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Lennart Green Dear Magic Friend! 1-2 Separation 1
Lennart Green 1-2-Separation separating in reds/blacks while throwing heaps, two handlings:
1. Spread Cull
2. Cut Cull
1-2 Separation 1
Lennart Green Presentation of a simple Camouflage Trick trick during which 1-2-Separation is executed, selection ends up in half of opposite color 1-2 Separation 5
Lennart Green Four Aces Red/Black aces end up in half of opposite color, 1-2-Separation 1-2 Separation 6
Lennart Green The Perfect Arrangement deck order looks random, but is NDO after 1-2-Separation, thought-of-card presentation 1-2 Separation 7
Lennart Green The Last Duel full deck stack 1-2 Separation 10
Tom Stone, Lennart Green Dialogue Snap Deal 1
Lennart Green My Five Points In Magic humorous rules, see also p. 20 Snap Deal 2
Lennart Green Introduction Snap Deal 3
Lennart Green The Green Angle Separation history and background The Green Angle Separation 1
Lennart Green Finally The Green Angle Separation 17
Lennart Green Extremely last and final words The Green Angle Separation 18
Lennart Green The Dinosaur hand imitates elephant /dinosaur and walks over the table, the coins are produced The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 56) 1048
Joey Gallo, Lennart Green Made to Order cards apparently lost in the deck turn out to be the cards held by performer The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 57) 1079
Lennart Green The "GAS" Separation Green Angle Separation, detailled explanation divided in
Step One: The Running-thru
Step Two: The Angle
Step Three: The Strip-Out (as a cut and as a hidden move)
The Green Angle Separation 3
Lennart Green Finding a Chosen Card selection is in half of opposite color, application of GAS The Green Angle Separation 12
Lennart Green Production of the 4 Aces Aces appear in halves of opposite color, application of GAS The Green Angle Separation 13
Lennart Green Four-Color Separation separating all suits, extention of GAS The Green Angle Separation 14
Lennart Green Out of this World opening phase, starting from shuffled deck and using GAS The Green Angle Separation 15
Lennart Green Out of this break OOTW without switching in dealing process The Green Angle Separation 16
Lennart Green The Basic Move audible simulated placement Snap Deal 5
Lennart Green The Basic Application stealing a card out of deck via Snap Deal Snap Deal 8
Lennart Green Misdirection tips for the Snap Deal Snap Deal 12
Lennart Green The Grouped Snap Deal Snap Deal with multiple cards Snap Deal 14
Lennart Green The Laser Deal Snap Deal as a visual vanish of multiple cards one by one Snap Deal 16
Lennart Green Additional Notes Snap Deal as a switch and simulating the snap deal while left hand makes snap sound Snap Deal 19
Lennart Green, Rick Johnsson Snap Lap card dealt to table vanishes cleanly, lapping card instead of palming it Snap Deal 20
Lennart Green, Anthony Owen GAS Variation while dealing cards on the table The Minotaur (Vol. 7, No. 1) 6
Lennart Green Out-of-Sweden first OOTW effect, two piles, then all cards are black, then red (blacks have vanished) The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 60
Lennart Green Packet Displacement switching bottom part of one packet with top part of other packet The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 61
Lennart Green Half Deck Lapping The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 62
Lennart Green Toss Packet Switch eccentric technique for switching packet that is thrown to table for packet in dealing position The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 64
Ken Krenzel, Lennart Green JB Kop Laser Deal "Laser Deal" with JB Kard KopRelated to Ingenuities 139
Lennart Green The Green Mirror-Count "Green's Red OR Black Display", allowing to show a packet of alternating card as either all red or black, kind of OLRAM extension The Green Mirror-Count 3
Lennart Green Float Pass Variations Drawing Room Deceptions 122
Steve Mayhew, Lennart Green Unusual Location a la Lennart Green, right hand quickly grabs selection Impressing Jodie Foster 1
Lennart Green The Green Angle Separation Card College - Volume 4 903
Simon Aronson Lennart Green performs for Ginny Anecdote about Lennart performing his FISM act for Ginny Aronson while half awake Try the Impossible 25
Simon Aronson Divide and Conquer Cards get dealt through, eliminating half the deck each time until two selections remainInspired by
  • "One in Fifty-Two Bet" (Lennart Green, Green Magic vol. 3, DVD, 2000)
Try the Impossible 20
Darwin Ortiz Maximum Risk catch 22, memorized deckInspired by
  • "One in Fifty-Two Bet" (Lennart Green, Green Magic Vol. 3, video)
Scams & Fantasies with Cards 80
Lennart Green A Special-Deck Mnemonic how to know if a deck you open is a gaffed one Secret Agenda (Issue Dec 15) 374
Lennart Green Magical Supination an Pronation turning the hand 180% without moving the wrist, puzzle Secret Agenda (Issue Oct 15) 307
Benjamin Earl Tabled Chaos Control stock control via improvised Lennart Green style chaotic tabled cuts Less is More Bonus 6
Lennart Green Circulation Shuffle brief, uncredited JawDroppers! 37
Lennart Green Red & Back Card Bet percentage game Hidden Agenda (Issue Nov 15) 328
Lennart Green, Roberto Giobbi The Index Intuition Inspired by
  • "Red and Black" (John Kennedy, Genii, Vo. 52 No. 9, Mar 1989, p. 560)
Hidden Agenda (Issue Dec 25) 368
Lennart Green Snap Deal The Secrets of So Sato 53
Nathan Colwell Rotator Shifts how to secretly turn a card/packet end for end for use in a tapered deck routine

- Method One
- Method Two (based on Nathan's "Long-Fingered Half Pass")
- Method Three
Inspired by A New Angle 93