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Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin
1947 89
Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin coin to glass disc in spectator's hand
1947 99
Dr. Boris Zola Silver Extraction coin to transparent coin
Variations 1952 187
, Wallace Lee The Ghost of a Coin half dollar to glass disc, two methods
1952 188
Rolland Hamblen A Surprising Routine marked coin, silver extracted and becomes transparent, original coin in box
1966 428
Bobby Bernard Melted silver extraction from coin, big part is transparent one part is still the coin
1969 223
Harvey Rosenthal Silver Shadow coin wrapped in handkerchief, ball of silver pulled through handkerchief, glass disc remains in handkerchief, then changes back to silver coin when rubbed against silver foil
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #2)
Karrell Fox Unglued quarter put in hand, changes into circle of copper wire and the center copper layer is no longer visible at edge of quarter
1979 45
Al Schneider Ghostal Coin silver of a half dollar is squeezed out, the now transparent coin and the silver is put back together to a normal coin
1980 51
Geoffrey Latta Silver Extraction No. 1 Extract the Silver from a coin
1981 133
Geoffrey Latta Silver Extraction No. 2 Extract the SIlver from a coin
1981 134
Richard Bartram, Jr. French Extraction Retraction ending for Zola's Silver Extraction
Inspired by 1993 38
David Harkey, Eric Anderson Torque II coin gets hot, is dropped into drink which boils, becomes lump of silver
1997 14
William Duncan Scripting To Create Motive - Spellbound "The Invisible Coin", using a coin and a transparent coin
2005 9
Oliver Meech Dripping Coin A silver coin is partially melted and dripped on a copper coin, turning it silver
2009 36
Geoffrey Latta Painless Extraction
Inspired by 2017 149
Geoffrey Latta Silver Lining
Inspired by 2017 152
Michael Rubinstein Silver Extraction involving foil
2020 283
Motoki Kaido, Tomoya Horiki Invisible Traveler Open Travelers with coins, last phase involves a clear transparent coin (i.e. Silver Extraction Coin)
Inspired by 2021 136