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Theodore Annemann, John Scarne Switchcraft duplicate, glassRelated toVariations Million Dollar Card Secrets 34
Juan Tamariz Black Days seven black cards, selected one found, rest changes redRelated toVariations Sonata 109
Harry Lorayne Two Over Easy 4&4Inspired by
  • Gabi Pareras idea
Personal Collection 209
Gabi Pareras Los Ases Evanescentes - Ases de Caroline Mac Donalds Aces La Magia Española del Siglo XX 280
Gabi Pareras Aparición Flash deck is gently dribbled on the table and the for Aces appear face-up on top La Magia Española del Siglo XX 280
Gabi Pareras La Flor de Coleridge La Magia Española del Siglo XX 289
Gabi Pareras Los Dias Negros - Versión Impromptu Related to La Magia Española del Siglo XX 291
Román García El Muro de Cristal four cards signed on the back, through transparent handkerchief, covered with postcardInspired byRelated to
  • Gabi Pareras' "Ases clandestino" in "Sequencias"
Nanomagias 165
Gabi Pareras Deck Switch direct deck switch while performer demonstrates how to shuffle cards A Book in English 73
Roberto Mansilla Fictional Magic Gabi Pareras' theory
- "Realistic" Magic
- Fictional Magic
- A Revision
- About the Trick
- Lies vs Fiction
- Proof vs Evidence
- Greater Expressiveness
- The Endless Game
Related to Quarterly (Issue 2 (Spring 2015)) 5
Miguel Ángel Gea, Juan Gallego Luque About Gabi Pareras extract from "La Magia Española del Siglo XX" (Ed. Páginas) Quarterly (Issue 2 (Spring 2015)) 19
Roberto Mansilla In Praise of Artifice more on "Fictional Magic", Gabi Pareras and René LavandRelated to Quarterly (Issue 4 (Summer 2016)) 13
Gabi Pareras Interpretation of Scarne's Transposition Inspired by Quarterly (Issue 4 (Summer 2016)) 16
Michael Feldman Introduction with an essay on presentation, fictional magic (Gabi Pareras) These Pages are Blank 5