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Ralph W. Hull (6) Topsy-Turvy Climax slop shuffle triumph with preliminary phase in which cards are really shuffled face-up/face-down
1932 12
Separating the Colors slop shuffle
Related to 1940 115
Kent Arthur "Never Idle" Cards slop shuffle Triumph with twelve card packet
Feb. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 81)
Martin Gardner Improved Topsy-Turvy Deck up to three selections, with slop shuffle followed by a riffle shuffle
Related to 1940 4
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Slop Reverse
1941 14
Warren Wiersbe The Hindu "Slop Shuffle"
1944 12
James G. Thompson Jr. One Way to One-Way using slop shuffle for orientating a borrowed deck which has a one-way feature
May 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 60)
Phil Thomas Neat Slop Shuffle different handling for the slop shuffle triumph
Related to May 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 60)
John Hamilton Super Slop Shuffle two phases, separating into odd and even, all odd in one direction and evens in the other after real face-up/face-down shuffle, then triumph effect, see Back Room #90 for Ed Marlo ideas
Related to July 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 87)
Edward Marlo One-Way Sorting with Slop Shuffle
Related to Aug. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 90)
Don Medley 2. The Sloppy Shuffle
Sep. 1945 150
Sid Lorraine, Arthur H. Buckley Slop Shuffle
1946 196
Roger Barkann Follow the Leaders routine with red/black effects
  • prediction of red / black relationship (Phoenix No. 1)
  • Out of this World (not explained)
  • Follow the Leader (not explained)
  • Slop Shuffle Color Separation
Related to Mar. 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 102)
Sid Lorraine A Tipsy Trick slop shuffle
1948 183
Martin Gardner Topsy Turvy Deck marking spot in center for easier reversal of top half, slop shuffle triumph
Mar. 1949
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Eddie Joseph Cards in Confusion slop shuffle variations
  • Genuine Confusion (two methods)
  • Pseudo Confusion (two methods)
1951 2
Eddie Joseph Confusingly Simple false slop shuffle
Related to 1951 15
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
1955 33
Jerry Andrus A Drunken False Shuffle false slop shuffle
Related to 1956 91
John Benzais Modernized Slop Shuffle
1967 103
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
1967 9
Sam Schwartz Tri-Multaneous
  • Part 1: mate & selection appear at same time after slip slop shuffled packed is gone through in pairs
  • Part 2: Sam-Ultaneous
  • Part 3: two chosen cards show up at same position in two packets, using two odd-numbered piles
see also p. 348
Inspired byVariations Apr. 1970 334
Bruce Cervon Optic Delusion! slop shuffle, order is maintained
Also published here 1971
Magick (Issue 32)
The Reversed Card slop shuffle triumph
1972 116
Reversed Deck Straightened Effect No. 447, sounds like Slop Shuffle Triumph
1972 127
Martin Gardner Slop Shuffle Separation red black separation, credited to Gardner
Related to Apr. 1974 726
Martin A. Nash Doing that Segregationist's Shuffle slop shuffle, secret red/black separation, see p. 444 for additional crediting
1975 79
Philip T. Goldstein Disguise Aces, slop shuffle, three Aces + x, x is transformed into last Ace
1977 20
Bob Farmer Double-Dazzling Slop Shuffle Triumph two selections, deck shuffled face up into face down, two cards are reversed, indicator cards to find selections, then deck is separated into red and black cards
Inspired by 1982 15
David Britland PanACEa slop shuffle
Cardopolis (Issue 1)
Ken De Courcy Slop-Shuffle Separation Separating deck into red-black while slop shuffling
1983 16
Slop Shuffle with small packet
1984 12
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
Dec. 1987
Intermagic (Vol. 13 No. 2)
Christoph Borer Schwarz und Rot slop shuffle triumph, colors are separated and named card is found among contrasting colors
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 7)
Bruce Cervon Optic Delusion slop shuffle
Also published here 1988 22
Slop Shuffle
1988 46
Jerry Sadowitz Slop Shuffle Variation culling four of a kind while slop shuffling
1989 22
Brother John Hamman, Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle Variation
1989 90
John Bannon On Sid Lorraine's Slop Shuffle
1991 25
Terry LaGerould Flip-Flop Shuffle tabled slop shuffle
1992 14
Larry Becker Slop-Psy Turvy using the Slop Shuffle to force a card, first card that is face down
1992 289
Jerry Mentzer Reverse Faro Substitute slop shuffle as reverse faro
1993 55
Shigeo Takagi Subtle Slop Shuffle Aces four Aces are reversed at the end
Also published here June 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Vicente Canuto Revoltijo slop shuffle triumph with selection, with additional riffle shuffle
1993 120
Slop/Drunken Shuffle as separation
1994 138
Edward Marlo Slop Shuffle Or Triumph? slop followed by riffle shuffle, no selection, Aces face-up at end
Related to 1995
Facsimile (Issue 3)
Paul Cummins Personal Slop... using slop shuffle
1996 20
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
1997 74
John Moran Sloppy Triumph in the hands version of Play It Straight, slop shuffle
Inspired by 1998 1464
René Lavand Another Credential Trick (A Triumph) slop shuffle triumph with signed card, tabled
1998 31
Jon LeClair Slop Ace Production four Aces end up reversed at different positions in slop shuffle triumph
  • Broken-Up Slop Shuffle
Feb. 1999
Magic (Vol. 8 No. 6)
Steve Beam The Fantasy presentation for Slop-Shuffle triumph
2000 135
Harry Lorayne One Extra Little Maneuver slop shuffle Triumph
2001 457
Slop Shuffle Separation
2001 31
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
2002 176
Sid Lorraine, Ron Bauer Sid Lorraine's Slop Shuffle
2002 22
Roberto Giobbi Separating the Colors commentary and correction, slop shuffle
Related to May 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 5)
Jerry Andrus, Juan Tamariz Andrus Slop Shuffle with a face up/face down deck
2004 146
Jerry Sadowitz Slop Shuffle Variation culling with the slop shuffle
2004 150
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
2004 139
Sid Lorraine, Ron Bauer Slop Shuffle Triumph brief
2004 12
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
2004 1
Jerry Andrus Drunken Shuffle
2004 196
Gabi Pareras El Triunfo (...suma y sigue...) slop shuffle triumph with selection
  • Mi coartada
Related to 2004 38
Bob Farmer Slop Shuffle Royal Flush
  • Flim-FlaMagic
Aug. 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 8)
Eric Mead Face-Down Slop restoring order of riffle shuffled packet
2006 104
Eric Mead Topsy-Turvy Slop restoring order of riffle shuffled packet
2006 105
Steve Beam Disoriented slop shuffle triumph with court cards, selection also is the only card looking into the other direction
2006 43
Harvey Cohen "Sloppy" Presentation slop shuffle triumph
2007 258
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
2007 53
Henry Evans Suit Yourself deck riffle shuffled by spectator, slop shuffle triumph, then deck shown in new deck order, slop shuffle to undo spectator's shuffle
Variations Oct. 2007
Antinomy (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Sid Lorraine Slop Shuffle
2008 286
Justin Higham Deal Shuffle Slop style shuffle with both hands in Mechanics grip, just pushing over packets from left to right hand. Can be used as:
  • Key card placement
  • Control (top or bottom)
2008 14
Jerry Andrus, Steve Beam Drunken Shuffle Andrus' false slop shuffle with new applications:
  • Basic False Shuffle
  • The Rollover
  • Endless Stripper
  • The Muffle Shuffle
  • Triumph
2010 256
Steve Beam Stock Answer cards are mixed face-up/face-down while retaining order
Variations 2010 260
Steve Beam Live Stock cards are mixed face-up/face-down while retaining order, table version
Inspired by 2010 261
Steve Beam Stock Out Shuffle cards are mixed face-up/face-down while retaining order
Inspired byAlso published here 2010 262
Steve Beam Up Chuck False Shuffle combo of Charlier Shuffle and Slop Shuffle
2010 263
Steve Beam The Spring Roll packet mixed, yet order retained, but nor face-up/down orientation
Also published here 2010 264
Slop Shuffle
2011 581
Jerry Andrus Fake Slop Shuffle
2012 113
Slop Shuffle
2012 173
Shigeo Takagi Subtle Slop Shuffle Aces four Aces are reversed at the end
Also published here 2013 196
Gabi Pareras La Baraja de Abuelo presentation for slop shuffle triumph
2014 41
Ramón Riobóo Disparity Updated handling of the Dudeney Parity Principle. Cards are dealt into a grid on the table as directed by the audience. The cards are reassembled by folding rows and columns onto each other - again controlled by the audience - yet the selections are found reversed in the packet.
Related to 2015 88
Eric Hu Interactive Triumph slop shuffle triumph, spectator and performer hold half the deck for the reveal
Oct. 2015
Genii (Vol. 78 No. 10)
Benjamin Earl Finessed Slop Shuffle
2016 10
Don May Slop-Shuffle Cull Separation
2018 32
Jerry Andrus Drunken Shuffle Slop Shuffle
2019 75
Asi Wind Gang of Four slop shuffle triumph, in second phase a card is chosen from the face-down spread, when deck is gathered and re-spread, all mates turned over
Inspired by
  • "Twin Souls" (Dani DaOrtiz, DVD Que Raro)
2019 27
Ramón Riobóo My Packet-Turnover Shuffle Mixing a face-up / face-down deck while keeping the face-up cards still face-up, slop shuffle style
Related toVariations 2019 25
Jerry Andrus The Andrus Drunken False Shuffle Slop Shuffle
2019 46
Patrick G. Redford Stack Safe Decurtait Control Card glimpse, control and false shuffle all together, does not destroy stack
2019 218
Jerry Andrus Drunken Shuffle
2020 137
Steve Beam The Spring Roll packet mixed, yet order retained, but nor face-up/down orientation
Also published here 2020 138
Steve Beam Stock-Out Shuffle cards are mixed face-up/face-down while retaining order
Also published here 2020 138
Larry Jennings The Double Slop Shuffle "Second Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks"
slop shuffle triumph with two selections
2020 354
Jerry Andrus Andrus Slop Shuffle with face-up/face-down cards
2022 42
Kyle Leon, Ryan Pilling Sloppy Oil and Water full-deck oil and water with slop shuffle
  • 1. The Slop Shuffle
  • 2. Oil and Water
  • 3. Final Reveal
Oct. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 10)