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See-Through Blindfold
Aug. 1895
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Gedankenübertragung - 3. Methode medium blindfolded with black hood, medium draws picture of chosen object, draws chosen landscape, draws chosen playing cards and coin
Related to Sep. 1895
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Gedankenübertragung continuation of description
Related to Oct. 1895
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Die magische Sehkraft cards given to blindfolded performer are named by him
1896 36
Blindfold seeing with a blindfold
1911 8
Frederick E. Jones Second Test in Mind-Reading word in dictionary is selected and the book and a pin are hidden, performer finds objects and word, blindfolded
1911 12
Frederick E. Jones Street Drive driving blindfolded through the city and finding hidden object
1911 15
Oswald Rae A Trick Blindfold using two handkerchiefs
1926 78
Lu Brent A Test for Cigarettes Blindfolded magician able to tell which cigarette was selected apparently by its smoke
Related to 1932 33
Lu Brent A Test for Cigarettes Method No. 2 Same effect, different type of coding system
Related to 1932 35
Martin Sunshine Cigarette Perception cigarette brands are named blindfolded by smell, see page 99 for improvement by Frank N. Dodd
Related to Jan. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 4)
A Blindfold Detection marked coins shuffled among others coins in hat, performer finds first coin blindfolded, second penetrates hat
Related to 1935 60
Eddie Joseph Part One: What Is "Intuitional Sight?"
1938 3
Eddie Joseph "The Blindfold" and Its Accessories
1938 4
Eddie Joseph The Flour Paste dough on eyes
1938 4
Eddie Joseph The Cotton and the Surgical Bandage
1938 7
Eddie Joseph The Handkerchiefs blindfold, two variations
1938 8
Eddie Joseph Part Two: The Act setting and patter
1938 12
Eddie Joseph First Test different colored ribbons, picking the right one blindfolded
1938 13
Eddie Joseph Second Test performer writes called out numbers on blackboard and adds them together, blindfolded
1938 13
Eddie Joseph Third Test cards are named
1938 14
Eddie Joseph Fourth Test 52 cards are behind a glass, performer points to the named cards
1938 14
Eddie Joseph Fifth Test separating black and white balls
1938 15
Eddie Joseph Sixth Test describing members from the audience, one ahead
1938 15
Eddie Joseph Seventh Test describing objects from the audience
1938 16
Eddie Joseph Eighth Test describing a written word / number on a slate
1938 16
Eddie Joseph Ninth Test copying a word in a foreign language
1938 16
Eddie Joseph Tenth Test correcting a misspelled word
1938 17
Eddie Joseph Part Three: The Inner Secret additional tips and ideas
  • The Undressing
1938 17
Jean Hugard Blindfold brief opinion on the use of blindfolds
Dec. 1944 91
James G. Thompson Jr. Mephisto Thot medium divines things written on papers
Also published here 1944 259
Mike Shulman Blindfold Idea blindfold with Band-Aids
July 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 109)
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Psychic Vision several spectators on stage with objects, which are divined
1947 27
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Psychometry blindfolded performer, psychometry and Q&A
1947 29
Don Tanner Triple Threat spectator writes current time, bill number and city on a board, blindfolded performer divines all, assistant at back of room writes same info on large slate (good luck)
Aug./Sep. 1949
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 11 & 12)
Milbourne Christopher Milbourne Christopher's Column thoughts and routine for blindfold act, using prepared goggles
  • Third Sight
Feb. 1950 632
Milbourne Christopher Behind the Back divination of color of crayon, blindfolded
July 1950 683
Milbourne Christopher, Joe Berg Card in Sleeve cards behind back, blindfolded
July 1950 683
Milbourne Christopher The Shoe Clue identifying people because of their shoes for blindfold acts
Related to
  • Arthur Philips Carlton, Twenty Years of Spoof and Bluff, 1920
July 1950 683
Milbourne Christopher, Martin Sunshine Cigarette Test five people smoke different brands of cigarettes, performer divines them blindfolded
Related to July 1950 685
Milbourne Christopher Psychometry blindfolded
July 1950 685
Bob Somerfeld No Smoking blindfolded cigarette test, when radio is flicked on, there is a commercial of the right brand
1951 12
Pauline Hammer, Nail and Chalk Cross blindfolded performer finds hammer and nail hidden in the room, then he finds the chalk cross and drives the nail through it
1951 18
Ormond McGill The X-Ray Eye Act cotton, tape and handkerchief
1951 5
Ormond McGill Staging the Act seeing with the fingertips, describing objects
1951 8
Ormond McGill A New Blindfold Method matchbooks and tape criss-crossed over the hole face
1951 9
Ormond McGill A Novel Presentation separating colors, handkerchief & cards, objects and obstacle course with people standing on stage
1951 10
Toni Koynini Can't See! "A Complete Act"
performer genuinely blindfolded, performer feels various qualities of cards
  • Picture Sense (all court cards sorted out during deal-through)
  • Now the Suits
  • Aces High
  • Reds and Blacks
  • Any Card! (any number card named, performer locates it while dealing through packet)
  • Out of this World (no longer blindfolded)
1951 12
Milbourne Christopher The Mentalist Solves A Murder one of four men, blindfolded
1952 7
Milbourne Christopher Super Psychometry blindfolded, objects in envelopes
1952 8
Theodore Annemann A Club or Stage Mental Number blindfolded, multiple card divination
1952 15
Don Tanner Don Tanner's 4 Items: Item #3 performer blindfolded, spectator writes things on blackboard which are divined, sound reading
Mar. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 276)
Aage Darling Vibrato performer is blindfolded, thought of card is found
1953 9
Milbourne Christopher The Red Writing living and dead, with different theme
1954 6
X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects blindfold method, tape and blindfold
1954/27 251
Harlan Tarbell Blindfold Magic general comments on blindfold acts
1954/27 255
A Simple Handkerchief Blindfold
1954/27 256
The Modern Blindfold handkerchief
1954/27 257
The Blindfold Drive general comment on the effect
1954/27 258
The Excelsior Hood Blindfold
1954/27 259
An Extra Blindfold Addition
1954/27 260
Velvetine Hood Blindfold
1954/27 260
Tony Corinda Introduction
Related to
  • Will Dexter's "Sealed Vision"
1958 129
Tony Corinda (1) The Unfaked Mask
1958 129
Will Dexter (2) Reverse Crease Blindfold
1958 130
Tony Corinda (3) The Felt Mask - Faked
1958 131
Tony Corinda (4) The Folded Silk Blindfold
1958 131
Tony Corinda (5) The Bag Blindfold
1958 132
Tony Corinda (6) The Sheet or Blanket Cover
1958 133
Tony Corinda (7) The Bucket
1958 134
Tony Corinda (8) Cotton, Wool, Dough, Coins, Plaster and Suchlike
1958 134
Tony Corinda (9) Summary general comments
1958 134
Tony Corinda (1) Downward Glimpse glimpsing with a blindfold
1958 135
Tony Corinda (2) One Ahead System applied to blindfolds
1958 136
Tony Corinda, Punx (3) The Magnetic Blindfold detecting metal objects, idea for sex detecter routine, seven keys to baldpate and playing cards
1958 136
Tony Corinda (4) The Stacked Deck in conjunction with blindfolds
1958 137
Tony Corinda (5) Marked Cards in conjunction with blindfolds, Ghost Deck
Related to 1958 137
Tony Corinda (6) Annemann's One Way Deck on the faces, applied to routines with blindfolds
Variations 1958 137
Tony Corinda (7) Mirrors
1958 138
Tony Corinda (8) Reflectors and Shiners short routine, feeling cards with fingertips
1958 138
Tony Corinda (9) Self-Working Effects
1958 139
Tony Corinda (10) Prior Observation
1958 139
Bob Hummer, Al Koran Note Under Cups three cups, bill hidden under one and the cups exchanges after a pattern
Inspired by 1958 140
Tony Corinda (11) Memory Systems
1958 141
Tony Corinda (12) Patter and Movement During Performance general comments on patter, movement, theory
1958 141
Joe Elman Sightless Vision - A Complete Blindfold Routine several phases, clever blindfold
1958 143
Tony Corinda (1) Psychical Research versus Mentalism esp cards, with assistant
1958 146
Maurice Fogel (2) Mental Masterpiece live newspaper prediction
1958 147
Tony Corinda (3) X-Ray Eyes location by "negative reasoning", finding one of seven playing cards
1958 148
Tony Corinda (4) A Gem of Mental Magic blindfold and center tear
1958 149
Tony Corinda (5) The Bartender's Nightmare! divination of a serial number, blindfolded
1958 150
Tony Corinda (6) The Blindfold Drive and Location of Objects Hidden at a Distance
Related to
  • Corinda's Step Twelve, "Publicity Stunts"
1958 150
Tony Corinda (7) Corinda's "Money Box" coins in box are removed, performer names amount and dates on the coins, electronic version
Related toVariations 1958 150
Tony Corinda (8) Evidence bill in one of five envelopes is found by blindfolded performer
1958 154
Tony Corinda (10) Blindfold "Noughts and Crosses" assistant plays tic-tac-toe blindfolded
1958 155
Tony Corinda (11) The Blackboard Test
1958 157
Tony Corinda (12) The Three Cards three cards put in a box and are divined, changing card box
1958 157
Orville Wayne Meyer Mindreading Supreme blindfolded, fake muscle-reading with billets
1959 14
Eddie Clever Deep Of Night longer blindfold routine
1959 23
Eddie Clever, U. F. Grant (a) Cigarette Test cigarettes dumped in a bowl, cigarette with different brand is found
1959 24
Eddie Clever (b) The Key Test with Manning's switching box
Related to 1959 24
Eddie Clever, Tom Sellers (c) The Magazine Test marking the page with an X
1959 25
Eddie Clever (d) The Card Test three cards are divined, and spectator is decribed
1959 25
Theodore Annemann The Impromptu Faked Blindfold
1959 26
Robert A. Nelson Publicity Feature object put in safe are described
1959 33
Tony Corinda Blindfold Drives and Walks presentation and staging
1960 386
Frank Potts Triple Test blindfolded medium finds selected card and reveals thought of number and color
1960 81
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes ideas for X-Ray act
1961 14
North Bigbee Double Divination drawn ESP symbol is divined and one out of five persons, the person who drew the symbol, blindfolded
1961 42
North Bigbee Duplico blindfolded performer duplicates drawn ESP symbol
1961 43
James Auer Mental Blocks spectator and performer put different colored cubes in a tube, same order, both blindfolded
1961 48
North Bigbee Ribbon Kno four different colored ribbons with safety pins, color is divined behind back and blindfolded
Sep. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 361)
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks unheimliches Hellsehschreiben writing duplication, blindfolded on blackboard
Related to 1961 154
David Hoy 4 Minute Spellbinder - A Blindfold Act blindfold with adhesive tape and coins
1963 33
George B. Anderson The Anderson Blindfold Routine various practical and off-beat methods for the blindfold, thorough analysis of the blindfold drive
1968 45
Johnny Baron The Baron Blindfold partially transparent blindfold
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70)
Tan Hock Chuan The Quick and the Dead blindfolded, card is found and name revealed, see Bigbee in #41 for other sources
Related toVariations 1971
Magick (Issue 34)
Paul Siegel Vision Diabolique performer is blindfolded, the reveals number written on a slate, name and drawing drawn on blank card
1972 6
Paul Siegel Legacy of the Gypsies blindfolded performer touches a palm of a spectator and gives a reading
1972 13
Al Koran Twenty Card Memory twenty cards are selected and each person gets a number, cards are placed inside pocket and performer finds cards blindfolded
1972 29
Al Koran The Daubed Spectator marking spectator for blindfold act
1972 168
John D. Pomeroy The J P Blindfold Bag bag as blindfold tested by spectator in advance
1973 6
Claude Crowe Blindfold Drive Idea
Mar. 1974 717
Robert Parrish Mysterious Casket borrowed unknown item put in wooden box and covered with paper bag, performer describes it
Variations Summer 1974
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 9th Folio)
Francis Carlyle, Martin Sunshine Sightless Vision comments
Related to 1975 128
Gene Nielsen Psychic Touch signed card is located blindfolded
Magick (Issue 129)
Uriah Fuller 8. The blindfold drive
1975 37
Bill Chinn A Mental Item five colored balls are selected and divined by blindfolded performer, stooge
Oct. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on using blindfolds, Kuda Bux, Glen Falkenstein
Magick (Issue 158)
Francis Carlyle The Blindfold Act
1978 129
Leslie Anderson, Harry Anderson Foiled blindfolded performer, different stunts with a fencing foil
Magick (Issue 211)
Richard Lyn Mind Search spectator removes envelopes from a stand and burns them as instructed by blindfolded performer, envelope with money remains, using Ed Mellon's "Quantimental"
Magick (Issue 228)
Karl Fulves Money Mental No. 20, One-, Five- and Ten-Dollar bills held by three spectators, blindfolded performer knows who has which bill, blindfold peek
1979 29
Gene "Phantini" Grant Midnight Man deck distributed to spectators, card is selected from second deck and performer finds person with matching card, blindfolded
Also published here
  • "Mystic Word" in "Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets"
Magick (Issue 263)
Uriah Fuller 1. Eyeless vision eyeless vision and blindfold drive
1980 56
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's Eyeless Vision with assistant
Also published here 1981 84
Gene "Phantini" Grant Interlocked Minds climax for blindfold routine, symbol is divined
1981 87
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's Eyeless Vision! with assistant
Also published here 1981
Magick (Issue 274)
Dennis Marks Grand Strategy color chip chosen by spectator, scrambled cube solved by performer blindfolded, first chosen color then rest, cube really brute-force solved
Also published here 1981
Magick (Issue 277)
Charles "Cicardi" Scott The Mind has a Thousand Eyes
  • Why a Blindfold?
  • What Type to Use?
  • When and Where?
  • Improvised Blindfold
  • Tube Blindfold
  • The Supreme Blindfold
  • Phantini Blindfold
Magick (Issue 279)
Gene "Phantini" Grant Letter Perfect message is written by a spectator to another spectator, performer is blindfolded, hands message to correct spectator and divines content
Oct. 1982
Magick (Issue 311)
Joseph Dunninger A Simple Billet Test blindfolded
1983 2
Al Mann The Iron Scuttle No. 1, steel bucket on head, deck is placed on it and performer takes and divines a card
1983 1
Al Mann The Finger Test No. 2, steel bucket on head, performer divines number of fingers spectator holds up
1983 1
Al Mann The Dice Test No. 3, steel bucket on head, dice are thrown on bucket and sum divined
1983 2
Threading the Needle No. 10, blindfolded, threads needle many times
1983 4
Another Method No. 11, blindfolded, threads needle many times
1983 4
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Liminal Perception Perception drawing last spectator, as climax to blindfolded Q&A
Nov. 1983
Magick (Issue 325)
Ken De Courcy Blind Aces Blindfold peek to locate Aces marked on their backs
1983 14
Al Mann Nerve! blindfold drive ideas
1984 2
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Methods of Gaining Information for Performer for the blindfold drive
  • A: The Impression Envelope
  • B: The Stuffed Pen
  • C: Stuffed Cigarette
  • D: Contact Mindreading
  • E: Impression Notebook
  • F: (publicity with VIPs)
  • G: A Confederate
  • H: Clip Boards, Etc.
  • I: Audience Participation (with changing bag)
1984 3
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann The Blindfolds
  • 1: Nose Peek
  • 2: The Folded Handkerchief
  • 3: Secret Windows
  • 4: Eyebrow Lift
  • 5: Peep Holes
  • 6: Transparency
  • 7: See-Through Hood
  • 8: (general remarks)
1984 7
Joseph Dunninger The Secret Route trial run for blindfold drive
1984 8
Joseph Dunninger The Publicity Story and Press Release blindfold drive
1984 12
Joseph Dunninger Dunninger's Press Story for the blindfold drive
1984 14
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Holograph Homology Signature Duplication Test, with ideas by Al Mann to pracitse it
Related to 1984 7
Stephen Minch Preamble on blindfold work
1984 v
Stephen Minch The Effect description of blindfold card act, genuinely no vision, consisting of the following individual effects
Inspired by 1984 1
Stephen Minch Bibliography of Other Blindfold Card Acts
1984 27
Robert Cassidy The Memory Drive on the blindfold drive
1984 62
Robert Cassidy Russian Roulette using four guns, created in 1976
1984 78
Michael Leach Take the Taste Test performer is blind folded and tastes three drinks and names them correctly, prediction of order of drinks in wallet
Feb. 1985
Magick (Issue 347)
Karl Fulves Blindfold Idea face painted on silk
1987 38
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam Blindfold joke, toupee comes off in a blindfold act
1987 339
Neil Somerville Alpha plus ABC cards and list with objects, cards are chosen and blindfolded performer names objects on list which start with those letters
Mar. 1987
Magick (Issue 387)
Al Mann Bagged! blindfolded performer holds ESP cards over his head and divines them
May 1987
Magick (Issue 389)
Karl Fulves Quik Pix idea that two paper bags over head with pin hole allow pinhole camera principle to work, periscope, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 52)
Richard Stride The Rainbow Dossier five colored cards, chosen one is divined with blindfold, Fillman principle
Dec. 1988
Magick (Issue 415)
Basic Blindfold
1988 114
Richard Osterlind The Sensitives blindfold act, steel, divination of cards, objects and design duplication
Mar. 1989
Magick (Issue 418)
Bascom Jones Signature Effect signature duplication à la Stanley Jaks as finale for blindfolded Q&A
Oct. 1990
Magick (Issue 446)
Jeff Evason, Tessa Daze of Color blindfolded, stabbing ballon held by spectator, chosen color
Nov. 1991
Magick (Issue 464)
Tony Madden, Stanton Carlisle Dr. Stanton Carlisle's Secret of the Blindfold Drive using swimming goggles
Nov. 1992
Vibrations (Vol. 15 No. 5)
Gene Nielsen Mental Notes divination of amount of post-its on board, blindfolded
June 1993
Magick (Issue 491)
Basil Horwitz Special ESP Test performer is blindfolded, spectator selects one ESP card and signs it, those are shuffled and put in performer's pocket, he removes four, then he names the ESP symbol in the pocket and shows the signature on it
1994 15
Basil Horwitz ESP Divination, Clairvoyance & Mind Control blindfolded, ESP signs are divined and layout predicted
1994 25
Basil Horwitz ESP Challenge Mind Control blindfolded, three spectator select an ESP symbol and seal it up, performer hands correct envelope to each spectator, divines symbol and shows correct prediction
1994 31
Bob Gill An Alternative Handling cards held to forehead, performer stops at selection, blindfolded
1994 53
Basil Horwitz Out of Hand & Out of Sight Experience blindfolded think stop
1994 69
Ted Lesley Crimmerian Psychometry pseudo psychometry, method to mark envelopes during performance, blindfolded
1994 173
Al Mann The Headless Horseman on a blindfold drive using steel blindfold
Feb. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 16 No. 8)
Greg Edmonds Deadly Vision shooting at target blindfolded with gun
Sep. 1994
Vibrations (Vol. 17 No. 3)
Francis Carlyle Seeing at the Finger Tips blindfold method, tape and handkerchief, described in letter to Fawcett Ross
Summer 1996 89
Kuda Bux Kuda Bux's Secret dough blindfold method
Related toAlso published here
  • Weird Water & Fuzzy Logic (Martin Gardner)
1996 70
Tooru Suzuki Para-Sight blindfold with tape, diving colors and design duplication
June 1996
Magic (Vol. 5 No. 10)
Peter McCahon See-Thru Psychometry pseudo psychometry using blindfold and clear ziploc bags
Syzygy (Vol. 4 No. 9)
Richard Osterlind Supernatural Sight three phase blindfold act, introductory remarks
1999 79
Richard Osterlind Paroptic Psychometry I blindfolded, performer identifies objects
1999 82
Richard Osterlind Paroptic Psychometry II blindfolded, performer identifies objects, different presentation
1999 85
David Berglas The Picture Post Challenge slipper was hidden in London, Berglas blindfolded drove by car to the correct location, found the slipper and handed it to the correct owner
2002 59
David Berglas Cresta Run blindfolded bobsled drive
2002 72
David Berglas Blindfold Drive structure for a blindfold drive routine
2002 207
David Berglas Blindfold Routine two spectators on stage, various revelations
2002 320
Luke Jermay Blind Sentence seeing with the fingertips, reading from a book
2003 111
Massimo Tira Remote Viewing of Some Kind fives spectator on stage and performer blindfolded, spectator chose an ESP symbol and one spectator is silently selected by the others, performer divines person ans symbol, using Silver Bullet
Also published here
  • "Remote Viewing of Some Kind" in "Werewolf"
2004 24
Docc Hilford Introduction on blindfold acts
2004 3
Docc Hilford It's a Lu Lu blindfolded, performer stops at three selection, think stop
2004 5
Docc Hilford The Lulu Night Club Act nightclub act, three spectators select a card and write their names on them, blindfolded performer locates cards, reveals names and gives readings
2004 9
Docc Hilford Bart3d3r's N1ghtmar3 "Bartender's Nightmare", divination/prediction of coin and date, written blindfolded on business card
2006 8
Oliver Meech Invisible Man Magician claims to be able to see through a spectator and see the card written on a sticker stuck on their back
2009 10
Patrick Page All Seeing Blindfold blindfold gag
2011 294
Mike Caveney Seeing Through Cloth Bag with back turned towards audience
2013 138
Daniel Celma Blindfold Act 6 phases, blindfolded seeing with the fingertips
Also published here 2014 31
Daniel Celma Blindfold Act 6 phases, blindfolded seeing with the fingertips
Also published here 2015 62
Alexander de Cova Meine Augenbinde blindfold, seeing down the nose
Inspired by
  • Peter Warlock's Pad
2015 175
Alexander de Cova Literatur zur Augenbinde references for blindfolds
2015 197
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 7: The Blindfold general info about using blindfolds
  • Straight-ahead or Sideward Peek
  • Straight-down Peek
2017 37
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 8: Duct Taping your Eyes details of specific blindfold technique using half-dollars in eyes, duct tape and blindfold on top
2017 41
Gerry McCambridge Chapter 17: Three Index Card Q&A performer divines info from three spectators, routine for when audience is too big to distribute slips to everyone or for a short show
2017 111
Patrik Kuffs 2Kuda blindfolded performer stabs all balloons held by spectators on six chairs except one of chosen color, color chosen with Rubik's Cube
Inspired by
  • "The Balloon Murder" (Richard Osterlind, The Blindfold Book, 1987, p. 13)
  • "Daze of Color" (Jeff & Tessa Evason, The Linking Ring, Vol. 100 No. 5, May 2020, p. 82)
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