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Unknown Juggling knacks by confederacie, and how to know whether one cast crosse or pile by the ringing heads or tails divined repeatedly, stooge with verbal code and psychology The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Issue XXX) 191
Robert Heller, Professor Hoffmann "Second Sight" Tricks with code outline More Magic 243
Joseph Michael Hartz The Second-Sight Trick Also published here Later Magic 715
Joseph Michael Hartz The Second-Sight Trick Also published here Magical Titbits 176
Oswald Rae A Complete Silent Thought Transference Act visual and verbal code, objects gathered to groups Between Ourselves 66
Stuart Robson Mental Coloring Telepathy in Silk six handkerchiefs, one is selected, medium enters room and knows which one The Book Without A Name 49
Theodore Annemann Music in the Air with pianist, verbal code SH-H-H--! It's A Secret 34
Robert Parrish Telepathy on the Cuff assistent divines total of number, easy coding The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1935) 40
Theodore Annemann Thoughts in the Air medium divines card and object in room, code via cards The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 14) 70
Theodore Annemann, Hugh Mackay The Secret Order of the Aces blindfolded assistant duplicates things done with aces The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 28) 173
Robert Parrish Duo Telepathy coding with thumb/nail writer on chalk The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 29) 188
Theodore Annemann En Rapport two person telepathy act, code for numbers, cards and coins "En Rapport" 2
Theodore Annemann Cards Divination by Medium three times "En Rapport" 5
Theodore Annemann, Al Baker Medium Writes Card Predictions three predictions of a selected written on a piece of paper next to the name of the spectator and thrown into a bowl "En Rapport" 6
Theodore Annemann, Ellis Stanyon Challenge Card Divination shuffling a stacked deck "En Rapport" 9
Theodore Annemann Serial Number Divination number is divined by medium, in random orderRelated to "En Rapport" 10
Theodore Annemann, Audley Walsh Coin Experiment three spectators put a coin in an envelope, medium divines value, date and owner "En Rapport" 11
Theodore Annemann Word, Number and Picture Divination medium divines word, number and duplicates a drawingRelated to "En Rapport" 13
Unknown Ashes! spectator selected tissue which is burned, ashes brought to medium who divines color of tissue, code in how ashes are brought over The Magic Annual for 1937 30
Dr. L. Rothbart Thought Transmission flash light codeRelated to Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1, No. 11) 2
Al Baker Living and Dead Test Plus with assistent, number total, code The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 236
Orville Wayne Meyer Hit Parade spectator thinks of song from top ten, pianist starts playing it, verbal code The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 139) 787
Milbourne Christopher Color Code coding colorsInspired by The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 105) 421
Unknown Telepathy without Tears medium reveals number or playing card, non-verbal code with positioning of coins on a magazine Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3, No. 9) 191
Harvey P. Graham Your Song! pianist plays the songs people select, songs written on white cards The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 133) 533
Paul Curry Ripping, Eh, What! while tearing the envelopes open, used for Annemann's Pseudo PsychometryAlso published here The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 129) 520
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Astral Addition medium is blindfolded and reveals numbers written down by spectator Gems of Mental Magic 12
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley The Telepathic Band Leader band plays tunes, which were noted by spectators and selected without their knowledge Gems of Mental Magic 46
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Astrological Mentalism spectators order some months and zodiacs on blackboards and add up some numbers, medium divines all in correct order Gems of Mental Magic 62
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Birthday Telepathy medium on stage, spectators whisper month of birth and zodiac sign to performer, medium divines both, also to pitch zodiac sheets Gems of Mental Magic 80
Bob Somerfeld Nice Doggy! medium over phone divines selected object, dog as medium, barking Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948) 10
Bob Somerfeld Paper code Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948) 12
Cy Keller Say it with Music!!! record is selected and medium divines it, interesting presentation The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 188) 752
Cyril Marriott An Amazing Demonstration five cards are selected, medium finds all and gives them to the people who originally selected them The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 219) 876
John Murray Dancing Dollar communicating with medium, thread The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 225) 900
Fred Fletcher Eye Cue code for cards The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 223) 892
Jack Harper Jack Harper's Letter to Hubert Lambert two person telepathy routine The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 248) 991
Bob Somerfeld Mind over Miles medium on phone divines ESP symbol, playing card and chosen headline from Newspaper Pieces of Mind 13
Aage Darling Pin Up Girl Test five men select a picture of a girl and put them in envelopes, medium divines who chose which picture I'll Read Your Mind 22
Robert Parrish Duo Telepathy coding with thumb/nail writer on chalk Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 4
Robert Parrish Telepathy on the Cuff! assistent divines total of number, easy coding Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 7
Theodore Annemann Impromptu Frame Up two cards are selected and blindfolded medium divines them, then three cards are selected and put in an envelope each, the envelopes are shuffled and the medium divines the cards again Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 6
Theodore Annemann The Perfect Book Test medium divines chosen word from a book Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 8
Theodore Annemann, Hugh Mackay The Secret Order of the Aces blindfolded assistant duplicates things done with aces Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 8
Theodore Annemann Thoughts in the Air medium divines card and object in room, code via cards Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 10
Jack Yates She Has the Number sum divination by medium, with numbers on cards Minds in Duplicate 10
Jack Yates Designed to Order ESP cards are arranged and medium divines order Minds in Duplicate 16
Jack Yates Operator Calling cards with names and telephone numbers, medium divines several numbers Minds in Duplicate 21
Jack Yates Three Thoughts Alone cards are written on a sheet, medium divines themRelated to Minds in Duplicate 7
Jack Yates Astral Headline medium divines words from newspaper Minds in Duplicate 24
Jack Yates Money and the Medium bill put in one of several envelopes, medium finds correct one Minds in Duplicate 27
Tony Corinda Take My Word chosen word from a list is divined by medium Mnemonics and Mental Systems 79
Tony Corinda, Al Baker The Application of the Mnemonic Number Code (1) for mental arithmetic
(2) for coding at the phone (Al Baker)
(3) two person act, arithmetic
(4) Corinda's "Fourteenth Book Test", coding with medium
Related to Mnemonics and Mental Systems 78
Tony Corinda (10) Blindfold "Noughts and Crosses" assistant plays tic-tac-toe blindfolded Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes 155
Dr. Spencer Thornton Mind to Mind medium blindfolded, performer walks around touching people and object everything is correctly described Thornton's Secrets of Mental Magic 21
Tony Corinda Introduction general remarks on two person telepathy, major and minor codes Two Person Telepathy 237
Tony Corinda (1) The Code Act: Verbal general remarks on verbal coding systems Two Person Telepathy 238
Walford Taylor Telepathy for Two Introduction
Two Person Telepathy 240
Walford Taylor Section 1 - The Basic Number Code - Telling a Person's Age
- Ticket Numbers
- Dates
Two Person Telepathy 240
Walford Taylor Section 2 - Coins - Coin Code
- Coin Dates
Two Person Telepathy 242
Walford Taylor Section 3 - Colours Two Person Telepathy 243
Walford Taylor Section 4 - Materials Two Person Telepathy 243
Walford Taylor Section 5 - The Alphabet Code Two Person Telepathy 243
Walford Taylor Section 6 - Objects Two Person Telepathy 244
Walford Taylor Section 7 - The Final Object List Two Person Telepathy 245
Walford Taylor Section 8 - Cards Two Person Telepathy 246
Walford Taylor Section 2 - Countries actually section 9 Two Person Telepathy 246
Walford Taylor Section 10 - Christian Names Two Person Telepathy 248
Walford Taylor Conclusion Two Person Telepathy 249
Walford Taylor Appendix - Further Codes
- Procedure
Two Person Telepathy 249
Tony Corinda (2) Sub-Miniature Radio Equipment transmitter/receiver, technical method Two Person Telepathy 250
Tony Corinda (3) Electrical Two-Person Communicator Unit: CODE with torchRelated to Two Person Telepathy 252
Tony Corinda Improved Light Communicator based on the Thompson methodRelated to Two Person Telepathy 252
Tony Corinda How to Code with the Light Communicator - Numbers
- Playing Cards
- The Alphabet
Two Person Telepathy 255
Tony Corinda (4) Summary of the Light Communicator Two Person Telepathy 257
Tony Corinda (5) Miscellaneous Code Systems for Full Routines - Radio-Controlled Pulse
- Action Signals
-Sound Reading
Two Person Telepathy 257
Tony Corinda (6) Conclusion of Major Code Systems Two Person Telepathy 258
Tony Corinda Part Two: Minor Systems introduction to minor systems, for single effects Two Person Telepathy 259
Tony Corinda (7) The Pre-Arranged List of Objects or Numbers same list, in order Two Person Telepathy 259
Tony Corinda (8) Playing Cards in Pre-Arranged Order Two Person Telepathy 259
Tony Corinda (9) Time Codes coding, both count at the same timeRelated to Two Person Telepathy 260
Tony Corinda (10) Positional Codes Related to Two Person Telepathy 260
Tony Corinda (11) Graph or Chart Code Related to Two Person Telepathy 261
Tony Corinda (12) White Elastic Indicator Two Person Telepathy 262
Tony Corinda (13) Conclusion of Part Two Two Person Telepathy 262
Tony Corinda (3) All in Order pre-arranged list Two Person Telepathy 265
J. G. Reed The Million Dollar Test esp, code with two watches Card Tricks 312
Tony Corinda (2) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes positional code, with ashtray and cigarette Two Person Telepathy 263
Tony Corinda (4) Reference to Effects for Two Person Telepathy in Other Steps Related to Two Person Telepathy 266
Tony Corinda, Punx (8) Musical Mindreading spectator's name composer and pianist starts to play their songs Two Person Telepathy 269
Paul Marcus Across the Void two cards are divined by medium over the phone, two deck switches Card Tricks 327
Fredric Kolb Telepathy in HI-FI medium in other room, when she comes back, she divines chosen record and song More Miracles in Mentalism 19
Frank Potts Triple Test blindfolded medium finds selected card and reveals thought of number and color Magic of the Mind 81
Len Belcher Control Board medium duplicates patter on a board, which a spectator has build before Magic of the Mind 83
Gerry Findler Mystic Signs medium divines selected design card Magic of the Mind 90
Gerry Findler Clip Board Substitutes several methods to code a small number to the medium Magic of the Mind 93
Hedley Wilcox More Mystic Signs marking a paper, to code a number from 1 to 8 to the medium Magic of the Mind 94
Gerry Findler Those Mystic Signs Again eighteen signs, with easy number mnemonics Magic of the Mind 95
Paul Curry Chapter Ten: The Power of Thought on mentalism and the history of the two person telepathy Magician's Magic 173
Robert Heller Coding System letters, numbers and objects Magician's Magic 176
Paul Curry Thoughts from Afar medium on telephone knows selected cardRelated to Magician's Magic 183
James G. Thompson Jr. Sympathesia medium removes selected card from a deck, two decks, easy code Between Two Minds 30
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Two Minutes to Telepathy easy two person code, word for values and suitsRelated to Between Two Minds 32
James G. Thompson Jr. Telepathy by the Clock seconds countingRelated to Between Two Minds 34
Ned Rutledge The Babbling Coins four thoughts are directed to four coins (as well as noted on a pad), medium divines four thoughts, carbon Between Two Minds 35
B. B. Koch VIP names written on cardboard strips, medium divines chosen strips, see also p. 264 for suggestion by Jules Conway, see p. 308 for referenceRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4, No. 6) 250
Al Davids Mental Music piano, one of six songs is divined Entertaining Mental Miracles 5
Francis J. Baker, Ron Baille In the Sands cardboard box with sand, spectator writes ESP symbol in sand and shakes sand, assistant recreates sand drawingInspired by
  • idea in Pentagram from Ron Baille, ca. 20 years ago
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6, No. 7) 419
James G. Thompson Jr. Improved Question Reading envelopes
- Part Two (shorter test with only three envelopes)
- Part Three (as a two-person act)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7, No. 6th Folio) 494
Paul Siegel Astral Relation objects of audience members, one is selected and divined by medium Doorway to Delusion 32
Jack Kent Tillar Tiptoe Telepathy medium divines playing cards singly and also a bunch of cards, then she reverses a card in another room which is the same card the audience constructed The Compleat Magick - Volume I (Issue 51) 251
Ben Christopher Dead Slate living dead test, names written on a slate, assistant divines The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8, No. 11) 659
Jack Kent Tillar Mind to Mind blindfolded medium divines numbers etc. The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 99) 491
Joseph Dunninger Sixth Sense book test with medium, bee wax The Compleat Magick - Volume II (Issue 101) 501
Burling Hull Seventy Years of Progress in Thought Transmission Acts introduction on code acts The Amazing World of Mentalism 99
Unknown The Howe and Howe Second Sight Code Act The Amazing World of Mentalism 105
Unknown The Series System of Arranging a List of Articles The Amazing World of Mentalism 106
Unknown The Stage Instructing Co.'s $5.00 Course in Stage Mind Reading or Second Sight coding
- To Make the Figure or Number One Hundred
- Articles and Objects (list of 134 objects)
- The Kind of Metal in Coins
- Metals
The Amazing World of Mentalism 101
Unknown The Three Part Number System The Amazing World of Mentalism 106
Unknown The Silent "No Code" System of Second Sight "Morrits Silent Second Sight", length of pauses as code The Amazing World of Mentalism 107
Julius Zancig, Laura G. Fixen The Zancig-Fixen System - How to Apply the "Second Sight" System
- To Tell Letters
- To Tell Dates
- To Tell Articles
- Lodges and Orders
The Amazing World of Mentalism 103
Burling Hull The Burling Hull Second Sight Act - The Stage Second Sight Act
- The Improved Burling Hull Plan
- Heightening Effect
- Selecting Easiest Objects
- How to Describe Unfamiliar Articles
- Surprise Reading of Coins
- Coding Information (Colors, Metals, Shapes, Sizes, Nature, U.S.A. Coins)
- Blackboard Tests
The Amazing World of Mentalism 107
Burling Hull The Volta Improved Second Sight Question Act verbal and none verbal codes for answering questions, q&a
- To Speak Exactly the Same Sentence Each Time
- The Volta Verbal Code
- Alternative Applications
- The Volta Verbal Code Table
- The Exact Qualification of the Question
- A Memorizing System
- The Volta System of Silent Fixed Position Codes (The Head Position Code, Hand Position Signal Code, Double-Up Fixed Position Code, Left/Right Hand Codes)
- Question Classifications
The Amazing World of Mentalism 117
Charles Lambert, Janice Lambert Lambert Test words selected from different categories The Compleat Magick - Volume II (Issue 196) 979
Larry Becker Thumb Fun assistant outside the room, number whispered to performer and noted on business card, divination by assitant World of Super Mentalism 136
Larry Becker Tell-A-Phone numbers in bag, one in pocket of spectator, divination by medium over phone World of Super Mentalism 138
Charlie Randall Time on Mine... Esp card over phone, time-code The Compleat Magick - Volume III (Issue 201) 1003
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Two-Person Telepathy Act - What Constitutes a Two-Person Act?
- The Concept Is Not New
- Limited by System
- Simplified and Polished
- Catching Your Rabbit
- And Add a Dash of Showmanship
Related to The Compleat Magick - Volume III (Issue 203) 1015
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Two-Person Telepathy Act - Part Two - Bullet-Fast, Bite-Sized
- Art to Conceal Art
- A Learning Method that Works
- All in your Head
- The Wireless Microphone
- Magic Hall of Fame
Related to The Compleat Magick - Volume III (Issue 205) 1025
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker The Two-Person Telepathy Act - Part Three - Sub-Miniaturization
- Basic Equipment
- A Convenient Tool
- Drawbacks to Electronics
- Role of the Assistant
Related to The Compleat Magick - Volume III (Issue 207) 1035
Karl Fulves Faces and Slates No. 49, four people written on slate, medium can identify a chosen one Self-Working Mental Magic 79
Unknown Time Will Tell No. 37, medium divines the time set on spectator's watch and the card he stopped at Self-Working Mental Magic 59
Karl Fulves It's Murder No. 50, word code Self-Working Mental Magic 80
Kathi DeFrancis, Steve Aldrich Mind Touch blindfolded medium divines cards The Compleat Magick - Volume III (Issue 234) 1169
Thomas Alan Waters Miscellaneous Notes - With A Medium
- In The Dark (in a Seance)
- Trayce (method to see in the dark)
- GiveAway Collecting Box (by Edmund Rowland)
- Contact Mindreading)
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Psychometry) 147
Gene Grant Thoughts Across Space medium on phone, divines chosen objects and information Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets Volume Two 97
Karl Fulves The Mind Transmitter No. 49, pen code, coin value divined by medium Self-Working Table Magic 60
Karl Fulves Unlisted Numbers No. 47, medium divines which of two credit cards is selected and if it belongs to a man or a woman, test is repeated and as a climax medium names several digits of the card Self-Working Table Magic 57
Thomas Alan Waters, E. Leslie May Cue-Bic two lists of words, medium erases same as spectatorInspired by
  • Leslie May's "Double-Deletion" in "Pentagram" Vol. 5, No. 12 1951. P. 91.
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Fynys) 730
Karl Fulves, Aage Darling, George G. Kaplan V.I.P. No. 58, spectators write down some presidents, assistant divines them Self-Working Paper Magic 102
Terry Seabrooke An Object Lesson medium divines chosen object Seabrooke's Book 85
Gary Kurtz Code of Silence II medium finds paper and knows which three digit numbers are written Continuations and Departures 27
Gary Kurtz Code of Silence Related toAlso published here Continuations and Departures 25
Gary Kurtz The Code of Silence Also published here Prinzipien in der Praxis 34
Gary Ruiz Lorad friend choses any word in a book, later assistant is met or phoned and reveals word, cell phone secretly on Underworld (Issue 7) 87
Tony Bartolotta Third Sight seven random objects, one object touched, medium knows the object when list of object is called out Latter Day Secrets (Issue 1) 12
Wilson Reed Cell Block spectator chosen and some birthdays added, medium called on cell phone and it divines the spectator and the number Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 182
Unknown Vent Mental ventriloquism, see p. 333 for solutionInspired by
  • "Satan, Cantor, and Infinity" (Smullyan)
Related to
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 8) 324
Paul Fine Silent Partner one of three objects and ESP card chosen, medium reveals bothInspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 401
Karl Fulves Intelligent Design ten ESP cards (or other cards, items) mixed and put in a row in a stand, a few turned over, medium enters room and divines all the hidden ones
- Picture Perfect
- Conditions of Note
- Behind the Scenes
- Up & Down
- The Routine
- With Playing Cards
Prolix (Issue 3) 203
Unknown Of Like Minds row of objects, one chosen, they are touched one by one and medium in other room calls out stop at selected one Prolix (Issue 9) 567
Christoph Borer Gedankenübertragung - Einleitung intro on two-person telepathy Mentale Notizen 258
Christoph Borer Der Grundeffekt und Methoden different methods for two person telepathy Mentale Notizen 273
Christoph Borer Effektvariationen variations of effect in two person telepathy Mentale Notizen 283
Christoph Borer Verschiedenes miscellaneous points on two person telepathy
1. Das Verbinden der Augen (blindfold)
2. Das Tempo (pace)
3. Wodurch wird die klassische Gedankenübertragung wichtig? (important points)
4. Das Ende (the end)
5. Zu dritt oder zu viert (with three or four people)
6. Person A und Person B tauschen Plätze (medium and transmitter changing places)
7. Die Angst vor dem Vorführen (the fear of performing)
Mentale Notizen 285