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Reginald Scot Of private confederacie, and of Bandons pigeon on using stooges, for example for burnt and rediscovered card
Related to 1584 174
Brandon the juggler Example of a ridiculous woonder picture of dove is pierced, real dove on top of building drops down dead
1584 174
Reginald Scot Of publike confederacie, and whereof it consisteth on stooges
1584 175
Reginald Scot How men have beene abused with words of equivocation, with sundrie examples thereof on cold reading and claiming coincidences
1584 175
Reginald Scot The art of juggling discovered, and in what points it dooth principallie consist introduction to sleight-of-hand section
  • In what respects juggling is tolerable and also commendable
  • The three rpincipall points wherein legierdemaine or nimblenes of hand dooth consist
1584 182
Of the ball, and the manner of legierdemaine therewith, also notable feats with one or diverse balles magic with small balls
1584 182
To make a little ball swell in your hand till it be verie great one or more small balls taken into other hand and become big there, shuttle pass
1584 183
To consume (or rather to conveie) one or manie balles into nothing lapping ball after false transfer for complete vanish
1584 183
How to rap a wag upon the knuckles sucker gag in which spectator is rapped on hand
Related to 1584 183
To conveie monie out of one of your hands into the other by legierdemaine coin travels from hand to hand after false transfer, tapped with knife for sound illusion ("for both the eare and the eie is deceived by this devise")
Related toVariations 1584 184
To put one testor into one hand, and an other into the other hand, and with words to bring them togither
1584 184
To put one testor into a strangers hand, and another into your owne, and to conveie both into the strangers hand with words "double lift" with coins, double put into spectator's hand (sponge ball trick with coins)
Related to 1584 184
How to doo the same or the like feate otherwise one coin in each hand, they travel together
1584 184
To throwe a peece of monie awaie, and to find it againe where you list coin thrown into air vanishes (classic palm with second and third fingers), duplicate appears somewhere else (like on a stooge)
1584 185
With words to make a groat or a testor to leape out of a pot, or to run alongst upon a table coin crawls out of cup along table, thread pulled by stooge, recommended at night with candle light to make it more deceptive
1584 185
To make a groat or a testor to sinke through a table, and to vanish out of a handkercher verie strangelie coin vanishes from handkerchief with dummy coin inside and penetrates table and falls into glass held underneath
Related to 1584 185
A notable tricke to transforme a counter to a groat double sided coin glued from two filed down coins, another thin cover disc stuck onto it with wax to show both sides of coin (pre-shell), then disc stolen away and coin changes cleanly in one hand
Related to 1584 185
An excellent feat, to make a two penie peece lie plaine in the palme of your hand, and to be passed from thence when you list one-handed coin vanish with wax on nail to bring coin to sort of back-palm position
Related to 1584 186
To throwe a peece of monie into a deepe pond, and to fetch it againe from whence you list marked coin thrown into river is reproduced from somewhere else, similarly marked duplicate
1584 186
Knowing how much Money a Spectator has stooge
1584 186
To conveie one shilling being in one hand into another, holding your armes abroad like a rood sucker bet in which a coin is in each hand, it is proposed to bring them into one hand without the hands coming near each other
1584 187
How to rap a wag on the knuckles gag in which a spectator is rapped on the knuckles
Related to 1584 187
To transforme anie one small thing into anie other forme by folding of paper Buddha papers, with paper or handkerchief, standard back-to-back paper method and ungaffed method
Related to 1584 187
Of cards, with good cautions how to avoid cousenage therein: speciall rules to conveie and handle the cards, and the maner and order how to accomplish all difficult and strange things wrought with cards injog or outjog shuffle to preserve stock, first or fourth finger controls stock, also with a few cover cards
Related to 1584 188
Reginald Scot On Gambling and Cheating
1584 188
How to deliver out foure aces, and to convert them into foure knaves four Aces shown on face of deck and placed on table one by one, they change into Jacks
Related to 1584 188
Glide second card injogged and covered by fingers
Related to 1584 189
How to tell one what card he seeth in the bottome, when the same card is shuffled into the stocke card peeked, kept under control with jog shuffle and then "forced" (given) to spectator and divined
Related to 1584 189
An other waie to doo the same, having your selfe indeed never seene the card card glimpsed with diversion (like letting some cards fall), making piles and following the card, then giving it to spectator and divining it
Related to 1584 189
To tell one without confederacie what card the thinketh three cards on table, one thought of, divined by following gaze
Related to 1584 189
How to tell what card anie man thinketh, how to conveie the same into a kernell of a nut or cheristone, &c: and the same againe into ones pocket: how to make one drawe the same or anie card you list, and all under one devise card thought of is predicted on piece of paper in nut or button on spectator's coat, stooge, another person selects this card from deck, in optional repeat a nut with ink is cracked by some sucker
Related to 1584 190
Classic Force with out (dropping some cards and starting again)
Related to 1584 190
Of fast or loose, how to knit a hard knot upon a handkercher, and to undo the same with words converting square knot into slip knot
Related to 1584 190
A notable feate of fast or loose; namelie, to pull three beadstones from off a cord, while you hold fast the ends thereof, without removing of your hand grandmother's necklace
Related to 1584 191
Juggling knacks by confederacie, and how to know whether one cast crosse or pile by the ringing heads or tails divined repeatedly, stooge with verbal code and psychology
1584 191
To make a shoale of goslings drawe a timber log some geese draw a log of wood, vague, probably thread
1584 192
To make a pot or anie such thing standing fast on the cupboard, to fall downe thense by vertue of words stooge with thread
1584 192
To make one danse naked spectator is made to throw away clothes and dance and stomp, stooge
1584 192
To transforme or alter the colour of ones cap or hat with stooge who confirms that the hat changed
1584 192
Steeven Tailor How to tell where a stollen horsse is become stooge
1584 192
Boxes to alter one graine into another, or to consume the graine or corne to nothing box with false bottom and layer of grains glued on it, turned over for transformation or vanish
Related to 1584 192
How to conveie (with words or charmes) the corne conteined in one box into an other previous box used to vanish grains, it reappears in bell type box that has grains behind leather separater that drops down when set hard on table (chop cup like)
Related to 1584 193
Of diverse petie juggling knacks
  • making an oat stir
  • producing dry powdered spices from mouth
  • paddle type trick with straw in one of three holes in paddle that jumps around
Related to 1584 193
To burne a thred, and to make it whole againe with the ashes thereof
Related to 1584 193
To cut a lace asunder in the middest, and to make it whole againe more string than rope, borrowed, extra piece is cut
Related to 1584 194
How to pull laces innumerable out of your mouth, of what colour or length you list, and never anie thing seene to be therein mouth coils
Related to 1584 194
Clarvis How to make a booke, wherein you shall shew everie leafe therein to be white, black, blew, red, yellow, greene, &c. blow book, changes six times, with place where one can buy it, mentions of Pliney the Elder, Saint Albertus Magnus, John Baptista Neapolitan, Thomas Lupton
Related to 1584 195
Desperate or dangerous juggling knacks, wherein the simple are made to thinke, that a seelie juggler with words can hurt and helpe, kill and revive anie creature at his pleasure: and first too kill anie kind of pullen, and to give it life againe knife or nail inserted into head of chicken to deafen it temporarily
1584 196
To eate a knife, and to fetch it out of anie other place knife swallowing, first partially put in mouth, then lapped with misdirection and apparently eaten
Related to 1584 196
To thrust a bodkin into your head without hurt thin knife through head with blade that slips into handle, optional sponge with blood or wine for additional gore effect
Related to 1584 196
To thrust a bodkin through your toong, and a knife through your arme: a pittifull sight, without hurt or danger gimmicked knifes with bend in middle
1584 197
To thrust a peece of lead into one eie, and to drive it about (with a sticke) betweene the skin and flesh of the forehead, untill it be brought to the other eie, and there thrust out lead put in one eye (really into hollow wand) and brought out the other
1584 197
To cut halfe your nose asunder, and to heale it againe presentlie without anie salve gimmicked knife with gap, apparently cut through nose
Related to 1584 197
To put a ring through your cheeke ring apparently through cheek (with slit), is taken off and put onto stick that two people hold
Related to 1584 197
To cut off ones head, and to laie it in a platter, &c: which the jugglers call the decollation of John Baptist decapitation illusion
Related to 1584 198
To thrust a dagger or bodkin into your guts verie strangelie, and to recover immediatlie false belly with animal blood
1584 198
To drawe a cord through your nose, mouth or hand, so sensiblie as is woonderful to see crotch with thread through it, really inside the wood around nose
Related to 1584 199
Reginald Scot The conclusion, wherin the reader is referred to certeine patterns of instruments wherewith diverse feats heere specified are to be executed final comments on the chapter about juggling (= magic)
1584 199
Hocus Pocus Junior The originall of Legerdemaine, and how it come first into this Kingdome
1634 5
Hocus Pocus Junior The Definiton of the Art of Legerdemaine, with its principal parts magic has two parts: magic tricks and work with stooges
1634 6
Hocus Pocus Junior The end of the Art of Legerdemaine entertainment vs. deceiving people
1634 6
Palming Small Balls
1634 8
Apparently Swallowing Ball after false transfer
1634 10
How to make a great Ball seem to come through a Table into a Cup from bottom of table to under cup after spectator checked the cup by himself
1634 15
How to make a stone seeme to vanish out of your hand lapping the stone while asking a question
1634 18
Another another stone vanish via lapping
1634 18
How to make a Card vanish, and finde it againe in a Nut duplicate card is split and printed side slit into nut beforehand, second nut filled with ink as joke when spectator opens it
Related to 1634 19
How to seeme to eate a Knife knife swallowing, reproduced from pocket
Related to 1634 20
How to rap a Wag on the knuckles sucker gag in which spectator is rapped on knuckles
Related to 1634 20
How to seeme to swallow a long pudding made of Tinne ball transforms into collapsable tin cone and is swallowed
1634 21
How to seeme to cut ones nose halfe off knife with half-moon cut out
Related to 1634 22
How to seeme to pull a rope through your nose crotch with thread through it, really inside the wood around nose
Related to 1634 23
How to make a pile of Counters seeme to vanish thorow a Table cap & pence through table, die appears instead on top of table which started in hollowed stack
1634 24
How to seeme to put a ring through ones cheeke ring apparently through cheek (with slit and spinning illusion), is taken off and put onto stick that two people hold
Related to 1634 26
How to seeme to thrust a Bodkin in your fore-head knife through head with blade that slips into handle, optional sponge with blood for additional gore effect
Related to 1634 27
How to draw ribbins of any colour out of your mouth, and to deliver it by the yard mouth coils
Related to 1634 29
How to make two Bels come into one hand, having put into each hand one bell travels from hand to hand, with bell in sleeve to fake sound of bell in hand
1634 30
How to make a Jugling booke, or a booke for Waggerie blank book becomes printed
Related to 1634 30
Bonus Genius or Nuntius invisibilis small wooden figure vanishes in cap, head comes off and body is secretly removed in advance
Related to 1634 31
Boxes to change Graine box with false bottom and layer of grains glued on it, turned over for transformation or vanish, also appearance in bell type box
Related to 1634 32
How to vanish a glasse full of Beere coin on table, glass with beer placed on top, "is coin in or under glass?", verification used to lap full glass, coin stuck to fingers is reproduced from nose and glass from pocket
1634 33
How to seeme to cut off a mans head, it is called the decollation of John Baptist decapitation illusion
Related to 1634 34
How to make the face of a Childe to appeare in a pot of water small fake head secretly dropped into water bottle, also with frog
1634 36
Advice whereby you may drinke a Tunnell full of drinke, and afterwards seeme to poure the same all out of your sleeve againe double funnel
1634 36
How to seeme to make a tooth drop out with a touch big tooth drops out of mouth, gag?
1634 37
Another conceipt to procure laughter two items held far apart, challenge to bring them into one hand without moving the hands together
1634 37
How to make two or three egs dance upon a staffe eggs balanced on stick
1634 38
A merry conceit gag in which a spectator is rapped on the knuckles as coins are handed out
1634 38
How to knit a hard knot upon a handkercher, and to seem to undoe the same with words converting square knot into slip knot
Related to 1634 39
A notable feat of Fast and Loose; namely, to pull three beadstones from off a Cord, while you hold fast the ends thereof, without removing of your hands
Related to 1634 40
To turne a threed, and so make it whole againe with the ashes thereof
Related to 1634 41
To cut a Lace asunder in the midst, and to make it whole againe more string than rope, extra piece is cut
Related to 1634 42
A very strange tricke whereby you may seeme to cut a piece of Tape into 2. or 4. parts, and make it whole againe with words
1634 43
Of divers pretty jugling knacks
  • producing dry powdered spices from mouth
  • paddle type trick with straw in one of three holes in paddle that jumps around
Related to 1634 45
A notable trick to transform a Counter into a Groat double sided coin glued from two filed down coins, another thin cover disc stuck onto it with wax to show both sides of coin (pre-shell), then disc stolen away and coin changes cleanly in one hand
Related to 1634 46
An excellent feat to make a twopeny peece lie plaine in your hand, and to be passed from thence when you lift one-handed coin vanish with wax on nail to bring coin to sort of back-palm position
Related to 1634 47
How to transforme any one small thing into another forme by folding of paper Buddha papers to change coins
Related to 1634 47
How to convey money out of one of your hands into the other by Legerdemaine coin travels from hand to hand after false transfer, tapped with knife for sound illusion
Related to 1634 48
How to make sixe pence seeme to fall thorow a Table coin vanishes from handkerchief with dummy coin inside and penetrates table and falls into glass held underneath
Related to 1634 49
How to deliver to one man one sixpence, and to another another sixpence, and to make both the testors come into one mans hand "double lift" with coins, double put into spectator's hand (sponge ball trick with coins), coin stolen from palm of another spectator with sticky fingers
Related to 1634 50
Hocus Pocus Junior Conveyance of Cards and Dice mentioning card tricks and principles without details
  • divided cards
  • advantage dice by cutting off a strip
  • "nipping" (punch?), corner crimp, dots
1634 51
Hocus Pocus Junior Of Confederacy listing some effects with stooges, most of them can be found in "Discoverie of Witchcraft" by Reginald Scot
1634 52
Le Grand Sultan automaton who can divine a card by nodding with his head, the number of a rolled dice and in which compartment of a closed box a doll is placed, with assitant
1784 1
Le Mouchoir Marqué, Coupé, Déchiré & Raccommodé marked, cut and burnt handkerchief is restored again, with a table
1784 6
L'Oiseau Artificiel, Chantant au Commendement de la Compagnie bird automaton on a bottle whistles any melody wished for
1784 9
La Carte Dansante (The dancing card) selection appears on the wall, goes left and right and up until the card vanishes and appears again, thread and duplicate
1784 13
La Carte Clouée au Mur d'un Coup de Pistolet corner torn of selection, then nail is marked and loaded into a gun, cards sprung into the air and selection is nailed to the wall, corner matches, with assistant
1784 15
La Carte Brûlée, qu'on Fait Trouver Dans une Montre card is selected and burnt, ashes vanish from a box and miniature card is found under glass of a watch, spectator selects among three, with assistant
1784 19
La Piece de Monnoie Enfermée Dans une Boîte, d'ou Elle Sort Sans qu'on y Touche coin vanishes from a box audibly and appears in shoe of a spectator, rattle box with spring feather, assistant
1784 22
L'Ecriture Cachée Dans une Tabatiere, d'où on la Tire, Sans la Toucher, Pour la Faire Trouver Dans une Bougie signed piece of paper is burnt and appears in selected candle, switch with a box, with assistant notes from 1788 mention method for paper to orange and signature duplication
1784 24
Trois Canifs Ayant été Mis Dans un Gobelet d'Argent, l'un des Trois Saute par Terre au Commandement du Spectateur three pocketknives put in a golden goblet, one is chosen and that jumps out of the goblet, forcing of the middle one, with and out where apparently not hearing correctly which one
Related to 1784 27
La Danse de L'Oeuf an egg in a hat suddenly sticks to a cane and moves from side to side, performed with music by an orchestra
1784 29
L'Oiseau Mort, & Ressuscité an egg is chosen and the spectator asked if she rather has a mouse or a bird, she chooses a bird and inside the egg is a bird, the bird dies and comes back to life, concepts of forcing of proximity and preference, two versions
1784 32
La Tête d'or Sautant & Dansant Dans un Verre, pour Répondre à Diverses Questions a golden miniature head moves in a glass to answer questions, with assistant
1784 35
Les Anneaux Enfilés Dans un Double Ruban grandmother's necklace - routine, with rings and ribbon, referencing Ozanam
1784 36
Les Cartes Devinées, les Yeux Bandés spectator selects a bunch of cards and shuffles them, medium comes on stage, then with blindfold and without the performer saying a word all cards are named
1784 39
La Balle Jettée Dans la Petite Maison à Trois Portes & Sortant Par l'une des Trois à Volonté a ball is thrown in a little house with three doors and is coming out of the chosen door
1784 44
Theophrastus Paracelsus, Ou le Pigeon Tué d'un Coup d'épée Donné à Son Ombre ou à Son Image the shadow or a picture of a pigeon is struck with a sword, at the same moment the real bird dies
1784 46
Le Bouquet Magique Qui s'épanouit au Commandement also known as Palingenesie, flower bouquet blossoms at will
1784 48
L'Anneau Dans un Pistolet, Qui Se Trouve Ensuite au Bec d'une Tourterelle, Dans une Boîte qu'on Avait Auparavant Visitée & Cachetée ring shot with a pistol is later found in the beak of a turtle dove sitting in a box which was examined before
1784 50
La Montre Pilée Dans un Mortier watch is destroyed and restored in a mortar, using assistant and trap table
1784 56
La Baguette Divinatoire coin is found in one of several boxes with the aid of a divining rod, longer treatise on the use and function of dowsing also in combination with automatons
1784 58
Henri Decremps Divers Tours Anciens & Nouveaux, Extraits d'un Ouvrage Qui n'est Point Encore Imprimé
1784 68
Henri Decremps Orgue Jouant de lui-même, Serpens Artificiels 'Oiseaux Méchaniques' Automates Joueurs d'échecs on different automatons, the collection of Van Estin, an organ, snake, singing birds and the chess player
1784 69
Henri Decremps Automate Jouant de la Flûte au Commandement, Quoique Bien Isolé, au Milieu d'un Jardin; Nouvelles Tables Sur lesquelles on Fait Mouvoir des Machines à Volonté, Sans Bascules, Sans Fil d'archal & Sans Aimant. musical automaton by Van Estin, playing the flute and instruments, mechanism of moving a table
1784 82
Henri Decremps Sur un Vers Latin qu'on Peut Retourner de Plus de Trois Millions de Manieres, on Fait une Opération par laquelle il Semble qu'il Est Possible de Prévoir ou de Contraindre la Pensée d'autrui. "Autre Opération Mystérieuse Sur Deux Cents Mots, Dont les définitions réunies forment un logogryphe très - scientifique." (title continued)
box with latin words, words are arranged and order is divined as well as one word is predicted, with other word with bigger choice is divined with an optical box, multiple out prediction, Van Estin anecdote
1784 104
The Air Balloon described and how to make one, as has lately been done in France and England how to make air balloons with inflammable air, followed by an introduction to planets and zodiac signs and their astrological meaning
  • To make Inflammable Air
1784 13
To cause Mirth, and make Sport with Quick-Silver egg moves on table, mercury
1784 22
Another Trick with Quick-Silver dumplings jump out of a pot when boiled, mercury
1784 24
To make a Six-Pence seem to fall through a Table coin wrapped in handkerchief put on table and covered with hat, penetrates table and falls into a glass, handkerchief with coin sewn in corner
1784 25
The Visible Invisible writing is washed from mirror and appears again on it, breathing glass, anecdote of a a magician who performed the routine and got caught by the audience, on originality
1784 26
To fasten a Ring or a Six-Pence at the End of a Piece of common Thread, and after burning the Thread, to leave the Ring hanging at the End of the Thread.
1784 30
Philip Breslaw The learned little Swan, One of Mr. Breslaw's Grand Deceptions automaton swan swims in a bowl with letters of alphabet on the rim, spelling a name or swims to named letter, on magnets and anecdote of Breslaw being heckled by Francis Blake Delaval
Related to 1784 33
To take a Bird out of a Cage, and make it appear as dead, or to roll it about as you please.
1784 37
How, on delivering a Ring to a Number of Persons, to find which Person has got it, which Hand it is on, which Finger, and which Joint. people seated in a row and numbered, calculation is made and result gives answers
1784 40
How to rub out Twenty Chalks at five Times, rubbing out every Time an odd one puzzle or wager, chalk strokes on a board
1784 44
A Person holding Gold in one Hand and Silver in the other, to find which the Gold is and which the Silver
1784 47
To tell if a Person holds Gold in one Hand and Silver in the other, which Hand the Gold is in, and which the Silver is in mathematical calculation, sum shows positions
1784 48
To make a Person tired, or sweat, at carrying a small Stick of a Room bet / wager
1784 52
A Trick with a Cock hypnotising a rooster
1784 54
A droll Trick played with a Fowl roasted fowl comes back to life when pierced with a fork, as a prank / wager
1784 55
To make an Egg stand an end on a Table or on a Looking-Glass impromptu version
1784 58
To Put a Candle under Water, a-light, without its going out. diving bell principle
1784 59
For a Person to chuse a Card, you not supposed to know what it is, and then for the Person to hold the Cards between his Finger and Thumb, to strike them all out of his Hand but the very Card he had taken. "This is called the Nerve Trick"
1784 61
To tell what Card a Person thinks upon, though you are not in the Room, or which Card he has touched, or waved his Hand over strange method
1784 62
To tell what Card you think on in the whole Pack. probability and rudimental form of fishing
1784 63
The Glide second card injogged and hidden by fingers
1784 64
To tell what Card a Person pitches on, without seeing the Card till you find it in the Pack cards shown one by one and stopped at selection, simple overhand shuffle control
1784 65
To call for any Card in the Pack deck behind back naming card, bringing deck in front of body and dropping card on table, sequence is repeated
1784 67
Shuffling of Cards so as to always keep one cartain Card at the Bottom overhand shuffling, see Scot
Related to 1784 68
Containing Geographical Paradoxes ten geographical paradoxes
1784 71
Electricity. Strange Tricks performed by Electricity on Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rackstrow, electro shock experiments
1784 89
How to terrify such as are entirely unacquainted with the Nature of Phosphorus writing and drawing on walls, glowing in the dark, lighting a match
1784 96
The Art of Fortune-telling by Cards system of reading playing cards
1784 99
Palmestry displayed, or the Art of telling Fortunes by Lines in the Hands palmistry
1784 102
Of Moles in every Pat of the Body and the Explanation of them birthmarks on the body and what they signify
1784 104
To make one tumble and toss all Night, and not be able to sleep horse hair or roach allum to function as itching powder, prank
1784 106
A merry Trick to make Sport in Company when pipe is lit it sounds like shots from a gun, prank with salpeter and sulfur
1784 106
Henri Decremps Affiche singuliere d'un Faiseur de Tours, où l'on trouve une premiere esquisse des différentes branches de la Jonglerie. "Un homme peut se faire enchaîner de plusieurs maniers, & se détacher adroitement sans rien briser & sans employer les moyens qui paroissent le plus nécessaires" (title continued) in the process of telling the story how the author and Mr. went to see a performer called Pilferer, two methods of escapes are explained, the performer has two rings attached to his trousers which are secured with a rope which is attached to a pillar with a lock
1785 1
Henri Decremps Deux moyens différens, l'un ancien, l'autre nouveau, de le faire lier les pouces, & de se délier en un instant. "Métamorphose d'un verre en morceaux de papier. Réflexions sur les fausses théories. Prétention absurde. Preuve captieuse de cette prétention." (title continued) more tricks by Pilferer, two methods for thumb tie and a glass is thrown into the air where it changes into confetti / pieces of cards, seated, thoughts about vanishing an object by throwing it into the air and the advantages of using confetti
1785 18
Henri Decremps Divers secrets pour tirer en apparence des écus d'une bourse sans l'ouvrir. more tricks by Pilferer, coins in wallet are placed under hat and then produced, repeated with different method, finally effect is repeated by placing a coin into a stocking
1785 33
Henri Decremps Ancienne méthode de faire le Tour des trois Canifs. "Divers moyens de cacher un Compere, & de faire croire qu'on n'en a point, lors même qu'on emploie plusieurs." (title continued) more tricks by Pilferer, knife jumps from glass, long discussion about confederates and secret helpers, fake automatons
Related to 1785 47
Henri Decremps Objection d'un genre singulier. Nouvelle méthode de faire sauter un canif. other method used by Pilferer to make a knife jump, without confederate, using a spring and sugar, on selling the secret of a magic trick
1785 63
Henri Decremps Le Tour des trois canifs peut se faire par tant de moyens différens, qu'on pourrait les multiplier à l'infini. "Crainte d'ennuyer le Lectuer, on n'en donne ici que neuf pour exemple." (title continued) nine further methods to make a knife jump from a glass or fall from the rim of a glass, methods using magnet, threads mercury etc.
1785 77
Henri Decremps Conclusion de ce Chapitre, & premiere réponse aux Détracteurs de la Magie blanche dévoilée. summery and thoughts about different methods for one effect
1785 100
Henri Decremps Observations sur le Monde Microscopique. story about using a microscope and thoughts on microorganisms
1785 103
Henri Decremps Prodige arrivé sur la côte d'Afrique, chez un Peuple demi-sauvage. adventure story of an island and of Helioson who could bring the water of a river back
1785 108
Henri Decremps Trois Figures colossales paraissent en l'air, descendent à terre, & remontent à la priere ou au commandement d'un Sauvage. story of three gods flying down from sky, using a hot air ballon, different theories why the balloon flies
1785 119
Henri Decremps Les Sauvages sont des raisonnemens absurdes: on en fait de plus chaquans dans les pays civilisés. "Seconde réponse aux Détracteurs de la Magie blanche." (title continued) on different civilizations and the different colors of human skin
1785 133
Henri Decremps L'Epagneul Encyclopédiste. story about educated dog (spaniel), who answered questions by striking his foot and by the aid of an interpretator, questions were asked in three different languages
1785 156
Henri Decremps Machine hydraulique exprimant la circulation du fang dans les veines & les arteres. hydraulic machine to simulate the circulation of the blood in the arteries, variations
1785 173
Henri Decremps Voltigeur méchanique. automaton similar to Antonio Diaviolo
1785 184
Henri Decremps Evénement singulier. story of a ventriloquist at a trial, basic technique
1785 188
Henri Decremps Nouvelles Estampes. on some engravings of supernatural people and objects
1785 198
Henri Decremps Coup-d'oeil sur une assemblée de Joueurs. meeting Pilferer again in London, different methods for cheating at cards
1785 204
Henri Decremps Le Cocher Escamoteur. Observation sur les Gazettes Anglaises. on Pilferer in the newspaper and how counterfeit money is introduced and changed
1785 218
Henri Decremps Tour du Piquet incompréhensible, nouvellement perfectionné. performer always has best five cards from chosen suit, spectator deals several hands, inspired by a routine in Guyot
1785 225
Henri Decremps Tour des trois Bijoux rendu plus simple & plus merveilleux. three objects (jewelry, watch, cigarette case) are selected by three people and all get some playing cards which are added after some rules, performer divines who has which object
1785 235
Henri Decremps Knowing the Amount of Small Pile asking amount of red / black cards
1785 242
Henri Decremps Le Devin de la Ville. story about Mr. Hill finding thieves in a company by the aid of magic tricks
1785 246
Henri Decremps Le Cygne ingénieux. swan in basin moves by its own, moves to letters to form chosen word, anagram method with words on cards (variation of Guyot's method)
Related to 1785 262
Henri Decremps Forcing several forcing cards in a deck, way to force one of the cards, cards with angram words
1785 265
Henri Decremps Expériences nouvelles, & divers Tours d'équilibre. balancing different objects apparently impossible equilibrium
1785 268
Henri Decremps Les Préjugés regnent sur la terre; le Charlatanisme les propage hardiment; le vrai mérite les combat modestement. on revealing charlatanism
1785 274
Henri Decremps Logogriphe poem
1785 286
Henri Decremps Eclaircissemens explanations of some of the incidents found throughout the entire book
1785 293
Henri Decremps Forcing from a forcing deck, no specific method
1785 299
Henri Decremps Table des matières Very detailed summary on 6 pages
1786 v
Henri Decremps Préface Comments on the success of the previous two volumes. Establishing the promise to mainly explain doable tricks without spending money
1786 xi
Henri Decremps Préambule du Testament et principes généraux Testament which scrupulously respects the prescriptions of the written law and the custom of Paris. It is intended to bequeath, to its heir readers, that instructions and knowledge.
It also contains thirteen rules of presentation
1786 1
Ruban coupé et reconstitué 1 Ribbon is cut into twenty pieces and restored using a small box
1786 24
Cartomancie Fortune telling / cold reading with cards
1786 28
Divination d'un montant d'argent Divination of an amount of money contained in the purse of a spectator
1786 29
La figurine dans la main Figurine put in the spectator's hand begins to move
1786 33
Voyage d'une carte Card in a box travel to another card in another box
1786 37
Fontaine de circulation, paradoxe et disgression Liquide experience
1786 43
Divination du montant d'argent expliqué Divination of an amount of money contained in the purse of a spectator from p. 29 explained
1786 78
La figurine dans la main expliqué Figurine put in the spectator's hand begins to move, from p. 33 explained
1786 81
Voyage d'une carte expliqué Card in a box travel to another card in another box explained, box with flap
1786 86
Les faux mélanges Four "false shuffle" will be explained, starting with one by spreading from hand to hand in bunches à la Charlier shuffle to control just a single card
1786 101
2ème faux melange packets pushed together (over each other) in the hands
Also published here 1786 102
3ème faux mélange False shuffle which is more like a five-packet false cut using the table
1786 103
4ème faux mélange False shuffle which is more like a four-packet false cut using the table
1786 104
Filer la carte Bottom change
1786 105
Glisser la carte The glide
1786 107
Poser la carte two palm replacements
  • in the hands
  • as deck is picked up from table, with open fingers
1786 110
Faire tirer une carte et la retrouver sur un paquet chosen card found on top of designated packet, four packets, palmed card replaced
1786 120
Prévoir la pensée d'un homme en mettant d'avance une carte choisie au hasard, au rang et au numéro que cet homme doit choisir un instant après chosen card at any number in the deck, faced deck and deck flop
1786 124
Deck Turnover crude by closing fingers
1786 125
Faire tirer des cartes par différentes personnes; les bien mêler ensemble par différents mélanges; montrer ensuite qu'elles ne sont ni dessus ni dessous, et les tirer du jeu d'un coup de main four selected cards are found after the deck has been shuffled with four air-pressure turnover revelations, nine classic passes are involved
1786 127
Faire tirer une carte, la mêler avec les autres... La faire rester seule dans la main gauche en faisant tomber les autres par terre chosen card remains in one hand after the rest of deck has been hit by the other hand
1786 132
Faire trouver les quatre rois dans le milieu, après les avoir fait posé séparément. Kings put on top and bottom join the middle
1786 135
Prouver combien il est imprudent de jouer de l'argent demonstration of cheating to give yourself the four Kings
1786 139
Faire une pareil demonstration au Brelan; en se donnant brelan de rois demonstration of cheating in another game to give yourself three-of-a-kind
1786 141
Deviner la carte pensée card thought from fan
1786 144
Psychological force exposing a card a bit more in a fan when showing it to the spectator and asking him to think one
1786 145
Deviner d'avance celle de quatre cartes qu'une personne prendra librement spectator names a card that has been touched by another spectator from a group of four cards, performer whispers card to him previously
Variations 1786 149
Magician's Choice one of four
1786 150
faire tirer des cartes par quatre spectateur; les nommer ensuite sans les avoir vues, et faire qu'une de ces cartes se metamorphose successivement en chacune des autres four chosen cards are guessed by the magician, then one of these cards will be transformed successively into each of them (miscalling)
1786 156
Faire changer un roi de coeur en as de pique, et un as de pique en roi de coeur two cards are transposed under two hats, two double facers
1786 170
Moyen sur de gagner un pari aux cartes, en faisant sortir avec la pointe d'un couteau, une carte que les spectateurs croient être sous le jeu finding a card with the tip of a knife, sucker element, spectators think the card is on the bottom
1786 172
Faire qu'une carte choisie par un premier spectateur, et mêlée dans le jeu par un second, se trouve la première qu'un troisième spectateur choisira librement; la métamorphoser en une autre carte au gré d'un quatrième, & la faire reparaître un instant card turns several times into the cards that other select or name
1786 175
Faire croire qu'on fait avec une adresse merveilleuse une opération qu'on fait sans adresse having made a classic pass before, pretend to make a fair cut, to then pretend to make an invisible pass from any movements, faking the pass
1786 180
Henri Decremps Avis intéressant monte type game using four cards and the glide
1786 185
Le verre qui tient tout seul sous la main The glass that stands alone under the hand
1786 199
Deux moyens de manger un couteau Two ways to eat a knife
1786 207
Mangeur de pierre Stone eater
1786 213
Défaire un double noeud d'un mouchoir sans le toucher Undoing a double knot of a handkerchief without touching it
1786 218
Faire passer un écu à travers d'une table Pass a coin through a table
1786 221
Deviner combien de clefs une personne a dans sa poche Guess how many keys a person has in his pocket
1786 241
Disparition d'une petite figure de bois Disappearance of a small wooden figure
1786 246
Moyen de se donner de grands coups de tête contre une cloison sans se faire de mal A way to kick your head against a wall without hurting yourself
1786 260
Imiter le Chant du Rossignol Imitate the Nightingale's Song
1786 264
Allumer une étoupe avec le bout du doigt Light a tow with the tip of your finger
1786 269
Henri Decremps L'Art de faire des chansons impromptu The Art of Making Impromptu Songs
1786 275
Henri Decremps Démonstration de mémoire avec un livre de 100 pages de chiffres Memory demonstration with a 100-page book of numbers
1786 319
Henri Decremps Charade ending with a charade
1786 328
Henri Decremps Extraits de Quelques Journaux different newspaper articles on Decremps books, La Magie Blanche Dévoilée, Supplément à la Magie Blanche Dévoilée & Testament de Jérôme Sharp
1788 vii
Professor Hoffmann Introduction some rules for conjuring
1876 1
Professor Hoffmann The Magic Wand
1876 4
Professor Hoffmann The Magician's Table
1876 5
Professor Hoffmann The Magician's Dress
  • Profondes
  • Pochettes
  • "Loading" Pockets
1876 8
Professor Hoffmann General Principles of Sleight-of-Hand applicable to Card Tricks
1876 11
To Make the Pass - First Method very backbone of card-conjuring, the
1876 12
Professor Hoffmann Managing the Pass misdirection and gaze
1876 14
To Make the Pass - Fourth Method one-handed version of Third Method
Related toAlso published here 1876 18
To Make the Pass - Fifth Method flourishy
Also published here 1876 18
To Make the Pass - Sixth Method
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1876 19
Forcing Pack one way or three way
1876 23
To make a "False Shuffle" - Fourth Method fans pushed into each other and stripped out again (Zarrowesque concept)
Also published here 1876 25
Palm Glimpse glimpsing palmed card
1876 27
To "Change" a Card - First Method bottom change
1876 28
To "Change" a Card - Second Method bold, bottom card shown, top side-jogged card quickly removed instead
1876 29
To "Change" a Card - Third Method top change
1876 30
To "Change" a Card - Fourth Method "With one hand only."
1876 31
Prof. Robert Hellis To "Change" a Card - Fifth Method "To change a card without the aid of the Pack"
in context of effect in which wrong card changes into selection
1876 32
Prof. Robert Hellis To "Change" a Card - Sixth Method To change severals cards at once.
1876 33
To Get Sight of a Drawn Card
  • First Method (center)
  • Second Method (bottom)
1876 34
To Draw Back a Card Glisser la carte
1876 36
To Spring the Cards from one Hand to the Other
1876 37
The Bridge
1876 39
Simple Modes of Discovering a given Card - First Method top cards openly pushed back one by one until spectator stops, bottom card force card
1876 42
Second Method 21 card trick, also with general number
Variations 1876 43
Various Modes of Disclosing a Discovered Card - First Method deck hit out of spectator's hand
1876 44
Second Method single card friction toss
1876 45
To place the Four Kings in different parts of the Pack, and to bring them together by a Simple Cut
1876 47
The Four Kings being placed under the Hand of one Person, and the Four Sevens under the Hand of Another, to make them Change Places at Command
1876 48
Eights as Sevens
1876 49
Four Packets of Cards having been Formed face downwards on the Table, to discover the Total Value of the Undermost Cards
Related to 1876 49
To Name all the Cards in the Pack in Succession full stack, Eight Kings explained
1876 50
The Cards being Cut, to tell whether the Number Cut is Odd or Even
1876 51
To allow a Person to think of a Card, and to make that Card appear at such Number in the Pack as Another Person shall Name card and its position remembered, bluff counting started with that number, with variation
Related to 1876 52
The Cards Revealed by the Looking-Glass joke
1876 53
To Guess Four Cards thought of by Different Persons
Related toVariations 1876 53
The Magic Triplets variation with twenty-four cards and triplets instead of twenty and pairs
1876 55
Another Mode of Discovering a Card Thought of twenty-five cards, different dealing pattern
1876 55
To Guess, by the aid of a Passage of Poetry or Prose, such one of Sixteen Cards as, in the Performer's Absence, has been Touched or Selected by the Company verbal code
1876 56
To Detect, without Confederacy, which of Four Cards has been Turned Round in your Absence one-way margins
1876 57
To Arrange Twelve Cards is Rows, in such a manner that they will Count Four in every Direction puzzle
1876 58
The Congress of Court Cards with the twelve court cards
Related to 1876 59
The Long Card
1876 60
Biseauté or Tapering Cards
1876 60
A Card having been Chosen and Returned, and the Pack shuffled, to Produce the Chosen Card instantly in various ways long card or stripper deck, see following tricks
1876 62
To Pick out the Card,the Pack being placed in a Person's Pocket stripper or with palm
1876 62
To Cut at the Chosen Card stripper, long card, or ungaffed after spectator shuffle (palm)
1876 62
To Let all the Cards fall, save the One Chosen long card or stripper deck
1876 62