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Unknown To Detect, without Confederacy, which of Four Cards has been Turned Round in your Absence one-way margins
1876 Modern Magic 57
Unknown Die magische Sehkraft No. 18, a picture card is turned around, performer knows with one
1895 Der Kartenkünstler 23
Unknown The Reversed Card spectator turns card end for end and performer knows which one
1911 Modern Card Manipulation 94
Charles T. Jordan The Reversed Court Card No. 6, one of four court cards is reversed by spectator, performer divines which one, one-way on face of some Bicycle cards
Also published here 1920 Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks 14
Charles T. Jordan The Life Saver No. 8, single card location, from new deck order
Also published here 1920 Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks 17
Theodore Annemann It Goes This Way one-way faces by scratch marks, see page 164 for comment by William Larsen
1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1935) 42
Theodore Annemann The Face Up - Face Down Location using one-way faces and backs
1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1935) 44
Charles T. Jordan Reversed Court Card four cards in a row, spectator turns one end for end, performer knows which one
Also published here 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 18
Charles T. Jordan Faces or Backs, Which? one-way principle applied to faces and Bicycle League Backs
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 351
Charles T. Jordan The Life Saver pointer one way from face
Also published here 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 352
Unknown The "Reversible" Location using one-way feature of faces
1938 Greater Magic 88
Dr. Buell A Test Discovery one-way pointer cards
1938 Greater Magic 287
Unknown Phantaso one of five, one-way pips
1940 Expert Card Technique 273
Henry Hardin Houdin's Dream one-way faces via pips, no-touch reversal method with book used as plate
1940 The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 97) 598
Dr. Stanley Jaks Legacy From Tibet two routines with one-way picture/symbol cards
Also published here 1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 101) 613
Jack Vosburgh The Mystery of the Suits one of the aces is selected and found, then the suit of another selected ace is predicted
1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 122) 711
Unknown The Reversed Card Spectator reverses any card in a row of five cards (end for end) while magician's back is turned, magician can tell which card is turned
1949 Tricks and Stunts With Playing Cards 25
John Scarne The Turn Around Cards No. 10, Spectator secretly turns some cards around from a row of eight cards, performer can divine which were turned (Pointer principle)
1950 Scarne on Card Tricks 22
Tony Corinda (6) Annemann's One Way Deck on the faces, applied to routines with blindfolds
Variations 1958 Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes 137
James Steranko Fantasy Card Routine Chapter Thirteen
  • Oneway Faces (not pointer cards, but uneven printing)
  • The Division (spectator cuts to a card behind the performer's back and replaces)
  • The Afterthought (selection from in-the-hands spread)
  • The Bisection (two selections by cutting of small packets and remembering bottom cards)
  • The Retention (fake memory demonstration, move-a-card)
  • The Abstraction (one of three cards thought of, OOSOOM)
  • Fantasy Notes
1960 Steranko on Cards 93
Dr. Stanley Jaks Das Erbe von Tibet two routines with one-way picture/symbol cards
Also published here 1961 Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 134
Karl Fulves Greeks Bearing Gifts four queens removed, one selected and found, repeated in different ways, last queen torn and initialed piece found, initials as one-way feature
Related to
  • p. 76 for alternative ending by Al Altman
Sep. 1966 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1 No. 11) 58
Alan Brown Future Ghost cards thought-of and not removed from deck, one-way faces or edge-marks or one-way crimp, see also p. 373 and p. 684
Related toVariations Sep. 1970 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 11) 357
Sid Fleischman One-Way Deck Revisited chalk mark on side, fan turnover
1970 Magick (Issue 9) 42
Stephen Minch Death's Grip card is found with small skull on chain (Skull-ocation)
1974 The Book of Thoth 26
Unknown Deuces Wild No. 9, card chosen from four-card packet of all initialed Deuces repeatedly found, one-way signatures
1976 Self-Working Card Tricks 15
Hannes Höller One-Way und beschnittene Karten
  • Rückenmuster-One-Way
  • Bild-One-Way
1978 Einfach Wunderbar — Wunderbar Einfach 129
Robert Siepielski Sight Unseen drawn ESP symbols on business cards, thought symbol is divined
1979 Magick (Issue 224) 1119
Larry Becker Fabulous Gypsy Spell six gipsy cards, one is selected and a chosen word from list used to spell through the cards
1979 The Best of Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism Book II 75
Thomas Alan Waters Talismanacle spectator selects a card, presentation with ring or amulet which is able to pick ab vibrations from the card
  • Variation One: Memorized Deck
  • Variation Two: Stripper Pack
  • Variation Two-and-a-Half: Stripper Pack
  • Variation Three: Stripper Pack
Related to 1982 Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Deckalogue) 203
Karl Fulves Pointed Reminder small packet is cut in half with scissors, two matching halves are exchanged, performer divines which halves
1982 Card Counting 25
Karl Fulves Pointer Cards & Clocking Ideas
Related to 1982 Card Counting 48
Pascal Monmoine One Way Deck
May 1984 Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 6) 1236
John Aukes Straight and Round cards are shuffled face up into face down, spectator turns over any card/s and the performer locates them
July 1984 Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 7) 1250
Thomas Alan Waters Groupease five packets are cut, bottom card remembered shuffled and all five cards are divined
Inspired by
  • Ed Marlo's "A Miracle With Cards" in "Ibidem" No. 8, 1956. P. 11
Related to
1984 Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Thynk) 616
Thomas Alan Waters Trivese three card location
1985 Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Myxtyr) 643
Tetsuyoshi Hoshino Not By Sight one of four aces chosen, found, one-way faces, garden-path-presentation
Related toVariations Mar. 1987 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10 No. 3) 1329
Karl Fulves Star Cross out-of-hand one-way reversal, one-way faces or one-way crimp
Related to 1987 Secret Session — Part Three 81
Karl Fulves Quid Pro Quota card chosen from packet, position remembered by spectator counting procedure
  • (A) Lockdown (11-card packet)
  • (B) Futures/Options (10-card packet)
  • (C) Go Fourth (10 cards, faro)
  • (D) Point of View (14 pointer cards)
  • (E) Cue Test
  • (F) First and Ten (spectator finds magicians card and vice versa)
  • (G) Doctor Cue
  • (H) HI Test
  • (I) Xtantra
  • (J) Doctor's Out
  • (K) Outback
Variations 1989 Prototype 3
Frederick Braue Pointer Thinking with packet of cards, out-of-hand reversal by spectator
1992 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 5
Tom Daugherty Heavies one way from the face
Dec. 1993 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 12) 2302
Paul Rosini Addition to Rosini's Saliva 10-Card Trick pointer cards
Variations 1994 More Greater Magic 1073
Tony Bartolotta About Face ESP card, alphabet card and one of many license plates found
1994 Rigmarole (Issue 10) 115
Lou Gallo One-Way Pips
1996 Lou Gallo: The Underground Man 58
Nick Trost Peek-A-Boo Aces Pointer Principle to tell which Ace was selected
Related to 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 79
Thomas Fraps, Helge Thun If Worse Comes To Worse performer finds two selected and one thought-of card, one way from face (pips)
Variations 1998 The Book 88
Ellis Stanyon The Margin and Pip Discovery No. 18, "Houdin's Dream", one-way by margin or by one-way faces
  • Improved Version (Think Stop presentation)
1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 10
Ellis Stanyon To Detect Which of Four Cards Has Been Turned Around No. 24, white margin on picture cards
1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 45
Gary Plants Palindrome divination of one of the four Aces
2000 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 3 118
Paul Curry One-Way Face Design Tip scratching pips
Also published here 2001 Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 272
Karl Fulves The Odd Couple No. 2, one of four cards selected, all shuffled back in deck, performer locates it
2001 My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 3
Karl Fulves Greeks Bearing Gifts No. 36, four queens removed, one selected and found, repeated with diminishing number of queens, last one predicted
Inspired by 2001 My Best Self-Working Card Tricks 76
Tom Ransom The Real Work On One-Way Faces gag
Jan. 2003 Genii (Vol. 66 No. 1) 80
Karl Fulves Pointers
2004 When Psychics Play Poker 14
Jack Avis Historical Items and Magical Facts one-way pointers and more
2006 Rara Avis 188
Bob Swadling Si's Secret observation of the Si Stebbin
2006 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 6 224
Bruce Cervon, Larry Jennings 5 Card Miracle one way principle
2007 Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks — Volume 1 57
Manolo Talman Las cuatro estaciones cards are spread in a circle, four cards are selected and replaced, deck is shuffled and performer finds all four cards
2009 El Manuscrito (Vol. 2 No. 9) 232
Max Maven Looking the Other Way two cards selected from ten cards are found, test-conditions, one way
2010 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 72
Dr. Stanley Jaks Legacy from Tibet two routines with one-way picture/symbol cards
Also published here 2014 The Incredible Dr. Jaks 171
Ondřej Pšenička What Are Butterfly Playing Cards? Description of how the Butterfly cards should be used

  • The Two-Way Markings
  • The One-Way Markings
  • The One-Way Flower
  • The One-Way Faces
2017 The Secret of the Butterflies 13
Glenn G. Gravatt The Bruce Lee Way Secretly get a selection to be placed reversed end for end in a one-way deck, hands off approach, uses one way faces
2017 The Secret of the Butterflies 37
David Solomon Thoughts on a Location one of five chosen cards selected, all shuffled back and selection found
2018 Solomon's Secrets 200
Benjamin Earl Slow Roll with turnover choreography
2019 The Shift #2 13
Roy Walton Treble Trouble two cards, odd-even and pointer divided deck
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Complete Walton Vol. 2, 1986, p. 79
June 2020 Genii (Vol. 83 No. 6) 48