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Max Holden Max Holden's Master Card slick key card
Related to 1928 19
The "Slick" Ace
1933 98
Victor Farelli Effect cards shuffled by spectator, still top card is correctly predicted on previous empty paper, locator card
1933 99
Jean Hugard "Slick" Principle history and basic handling
1937 95
The Half Moon Location slick card as distant key card
1937 96
Location Plus slick key card, spectator overhand shuffles
1937 97
Everybody's Card several spectators all select the same card, slick card
1937 97
, Alexander Herrmann Stage Location three selections found in spectator's pockets, one by spectator himself, variation of Alexander Herrmann's "The Egyptian Pocket"
1937 97
Slick Card Control for multiple cards
1937 98
The Master Card Speller using a slick card
1937 98
Counting by Eye cutting off certain number of cards, slick locator
1937 99
Odd or Even cutting off odd or even number of cards at will, slick card
1937 99
The Mystic Cut
1937 99
Frank Lane A Slick Card Routine combo in which spectator finds selection, card is predicted, poker game is dealt, slick card and set-up
1937 100
The "Slick Ace" and Some Tricks Therewith information about the slick ace principle
1938 105
, Frank Lane "The Master Card" handling of slick aces, four methods (in the hands and on the table)
1938 109
Footnote on "Slick Ace" Principle
1938 117
R. M. Jamison Impromptu Slick Work ivory finish card in air cushion or linen deck
Dec. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 69)
Bill Gusias, Edward Litzau What to Do with a Slick Ace various ideas
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Charlie Miller How to Haunt a Pack described by Robert Parrish
  • impromptu method
  • method with slick cards
  • tip for Al Baker method
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959)
Roger Smith Trickus Ultimatus single card and packet is removed, performer divines number of cards, selection travels from center to chosen position matching the chosen number, duplicates
Related to Jan. 1973
Necromancer (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Edward Marlo Coated Locator using plastic coated card in standard deck
Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue)
Slick Ace
1978 38
Ribbon Spread Location with slick card as key card in spread, distance to selection counted
1978 40
The Slick Ace Run Up stacking the Aces from a shuffled deck, brief
1983 18
Max Holden The Master Card slick card as key card, reproducing ad from 1924
Related to 1983 19
Dr. Ford Rogers Two-Deck Slick Cards using decks with different finishes
Related toAlso published here
  • "Tricks with Prepared Cards" (Donald Holmes, 1913)
1983 20
Walter Scott Walter's own original Formula and Method for "Slick Ace" from a letter by Eddie McGuire to Dai Vernon
1983 47
Edward Marlo Slick Sorcery several applications (8 pages) of slick cards like ace cutting, stacking, including silicone method of preparation
Related to 1984 92
Edward Marlo First Routine spectator shuffles between each Aces, then magician a bit too, slick cards
1984 93
Edward Marlo Second Routine spectator shuffles, slick Aces
1984 94
Edward Marlo Third Routine slick Aces, any Ace called for
1984 94
Edward Marlo Fourth Routine slick Aces, one-handed, not recommended by Marlo...
1984 95
Edward Marlo First, Second, Third Method controlling slick Aces to bottom via riffle shuffles
1984 95
Edward Marlo Bottom Riffle Stack using slick aces
1984 97
Edward Marlo Fifth Routine riffle cull and bottom deal with slick aces (reduces friction)
1984 98
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull and Stack using slick Aces
1984 98
Edward Marlo Center Deal Tip slick cards, no break or step
1984 134
Randy Wakeman Slick Card Preparation silicone spray, in foreword
Related to 1987
Randy Wakeman Teflon Card Stab paper wrapped deck, slick card
1987 21
Edward Marlo Updating the X-Force cross card force handling with prediction effect, with additional thoughts on slick/wave crimp cards
Apr. 1992
The Olram File (Issue 11)
Vanni Bossi The Perfect Key Card card cut the other way put into deck, slick card
1992 29
Steve Draun A Slick Trick overhand
1993 76
Steve Draun Slick Card glue
1993 76
Karl Fulves Putting Up Threes with slick Aces, illustrated Maskelyne's text
Inspired by
  • "Sharps and Flats" (1894)
1995 89
Karl Fulves Different Finishes comment on combining deck with different finishes
Related to 2003
Off The Books (Issue 3)
Steve Forte gaffed cards some brief comments
2020 769