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Carl Willmann Briefkasten answering letters, on the size of the print run (less than 500), holding breath under water, speed calculation
Mar. 1897 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 3) 48
Olanthe Ein Besuch bei der Rechenkünstlerin Konorah on speed calculation
Related to July 1902 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 7) 110
Olanthe Ein Besuch bei der Rechenkünstlerin Konorah part two
Related to Aug. 1902 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 8) 125
Olanthe Ein Besuch bei der Rechenkünstlerin Konorah part three
Sep. 1902 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 9) 142
Olanthe Ein Besuch bei der Rechenkünstlerin Konorah part four
Related to Oct. 1902 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 10) 157
Oswald Rae Miracles of Memory mental arithmetic, and list of words, interesting solution and presentation for the mental arithmetic
1928 Sub Rosa 91
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Mathematische Merkwürdigkeiten mathematical curiosities with the numbers 8, 9, 11, 37
1930 Zauberkunststücke 56
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Die Kartenzahl des mittleren von 3 Kartenhäufchen zu erraten
1930 Zauberkunststücke 70
Frank Lane, U. F. Grant A New Impromptu Number Trick quick addition of two six-digit numbers, using Axel Hellstrom's memory system
1935 They're Off 7
Charles Nagle The Addition of the Age quick addition stunt
1936 The Jinx (Issue 19) 104
Charles Nagle Governmental Wizardry calculation puzzle
1936 The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1936) 136
E.E. Hammill Psychic Uncle Sam "P$ychic Uncle $am", result of calculation shows initial number
1943 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 42) 173
Henry J. Young Two Number Tricks
  • All Alike
  • The Predicted Total
1944 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1944) 17
L. Vosburgh Lyons Dizzy Discs speed summation and subtraction with number discs
1944 The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 55) 226
Max Katz Cube Root Extraction cube roots of numbers until 100
Apr. 1944 Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 11) 47
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Number Thot number "randomly" calculated divined, interesting principle
Also published here 1944 Practical Mental Effects 122
Royal Vale Heath DY-Cyphering Trick method of quickly calculating five three digit numbers, second method with dice
Variations 1945 My Best 242
Verne Chesbro Chesbro On Heath's "Dy-Cyphering" coding numbers with dice
1945 My Best 244
Dr. William Weyeneth Aussi fort qu'Inaudi multiplying a number with 16 digits, followed by german translation "So stark wie Inaudi"
Also published here July 1946 La Baguette Magique (Issue 10) 2
Jack Miller The Magic Number Trick No. 52, Mathematical card trick
1950 Scarne on Card Tricks 93
Royal Vale Heath, Ed Balducci Heath's "Di-ciphering" Five dice with different three digit numbers on each face. Roll the dice, magician can very quickly give the sum of the numbers rolled
1956 Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 106
Unknown Rapid Cube Root Extraction Find cube roots of numbers very quickly, mental calculation
1956 Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 157
Unknown Adding a Fibonacci Series Add up ten Fibonacci numbers very quickly, mental calculation
1956 Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 158
Max Katz Mathematical Curiosities: Multiplication Short Cut
1957 26 Originals 22
Tony Corinda Quick Calculations: Mental Arithmetic
1958 Mnemonics and Mental Systems 63
Tony Corinda (1) Squaring method for quickly squaring numbers from twenty-five to hundred
1958 Mnemonics and Mental Systems 63
Tony Corinda (2) Extraction of Square Roots
1958 Mnemonics and Mental Systems 64
Tony Corinda (3) Cubing
1958 Mnemonics and Mental Systems 64
Tony Corinda (4) Extraction of Cube Roots
1958 Mnemonics and Mental Systems 65
Tony Corinda, Al Baker The Application of the Mnemonic Number Code
  • (1) for mental arithmetic
  • (2) for coding at the phone (Al Baker)
  • (3) two person act, arithmetic
  • (4) Corinda's "Fourteenth Book Test", coding with medium
Related to 1958 Mnemonics and Mental Systems 78
Dr. Chet Miller Math-O-Matics seven digit number added to other numbers
1961 Still More Miracles in Mentalism 52
Edwin Leist-Bernini Zahlenzauber named number appears on signed card in envelope, carbon envelope, pyro envelope
1961 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 2) 33
L. Vosburgh Lyons, Thomas Alan Waters Mathematically Inclined ten digits used for longer calculation, result instantly seen by performer, for credit discussion see reference
Related toAlso published here Sep. 1966 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1 No. 11) 54
Chan Canasta Oops 1: Fifty years of history Numerical force to select a particular card on a grid of twenty cards, based on an important year to the spectator
1966 Book of Oopses 4
Chan Canasta Oops 9: Look out for a number 1089 force, prediction is 6801 on the page, must flip upside down to reveal prediction
Related to 1966 Book of Oopses 20
Dr. Ben B. Braude New Math number added with reversed number, left-out digit divined, "L'Illusioniste" ca. 60 years ago
Related to Oct. 1967 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2 No. 12) 127
Gaston "Gasbor" Borgeaud Nombres Curieux number oddities, math
1971 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 2) 22
Gaston "Gasbor" Borgeaud Un petit tour de table addition / Ein kleines Tischkunststück numbers on small wooden bars are added, total is quickly calculated by performer
1971 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 3) 47
Dr. William Weyeneth 5882352941176470x = ? multiplying a number with 16 digits
Also published here 1971 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 5) 88
George Sands Fast Multiplication one number given by performer
  • 3 Digits
  • 9 Digits
  • 15 Digits
1971 ca. Sandslide 5
Ken De Courcy A Not-so-Proper Charlie unusual method to multiply two numbers by continuously dividing and multiplying them by two
Variations 1973 Pentertain 7
Ken De Courcy The Chinese Check unusual method to multiply two numbers with some sort of grid
1973 Pentertain 8
Ken De Courcy A Question of Degree method of multiplying 9 with every digit
1973 Pentertain 13
Bob Read Calculator Writing joke, result of a calculation is a hidden message on the calculator, see also page 87 for additional idea by Dr. Brum Antonioli
Dec. 1974 Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 4) 51
John Scarne Roulette Paradox article about roulette betting
Related to 1975 Epilogue (Issue 23) 213
Mark Weston The Calculator Business message writing with a calculator and multiplication curriosities
Aug. 1975 Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 12) 140
Al Mann 1001 Mysteries on multiplying with 1001
Jan. 1975 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 3) 838
Al Mann The Phantom Digits number multiplied with two other known numbers, total named, performer immediately names original number
Jan. 1975 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 3) 838
Karl Fulves Pocket Calculators building small calculators in pads for addition effects
1975 Interlocutor (Issue 2) 4
Theodore DeLand Das mysteriöse Streichholz grid with a hundred numbers, spectator places match on it and performer instantly knows total of the numbers, also with back turned
Also published here
  • New Pentagram, Oct. 1972
Nov. 1975 Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 1&2) 30
Gerald Kosky Cassette Speaking instruction and divination on cassette
1975 The Magic of Gerald Kosky 198
Roy Walton Baker Street Re-Visted cards with words on one side and numbers on the other. One card is selected and numbers added on a calculator, when turned over the result is the selected word.
Dec. 1976 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 4) 338
Harry Lorayne The Nine Principle predicting or adding sum of five five-digit numbers
1977 The Magic Book 209
Harry Lorayne Lightning Addition
1977 The Magic Book 215
Unknown Lightning Addition No. 26, strips with number, speed addition demonstration with them
1979 Self-Working Mental Magic 39
Unknown Long Division No. 27, long number, performer knows whether it is divisible by four or how to change it so it is
1979 Self-Working Mental Magic 41
Unknown A 5¢ Computer No. 7, remainder in division is known, using calculator made from paper strip and paper frame
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 9
Karl Fulves Lightning Calculators chapter intro
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 31
Unknown Linear A No. 18, knowing whether an eighteen-digit number is divisible by seven
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 31
Unknown Slippery Sevens No. 19, producing numbers that are divisible by seven from given numbers
Related to 1983 Self-Working Number Magic 33
Unknown Alberti's Game No. 20, demonstration of quick multiplication and addition
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 34
Unknown The Fifth Power No. 21, spectator calculated fifth power of any number up to hundred, performer names original number
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 35
Unknown Playing the Market No. 22, quick addition demonstration
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 36
Unknown Tricky Total No. 23, quick multiplication demonstration
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 37
L. Vosburgh Lyons Mathematically Inclined No. 24, making a pyramid of numbers according to rules, final number predicted, Pascal's Triangle
Also published here 1983 Self-Working Number Magic 38
Unknown Fake Arithmetic No. 25, speed addition of five five-digit numbers
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 40
Unknown Ultraffinity No. 26, dividing a large number evenly by any digit except seven
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 42
Karl Fulves Dollars and Dice No. 27, serial number of bill, dice rolled, performer instantly adjusts serial number so it is divisible by other number
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 44
Unknown Second Saturday No. 71, knowing the first of a month when the second saturday's number is named
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 91
Unknown Rapid Boxscores No. 79, instantly figuring out product of two numbers
1983 Self-Working Number Magic 100
Piet Forton Der Alters- und Zahlenhellseher calculation procedure, age and thought of initial number can be divined
1983 Je geschickter desto Zauberer 9
Barrie Richardson Rule of Nines tow six digit numbers are former, performer names more numbers and quickly names total
Mar. 1985 Magick (Issue 349) 1742
Royal Vale Heath, Rudolf Braunmüller Die Phänomen-Würfel five dice with three-digit numbers, speed calculation effects
  • Effekt Nr. 1
  • Effekt Nr. 2
  • Effekt Nr. 3
  • Effekt Nr. 4
Oct. 1987 Intermagic (Vol. 13 No. 1) 8
Rudolf Braunmüller Zyklische Zahlen five uses
Oct. 1987 Intermagic (Vol. 13 No. 1) 11
Rudolf Braunmüller Rechenkünste
  • Die geheimnisvolle Zahl 1001
  • Zwei Trick-Additionsmethoden
Oct. 1987 Intermagic (Vol. 13 No. 1) 17
Harry Lorayne Additions To HaLo's Revenge using a square of numbers
June 1995 Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 6) 2517
Alan Jackson Diabolical Divisors
Mar. 1996 Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 3) 2626
Tom Daugherty Seven Magic Numbers
Aug. 1997 Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 8) 2826
Alan Jackson Mephistophalian Multipliers
Aug. 1997 Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 8) 2827
Karl Fulves, Derek Lever, Ralph W. Hull, Nate Leipzig Dot Com... "Tricks and stunts with numbers"
Variations 1997 The Fine Print (Issue 5) 123
Karl Fulves Bit by Bit combo system introduction, binary numbers
Related to 1998 Combo 4
Sam Schwartz Add It
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
lightning calculation demonstration with four columns of numbers, reprint of instructions by Ed Mishell for Tannen's
1999 The Fine Print (Issue 10) 350
Barrie Richardson The Human Equation six people call out one digit and sit on six chairs, performer quickly writes down four rows of numbers which when added up correspond to the number combination of the people sitting on the chairs
1999 Theater of the Mind 100
David Berglas Memory and Mathematics pseudo mental arithmetic routine, spectators write cards with numbers, ends with a huge number, clever presentation
2002 The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 261
Dave Arch Beat The Machine spectators and performer contribute numbers which are multiplied, performer has result quicker than spectators
2002 Syzygy (Vol. 5 No. 12) 405
Robert Cassidy The Moleskine Divination three dice with three digit numbers, to select number and place from a list in a moleskine, divination
Inspired by 2004 The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy 168
Richard Feynman Watch Calculation offset on watch to apparently give complicated answers to time queries
2005 Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 400
Barrie Richardson The Incredible Human Calculator "(An Effect That Has Never Been Performed)"
spectator writes numbers from chips into grid, performer does speed calculation with the resulting grid
2005 Act Two 313
Karl Fulves Simple Binary simple way to get comfortable with binary numbers
Related to 2006 Prolix (Issue 1) 20
Roberto Giobbi Presentation and Handling for Six Guests in Five Rooms mathematical puzzle performed with finger
2010 Secret Agenda (Issue Jan 2) 4
Tomas Blomberg Mind Stress ten cards with ten three-digit numbers each, spectator thinks of one number, performer divines it
Also published here
  • marketed via Ben Harris's WowBound
2014 Blomberg Laboratories 155
Unknown Finger Calculator for multiplication with 9
2016 Hidden Agenda (Issue July 24) 212
Roberto Giobbi Mental Magic Opener: Magic by Know-how
2016 Hidden Agenda (Issue Oct 5) 286
John Wilson Euler and Water calculating fifth roots
Also published here 2016 You and Me and the Devil Makes Three — Volume I 17
Rhys "Morgan" Jones, Robert "West" Tay The 40 Digit Hyperbrain Act forty numbers from billets written on grid on slate, miscalling, number sequence recalled by blindfolded performer, square root calculation with selected numbers, sum given
  • Required Mathematics
Related to 2020 Parlour Tricks 301