Written by Andi Gladwin
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251 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
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Andi Gladwin The Boy Who Cried Magic An Introduction
Andi Gladwin Making Magic Bulletproof
Andi Gladwin Whack Your Phone Reflex combined with card under phone
Inspired by
  • The Other Brothers's "At the Table Lecture" (2017)
Andi Gladwin Perfect Order cards shuffled face-up/face-down, a face-down card chosen, selection named, all cards righten themselves except the one of the chosen suit in order
Inspired by
  • "Culligula" (Kostya Kimlat, Roadrunner Cull DVD, 2007)
Woody Aragón, Steve Beam Wiper Move false shuffle for face-up/face-down deck from hands to table
Related toAlso published here 29
Andi Gladwin Monte Python without mixing the cards, with two-for-one transposition finale
Inspired by 37
William Goodwin, Scott Robinson Backward Alignment Move
Dai Vernon Optical Move
Andi Gladwin Ghost four Kings shown, card is selected and lost, chosen pair of Kings vanish and sandwich card in the middle of the deck
Inspired byRelated to
  • "One Less" (Phil Goldstein, New Tops, April 1977)
Andi Gladwin Double Reverse Cull as sandwich load
Andi Gladwin Pocket Mule deck in pocket, named card apparently found by sense of touch, but all cards removed as gag, named card removed from another pocket
Inspired byRelated to 55
Andi Gladwin Fireworks Aces produced, three cards chosen, Aces vanish one by one, collectors, selections vanish, Aces change into selection which changes into each of the other selections
  • Ace Production
  • Apex Aces
  • Selection Vanish
  • Selection Appearance
Inspired by 61
Baltazar Fuentes Gravity Color Change
Paintbrush Change
Noel Stanton Pivot Change
Andi Gladwin Master Pushoff pushing off two cards as one without preparation, see credit information on p. 96
Related to 77
Andi Gladwin Double Turnover with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin Multiple Turnovers triple, quadruple, with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin Second Deal with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin One-Handed Second Deal with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin Third and Fourth Deals with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin Double Deal with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin One-Handed Double Lift using air-pressure turnover, with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin Second from Top Palm with Master Pushoff
Andi Gladwin Cull Shuffle doing an overhand shuffle after a spread cull
Andi Gladwin Cull Shuffle Control to the top, lift shuffle
Andi Gladwin Undo Cut running cut from hand to table with spread handling
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 109
Luke Jermay Undo Cut Variation
Inspired byAlso published here 114
Andi Gladwin Undu Shuffle with center packet throw, also as red-black shuffle
Inspired by 119
Andi Gladwin Four Finesses intro
Andi Gladwin Tabled Braue No. 1
Inspired by 127
Andi Gladwin Convincing Tilt No. 2, card actually sticks out at back
Related toAlso published here 131
Andi Gladwin Spectator Bernard Cut No. 3
Andi Gladwin BTT Shuffle No. 4, bottom to top, shuffling bottom card to top
Andi Gladwin Fan Change one-handed fan waved over half in other hand
Inspired by
  • "Spring Card Revelation" (Eddie Fechter, Magician Nitely, 1974)
Also published here
Andi Gladwin From the Centre face-up cards shuffled in face-down cards, then all reversed cards dealt out, four Ace kicker
Inspired byRelated to 149
Andi Gladwin Red/Black to the Future
Inspired byAlso published here 159
Andi Gladwin Misdeal Aces distributed to four players's hands, they assemble in one
Related to 169
Edward Marlo Combination Cull and Stack Sequence
Andi Gladwin Cut, Stop, Shuffle spectator cuts off a third, then deals some card in a second pile, then shuffles the last third, each packet turned over and they have written on them "cut/stop/shuffle here"
Andi Gladwin Castle Jacks
  • Even More Memory Man (shuffled deck apparently memorized, naming position of selection, finding four-of-a-kind)
  • Glassical Assembly (Jacks signed and put in glass, three removed one at a time to make them vanish on deck, reappear in glass)
  • Travelers (with deck vanish finale)
Inspired by 187
Pit Hartling A thorough mix group shuffling strategy, about quarter held out
Top Card Glimpse step and wrist turn
Andi Gladwin Silent Movie spectator and performer have a deck each and mirror each others movements in silence, they cut to the same card, including a water spit-out gag
Inspired by
  • "The Mirror" (Allan Kronzek, Artful Deceptions, 2017)
Cross Cut Force onto a glass
Andi Gladwin Aura three selections lost, first found by performer in face-down spread, second with deck in performer's pocket, third by spectator who reaches into pocket
Related to 221
Andi Gladwin Opened Pocket Lining to be able to reach into lining instead of outside pocket
Andi Gladwin Dribble Force break near top
Andi Gladwin, Grace Ann Morgan Supersonic two spectators and performer each have a third of the deck, performer has a card selected and the spectators have each other select a card, all shuffled back, two selections found, last one from pocket
Also published here 229
Andi Gladwin ScriptedBored with script read aloud by spectator
Inspired by 235
Andi Gladwin Thought Experiment
Inspired by 241
Edward Marlo Switchless Switch
Five as Six Count simple overcount
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