Bag discussion of the performance at the 2005 Los Angeles History Conference
  • The Basket
  • The Bag
  • Eggs
  • The First Two Eggs
  • The Nest
  • The Mother Ship
  • The Dove Steal
  • The Kleenex Steal
  • Squeeze Play
  • The Chicken Load Bag
  • The Switch
  • Chicken Production
  • The Setup
  • The Routine
2013 123
Roberto Giobbi Trick for Thanksgiving: Torn and Restored Turkey description of old trick around 1600
Hidden Agenda (Issue Nov 24)
Towel as Chicken Gag
Related to
  • Magische Welt, Vol. 58 No. 1
2019 21
Steve Cohen Chapter Six: Only Malini Max Malini anecdotes
  • Impressive in Bed (blow-book for reporter)
  • A Droll Trick Played With a Fowl (resurrected chicken)
  • Kimura Malini
  • Suspected Spy
  • 1700 Convicts Mystified
  • Four-Power Treaty Framed in a Hotel Room
  • Six Martinis and a Bowl of Soup
  • An Inventive Mind
  • On the House
  • Cane Sawing
  • Caruso as Conjuror
2022 69