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To take a Bird out of a Cage, and make it appear as dead, or to roll it about as you please.
1784 37
Stan Blumenthal Some Notes on the Hypnotic Act
  • Cooperation and Support
  • 'Cloak of Invisibility'
  • Selection of Volunteers
  • Stage Setting
  • Introductory Speech
  • Opening Tests
  • Keep the Pace Fast
Related to 1973
Magick (Issue 91)
Scorpio Addendum to the Hypnotic Act
  • How to Start
  • Some Basic Rules
  • Pacing Your Routine
  • Subjects
  • Types of Tests
  • Group Test
  • Amnesia Test
  • Cigarette Test
  • Nose Test
Related to 1974
Magick (Issue 109)
V. Robert Allen The Toad and the Witch toad is hypnotized and vanishes
Magick (Issue 141)
Gerald Kosky Mass Hypnotism pseudo hypnotism act, audience is apparently hypnotised, things written on slates are different, scarfs are not knotted and cards are different then remembered
1975 194
Karroll Priest Sleep-Eez on combining mentalism and hypnotism
Magick (Issue 290)
Al Mann Hypnotizing Animals! Hypnotizing the following animals:
No. 43: Rabbit
No. 44: A Second Method
No. 45: Chicken and Rooster
No. 46: Another Method
No. 47: Lobster and Crayfish
No. 48: Frog
No. 49: Chameleon
No. 50: Snakes
No. 51: Crabs
No. 52: Guinea Pig
No. 53: Pig
No. 54: Pigeons
No. 55: In the Act (frogs & putting them on stage)
No. 56: With Rabbits
No. 57: The Prime Secret
No. 58: The Cobra! (see also reference)
Related to 1983 13
The Bug in the Ear No. 93, hypno trick, subject feels bug in ear
1983 26
Delicious Soap! No. 94, hypno trick, apparently subject eats a bar of soap
1983 26
Spirit Ants No. 95, spectators feel invisible ants, itching powder
1983 26
Ormond McGill On Making Hypnotism Entertaining
  • Performing Attitude
  • Self-Defeating
  • There's A First Time For Everything
  • Entertainment Suicide
  • And On Being Bored
  • ... Or Boring
  • Hypnotism Is A State Of Mind
  • "The Great Hypnotists"
Mar. 1984
Magick (Issue 329)
Richard Mark Diversion extended arm of spectator can be pushed down at will of performer
Related to
  • "The Ritual" (Bruce Bernstein, Perception is Everything, 1999)
Nov. 1985
Magick (Issue 360)
Kurt Bai Mental 16 Training Bonus: Part 8 - Hypnosis with the Color Chart
July 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 1)
Marco Fida Palmistrance using NLP and Hypnosis during a palm reading, Edward J. Reese
Dec. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 6)
Michel Asselin Suggestion for Hypnotists
Oct. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 4)
Raimo Patronen Animal Magnetism magnetic sensation using two stones
Jan. 1995
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 7)
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Mind Over Body spectator has eyes closed and arms in front of him, hands move up following words of performer
Related to
  • "Lift" (Derren Brown)
Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 18)
Basil Horwitz The Hot Chair mentalism take on electric chair trick, person stands up when number is named, pseudo suggestion routine
Related to 1997 48
David Berglas, David Britland It's All Done by Hypnosis on Berglas hypnotism TV-Show, Fred Kaps
2002 272
David Berglas Shock Tactics apparently spectators get small electro shocks, people jump or let cards drop
2002 371
Luke Jermay RGM (Reversed Gestalt Moment) magician causes spectator to forget the name of a playing card shown to them
2002 4
Luke Jermay Manipulation of Perception Word on paper is shown to two spectators. One sees "walk", one sees "bomb", the word is actually "the"
Related to 2002 25
Luke Jermay The Seventh Deception Magician removes the spectator's phobia (e.g. for spiders) through a grand ritual involving fire
2002 37
Luke Jermay A Twisted Palm Spectator stares at their palm, sees the lines start to warp and move on their own
Related to 2002 50
Jay Inglee Stroll prediction with hypnosis presentation
2003 276
Patrick G. Redford The Original Forgotten Ploy making an audience forget a playing card that you showed them
Variations 2008 12
Patrick G. Redford Luminous Lethe Spectator forgets color of their shirt, only to remember moments later
2008 20
Patrick G. Redford Dry Memory Spectator forgets a word written on a dry erase board
2008 22
Patrick G. Redford Paper Memory Spectator forgets word written on sketchpad
2008 24
Garrett Thomas, Alex Linian, Patrick G. Redford Careless Combination Spectator forgets combination number to a padlock they set themselves. They will later remember the combination one letter at a time
2008 28
Patrick G. Redford Legitimate Combination Spectator forgets combination to lock that was set to their birth year. They will later remember it again
2008 36
Patrick Page The Eye Chart child can't read letters on a board
2011 319
Robert Cassidy Stage Hypnosis for Mentalists with script
2013 348
G Amnesia (失忆症) You make spectator forget a number you wrote down: you write four numbers, spectator only remembers three
2014 51
殷欣 (Sion) 记忆碎片 (Fragments of Memory) Magician apparently alters the memory of a spectator about which country he/she wrote down
2017 93