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Henri Decremps Automate Jouant de la Flûte au Commandement, Quoique Bien Isolé, au Milieu d'un Jardin; Nouvelles Tables Sur lesquelles on Fait Mouvoir des Machines à Volonté, Sans Bascules, Sans Fil d'archal & Sans Aimant. musical automaton by Van Estin, playing the flute and instruments, mechanism of moving a table
1784 82
Oswald Rae Musical Thought Transference spectators get lists of tunes and select one, later different lists are shown and spectators who see their tune say so, tune then divined by playing it on piano, matrix principle and location of spectators in the audience
Related to 1926 60
Thimble and Trumpet thimble blown through toy trumpet
1937 31
Hervel L'archet de Paganini violin bow vanishes wrapped in paper
Jan. 1942
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 4 No. 1)
Wilbur T. Kattner The Perfect Pitch Test chords are transmitted, people hold fingers on piano keys and think of the sound
1945 206
Dr. H. Walter Grote Try This On Your Piano on a piano
Inspired by 1945 32
Bert Allerton The Flutist cutting a straw into a flute
1958 42
Tony Corinda (15) The Stage Spirit Cabinet different effects (instruments etc.) special rope
1959 286
R. W. Grosholz Musical Thoughts different billets with songs, three are selected and pianist divines them by playing them on a piano
1959 10
Al Davids Mental Music piano, one of six songs is divined
1969 5
Stan Blumenthal Ghostly Guitar guitar plays by itself
Magick (Issue 164)
Ron Wilson Music Menta piano player divines selected tunes
Also published here 1977
Magick (Issue 179)
Stephen Minch The Music of Erich Zann séance performance, metronome starts moving and violin and music box start playing under glass bowl
Also published here 1979 36
Leo Kostka The Jupiter Effect tuning fork held by spectator starts to sound
Magick (Issue 287)
Eric Mason, Barrie Richardson Music prediction of a note, played on a piano
1982 31
The Spirit Violin No. 96, violin starts to play in dark room
1983 27
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Psi-Kazoo different colored Kazoo (instruments), chosen one is predicted in envelope, humorous routine
Nov. 1984
Magick (Issue 342)
The Magic Flute No. 36, flute from paper, only performer can make sound
1985 63
Tommy Tucker Music on the Spheres sound waves are placed inside a handkerchief, music can be heard
June 1986
Magick (Issue 373)
Ron Wilson Psychic Bandleader piano player divines selected tunes, two methods
Also published here 1987 95
Hiroshi Sawa The Piano Trick white and black plastic strips are arranged on table and pressed, they make piano sound
1988 164
Amazing James Randi Spirit Music No. 67, accordion plays despite performer being tied up
1990 142
Dr. Dan J. Alessini InstruMental prediction of a toy instrument and a thought-of tune
July 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 1)
David Berglas The Vanishing Piano in a room full of people, piano vanishes while musician is playing
Related to 2002 75
Oliver Meech Psychic Strumming Name of selected song appears on a guitar pick held by the spectator
2009 52
Stephen Minch The Music of Erich Zann séance performance, metronome starts moving and violin and music box start playing under glass bowl
Also published here 2009 89
Maurice Fogel, Nick Lewin Fogel's Invisible Piano comedy routine with an invisible piano and the gag prediction of a tune
2010 69
Patrick Page Tambo Tambo benson bowl with a tambourine, coins as final load
2011 189
Donny Orbit A Picktastic Adventure guitar pick travels into deck next to selection, marked coin placed in card case, guitar pick transposes with the coin, then card transposes with guitar pick
June 2019
Genii (Vol. 82 No. 6)
Jonathan Friedman Some Picks Suck guitar pick is visually changed into a straw
Aug. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 8)
Christoph Borer Klarinamici card sword using a clarinet
2022 74
Steve Cohen Cut and Restored Violin String at an Anne-Sophie Mutter dinner
2022 192
Donny Orbit Picking a Riff broken and restored guitar pick
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Mar. 2011
2022 1016