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Oliver Meech Introduction: Why The Plot Needs Thickening
2009 3
Oliver Meech Invisible Man Magician claims to be able to see through a spectator and see the card written on a sticker stuck on their back
2009 10
Oliver Meech Cardboard Birthday Cake Candle flame drawn on back of playing card disappears after blowing on card
Related to 2009 14
Oliver Meech Correctional Facility... the business card version Magician writes the wrong date on a business card, changes it to the right date
2009 16
Oliver Meech Correctional Facility... the playing card version Date written on card is wrong, changes to correct date
2009 18
Oliver Meech Not Seeing The Wood For The Trees Red cards laid out on table forms shape of 7 Diamonds
2009 20
Oliver Meech Telling Your Ace From Your Elbow Weird symbol drawn on arm forms word to reveal a selection when elbow is folded
2009 22
Oliver Meech Fish Bowl Coin Illusion Fish drawn on one side of coin, circle drawn on the other side. Coin is spun, fish ends up drawn inside the circle.
2009 26
Oliver Meech Touching Transposition Coin transposes with sugar cube, both in magician's hands, spectator can feel the cube before the transposition
2009 28
Oliver Meech X-ray Coin Magician swallows initialled coin, picture of coin with initials appears on an X-ray photograph
2009 30
Oliver Meech Swig Load Signed coin vanishes and appears in sealed can of soda (load by mouth)
2009 34
Oliver Meech Dripping Coin A silver coin is partially melted and dripped on a copper coin, turning it silver
2009 36
Oliver Meech Bubble Image Performer predicts what number spectator sees in the swirling surface of a soap bubble
2009 40
Oliver Meech Speechless Spectator chooses a random name from a stack of index cards, performer tries to guess with charades, fails, but name is printed on plastic teeth in mouth
2009 42
Oliver Meech Random Poetry Performer predicts which words spectator will make a mark on with a marker
2009 46
Oliver Meech Spin The Bottle Performer predicts who the bottle will point to in a game of Spin the Bottle
2009 50
Oliver Meech Psychic Strumming Name of selected song appears on a guitar pick held by the spectator
2009 52
Oliver Meech I Spy Performer guesses which object spectator is thinking of by watching eye movements (use paperback book as impression device)
2009 56
Oliver Meech Unwritten Spectator signs on business card with pen, but signature disappears and pen cap becomes stuck on pen
2009 60
Oliver Meech Every Flavour Jelly Beans Jelly beans have the flavour that was freely chosen by spectator
2009 62
Oliver Meech Flaming Voodoo Paper held by performer bursts into flames
2009 64
Oliver Meech On With His Head! Photo of person has head cut off, photo is given a tap and the head comes into view
2009 68
Oliver Meech Final Signature Spectator selects only business card that is not already written on
2009 70
Oliver Meech Secret Service Load Performer divines serial number of a bill inside the spectator's wallet. The bill is never taken out of the wallet during the reading.
2009 72
Caleb Wiles Make a Wish drawing on back of card changes, ideas for Birthday, Christmas, ...
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Oliver Meech Introduction: Let's Do The Twist
2010 3
Oliver Meech A Rose By Any Other Name
2010 4
Oliver Meech Flipping The Fingers
2010 5
Oliver Meech Two Countries Separated By A Common Language Difference between British / American English
2010 6
Oliver Meech Ambitious Balloon Balloon drawn on card rises to the top of the deck repeatedly, then when card is tapped, balloon drawing is shown to be popped
2010 10
Oliver Meech Bike Light Card appears rolled up in battery compartment mini torchlight that was previously working (D'lite)
2010 12
Oliver Meech Cartoon Camera Business card acts as camera, takes picture to reveal spectator's card
2010 14
Oliver Meech Unfolded Prediction Folded blank card in pocket has written predictions on it, it is unfolded later to show it is the signed selection itself
2010 16
Oliver Meech Feel This World Spectator able to separate red and black cards by sense of touch alone
2010 20
Oliver Meech Torn Centre Switch Card with torn centre disappears, appears threaded on necklace / anywhere else
2010 22
Oliver Meech Bluebottle Red backed card changes to blue backed card, one half at a time
2010 26
Oliver Meech Tarot Crib Spectator selects card, a tarot reading sheet is brought out, next to card selected is printed with spectator's name
2010 28
Oliver Meech Act Accordingly Drawings on blank cards come to life and behave strangely (only suggestions and ideas, no actual method descriptions)
2010 32
Oliver Meech Mouthy Transposition Coin in magician's mouth changes places with coin in spectator's hands, copper/silver transpo
2010 36
Oliver Meech Pop In Coin appears in sealed Snapple bottle, teaches method to reseal the bottle
2010 38
Oliver Meech Performing Dogs Copper/Silver transpo routine with engraved dog tags
2010 40
Oliver Meech Truly Invisible Deck Spectator reads the mind of another spectator, divine which card has been reversed in an imaginary deck, no cards used
2010 44
Oliver Meech Swinger Swinging locket on a chain divines which photo is the performer's grandfather
2010 48
Oliver Meech Mental Ratings Magician predicts how sore a woman's feet are, on a scale of one to ten
2010 50
Oliver Meech Voodoo Business Card Red mark drawn on spectator on a drawing of a human on a business card corresponds to a red mark appearing on magician's shirt
2010 52
Oliver Meech Fortune Telling Fish Plastic fish tells fortune, reveals spectator's card/name
Inspired by 2010 54
Oliver Meech Google Guessing Performer memorises the top result for different search words on Google
2010 58
Oliver Meech Changing Expressions Wild Card routine with passport photographs
2010 62
Oliver Meech Trampolining Ball bounces on drawing of trampoline on business card - doesn't bounce when picture is a broken trampoline
2010 66
Oliver Meech Lucky Strike Imaginary bowling ball knocks down bowling pins drawn on business cards
2010 68
Oliver Meech Handy Ring Transposition Business card transposition in spectator's hands, one of the cards is folded into a ring
2010 70
Oliver Meech Love/Hate Printed words on Love Hearts candy changes
2010 72
Caleb Wiles Make a Wish ... Again!
  • Ringside
drawing on back of card changes, ideas for Birthday, Christmas, ...
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Genii (Vol. 78 No. 8)
Oliver Meech Four for Two Two Jokers rise through packet of four Kings, then asymmetric transposition happens, four Kings end up in different pockets
Inspired by
  • "Ambitious Interchange" (John Carey, Me, My Cards & I)
Oct. 2018
Elixir (Vol. 2 No. 1 (Summer #2))