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Das schräg oder conisch beschnittene Spiel stripper deck, red black application, also all four suits
1896 Der moderne Kartenkünstler 128
Charles T. Jordan Back and Front Count Sorting
1919/1920 Thirty Card Mysteries 26
Charles T. Jordan Four-Way Sorting to back or front and up and down jogged
Related to 1920 Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks 22
Charles T. Jordan Separation while Looking Through Cards while taking out the Aces, one apparently forgotten
1921 The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Card Tricks) 13
Color Separation while looking through the deck
1938 Greater Magic 86
Al Baker Red-Black Detection method to set up during trick
Also published here 1938 Greater Magic 542
Separating the Colors slop shuffle
Related to 1940 Expert Card Technique 115
Paul Rosini A Rosi-Cruzian Mystery daub, button storage, two phases, red-black separation during first phase that is used in second phase
Variations 1940 Expert Card Technique 219
Wilbur T. Kattner Ry for Mystery preparing OOTW while performing
1942 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 16) 65
James G. Thompson Jr. Fantasy in Red and Black slop shuffle red black separation, card location, lead in for a red black riffle shuffle set-up
1944 The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 60) 245
Arthur H. Buckley separating reds from blacks
1946 Card Control 29
Russell "Rusduck" Duck, Jean Hugard Color Separation separating suits and stacking deck in the hands, see Tom Ransom's idea in No. 6
Related to 1958 The Cardiste (Issue 5) 9
Harry Lorayne Red-Black Set-Up card divination as motivation to go through deck
1962 Close-up Card Magic 84
Karl Fulves Technicolor Thought
Related to 1971 The Book of Numbers 12
Harry Lorayne The Fantastic Deal Jog red/black separation except named quartet (aka "The Great Divide")
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1972 The Great Divide 1
Harry Lorayne Utility Uses For The Deal Jog
1972 The Great Divide 3
Edward Marlo First Objective culling procedure for red/black separation, including several credits and sources for other approaches, for a Persi Diaconis credit claim by Karl Fulves see page 212 of Epilogue
1973 Marlo's Objectives 3
Edward Marlo Second Objective presentational excuses for red/black separation procedure explained on page 3
1973 Marlo's Objectives 7
Edward Marlo Fifth Objective in and out jogging cull with tabled strip-out cut
Variations 1973 Marlo's Objectives 11
Walt Lees, Bruce Elliott Biddle Move Separation
Dec. 1974 Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 4) 46
Martin Gardner Slop Shuffle Separation red black separation, credited to Gardner
Related to Apr. 1974 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 6) 726
Martin A. Nash Slop Shuffle Handling
1975 Ever So Sleightly 79
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control sorting a one-way deck with the incomplete Riffle Shuffle Control placement
1978 Interlocutor (Issue 27) 106
Martin A. Nash Separation by ESP card location, wrong card turns into selection, to separate deck in red and black
1980 Colors on the March 7
Harry Lorayne Open Bluff Separation
1981 Cardworks 64
Ken De Courcy Slop-Shuffle Separation Separating deck into red-black while slop shuffling
1983 Four Ace Intro's 16
Edward Marlo, Art Altman Tips: 1. using Altman's false shuffle (page 63) as red black separation technique
1984 Marlo's Magazine — Volume 5 30
Karl Fulves Riffle Red Riffle Shuffle Control used to divide colors, as set-up for Judson/Brown's Telltale Color
1987 Covenant 23
Christoph Borer Schwarz und Rot slop shuffle triumph, colors are separated and named card is found among contrasting colors
1987 Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 7) 6
Lennart Green 1-2-Separation separating in reds/blacks while throwing heaps, two handlings:
1. Spread Cull
2. Cut Cull
1989 1-2 Separation 1
Slop/Drunken Shuffle as separation
1994 Roger's Thesaurus 138
Roger Crosthwaite Longitudinal Deal-Cop here used as red-black separation
Related to 1994 Roger's Thesaurus 163
Lennart Green The "GAS" Separation Green Angle Separation, detailled explanation divided in
Step One: The Running-thru
Step Two: The Angle
Step Three: The Strip-Out (as a cut and as a hidden move)
Related to 1995 The Green Angle Separation 3
Lennart Green Four-Color Separation separating all suits, extention of GAS
1995 The Green Angle Separation 14
Lennart Green, Anthony Owen GAS Variation while dealing cards on the table
1995 The Minotaur (Vol. 7 No. 1) 6
Lewis Jones Invisible Cull
Feb. 1997 Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 2) 2754
Lennart Green The Green Angle Separation
2000 Card College — Volume 4 903
Karl Fulves Clandestine Cull cards removed from deck, tabled pile ends up red-black-alternating, rest in hand red-black separated
Variations 2000 Off The Books (Issue 1) 4
Rot-Schwarz Präparation red-black separation during a location effect
2000 Intermagic (Vol. 24 No. 1) 26
Harry Lorayne The Great Divide named quartet removed, it is used to separate deck into colors, updated handling
Inspired by 2001 Personal Collection 579
Slop Shuffle Separation
2001 Pasteboard Presentations II 31
Karl Fulves Color Control multiple shift application idea
2002 Latter Day Secrets (Issue 7) 273
Roberto Giobbi Separating the Colors commentary and correction, slop shuffle
Related to May 2002 Genii (Vol. 65 No. 5) 17
David Williamson Pair Display Separation cards shown in pairs, set-up for red-black strip-out later
2003 Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret 14
David Williamson Pair Display Separation cards shown in pairs, set-up for red-black strip-out later
2003 Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret 28
Down-Jog Separation in and out jogging cull with strip-out cut
2004 Enchantments 435
Lennart Green Green Angle Separation brief
2004 Mnemonica 361
Harry Lorayne, Edward Marlo Lorayne's "Great Divide" and Marlo's "Fifth Objective" Culls brief
2004 Mnemonica 362
Kostya Kimlat The Angle-Cull-Separation angle separation and spread cull combination
  • Separating Sets of Four of a Kind
  • Four Suit Separation
  • Beep Beep
2004 A Lecture Collection 39
Biddle Steal Separation
2005 Clockwork 27
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control as Cull upjogging all cards of one group instead of doing a riffle shuffle, also from the back with one-way backs
2006 Prolix (Issue 1) 46
Anthony Owen Out Of This House angle-jogging cards while dealing them on the table
Also published here 2007 Some More Tricks 28
Henry Evans Suit Yourself deck riffle shuffled by spectator, slop shuffle triumph, then deck shown in new deck order, slop shuffle to undo spectator's shuffle
Variations Oct. 2007 Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 3) 15
Lennart Green Angle Separation very brief
2008 The Green Northern Lights Magic 50
Woody Aragón Separagon open tabled red/black separation
2011 A Book in English 35
Harry Lorayne Great Divide
Also published here 2014 Applesauce 108
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control used as red-black separation
Inspired byRelated to 2015 Errata (Issue 1) 30
Edward Marlo Outjogged Oil and Water
2017 Wabi-Sabi 19
Bob Farmer The Inverted Maximized Shuffle
  • The Trinary Shuffle (building three separate piles in an in-the-hands mix)
  • Maximizing the Trinary Shuffle
2017 The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox () 50
Anthony Owen Out Of This House angle-jogging cards while dealing them on the table
Inspired byAlso published here 2017 Secrets 117
Harry Lorayne Great Divide brief
2017 Temporarily Out of Order 74
Don May Slop-Shuffle Cull Separation
2018 Solomon's Secrets 32
Alexander Hansford Count Cull while counting off a certain number of cards
2019 The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 86