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S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase System of Cull Shuffling - To Cull Two Cards
- To Cull Three Cards
- To Cull Four Cards
- To Cull Nine Cards
Related toVariations The Expert at the Card Table 78
Graham Adams Cull Shuffling Inspired by Mr. S. W. Erdnase — "His Book" 10
Purvis W. Miller The Barnyard Shuffle cull-stack combination, face-up shuffleVariations More Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 23
Unknown Cull Shuffle for three cards Expert Card Technique 215
Unknown Cull Shuffle - Second Method footnote Expert Card Technique 216
Unknown The Stripper Jog Control controlling reversed card in stripper deck The Stripper Deck 9
Frederick Braue The Cull Shuffle - Two-Card Cull Shuffle
- Three-Card Cull Shuffle
Miracle Shuffles and Tricks 16
Edward Marlo Marlo's Lessinout System of Cull and Stock Shuffles without injogs or outjogs
- Lessinout Cull
- Lessinout Stack
VariationsAlso published here Deck Deception 14
Unknown The Overhand Shuffle - The Grip
- The Shuffle
- Protruding Cards
- Forming a Break
- Shuffling to the Break
- Dropping a Packet
- Determining Intervals
- Culling, Stocking
Miracle Shuffles and Tricks 3
Frederick Braue The Cull-Stock Shuffle - To Cull-Stock One Card
- To Cull-Stock Two Cards
- Three Card Cull-Stock Shuffle
Miracle Shuffles and Tricks 21
Bob Taylor Combination Cull and Stock Shuffle At the Table Tricks 14
Karl Fulves Plunger Cull injog shuffle cull, two alternativesInspired by The Book of Numbers — Supplementary Notes 18
Edward Marlo Lessinout Cull brief Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 15
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull Shorts Aces cut shortAlso published here Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 7) 99
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull and Stack using slick aces Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 98
Karl Fulves, Dan E. Mayers Notes on a Classic on Mayers' Overhand Cull-Stack System Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 160
Dan E. Mayers The Mayers Cull Stock System some notes on the system Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part Three 162
Roy Walton Analysis of the Cull Stock System of Mayers Cull-Stock System described before Riffle Shuffle Technique — Part Three 163
William Larsen Card Control cutting wanted card near bottom via riffle shuffle with glimpse, then face-up overhand shuffle The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 10
S. W. Erdnase, Frederick Braue Formula for Erdnase Shuffles - Stock Shuffling (3 to five cards)
- Cull Shuffles (3 to four cards)
Related to The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 21
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull Shuffle using injogs Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 126
Edward Marlo Streamlined Overhand Cull and Stack two methods Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 128
Edward Marlo Olram's Method using Snap Crimp Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 130
Edward Marlo Coinless Crimp Cull and Stack Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 132
Steve Draun A Slick Trick overhand Secrets Draun from Underground 76
Karl Fulves Counterfeit Cull Shuffle displacing one card to topInspired by The Fine Print (Issue 3) 51
Bruce Cervon The Vernon-Cervon Run-Up Demonstration complex Hard-Boiled Mysteries 21
Ray Grismer The Grismer Cull Related to
  • Revelations, p. ix
Card College - Volume 4 897
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Cull Shuffle for three cards Card College — Volume 4 907
Edward Marlo, Roberto Giobbi The Lessinout Shuffle Inspired by Card College — Volume 4 898
Edward Marlo Lessinout System no jogs, with notes
- Lessinout Cull
- Lessinout Stack
Also published here Marlo on Erdnase 15
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull Shorts Aces cut short, airing deck to let cards fall outAlso published here Marlo on Erdnase 25
Roberto Giobbi The Lift Shuffle - A Study in the Polyvalence of a Sleight - Control the top stock in one shuffle
- Control top and bottom stocks in one shuffle
- Force one or several cards
- Control a selected card
- Eliminate cards that lie on top of a wanted card
- Invert the order of individual cards on top of the deck
- Invert the order of two groups on top of the deck
- Bring a card from the top to a specific number
- Key Card Placement
- Cull one or several cards to the bottom of the deck in a single overhand shuffle
- False shuffle the entire deck
Secret Agenda (Issue Jan 19) 24
Tom Gagnon Lessinout Culls Stebbins culling a four-of-a-kind from a stack Too Hot for the Devil 112
Pit Hartling Lift Shuffle Cull Quarterly (Issue 5 (Winter 2017)) 30