Written by Luke Jermay
Work of Luke Jermay
53 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Steve "Banachek" Shaw Foreword
Kenton Knepper Kenton's Words
Luke Jermay RGM (Reversed Gestalt Moment) magician causes spectator to forget the name of a playing card shown to them
Luke Jermay Cold Emotion Spectator chooses an emotion from an E-motion deck (deck of cards with emotions written on them), magician divines it
  • Alternative Handling: One Ahead routine, use E-motion deck to divine person, place, emotion with envelopes
Variations 10
Luke Jermay For Andruzzi Magician stops their own pulse, then stops the pulse of a spectator
Also published here 14
Docc Hilford Impromptu Pulse Stop No need for any props (balls etc.). Can cause pulse to stop or quicken
Tony Andruzzi Impromptu Heart Stop Magicians apparently makes their heartbeat disappear
Luke Jermay Manipulation of Perception Word on paper is shown to two spectators. One sees "walk", one sees "bomb", the word is actually "the"
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Luke Jermay A Darker Dai Routine for Five Card Mental Force
Inspired by
  • "Terasabos" (Rick Maue, Book of Haunted Magick, 2000)
Luke Jermay Circle Magician divines ESP symbol drawn by spectator
Luke Jermay The Seventh Deception Magician removes the spectator's phobia (e.g. for spiders) through a grand ritual involving fire
Luke Jermay The Butterfly Billet Ballet After a simple billet mind-reading sequence, spectator opens the billet and a live butterfly flies out, leaving the billet blank
Luke Jermay A Twisted Palm Spectator stares at their palm, sees the lines start to warp and move on their own
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Kenton Knepper A Corny Ending
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