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Roger Smith The Progressive Four Aces
Aug. 1970
Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Roy Walton Assembly In Reverse progressive assembly, faces of Aces not shown in each packets, just backs
Jan. 1971
Necromancer (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Ken Krenzel A 4-Ace Problem effect and conditions
Variations Nov. 1972
Epilogue (Issue 16)
Ken Krenzel Progressive Aces two methods
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1975
Epilogue (Issue Special No 2)
Walt Lees My Blue Ac-es with red and blue cards, inspired by Nick Trost's "Four Red Backed Aces"
Related to Feb. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Michael Austin My Blue Ac-es Again five aces as a kicker
Related to May 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 9)
Edward Marlo Succession Aces credit information, thorough study, impromptu and gaffed methods
1976 73
Edward Marlo, David Solomon "Technicolor" Succession Aces odd backed Progressive Ace Assembly
Variations 1976 121
Ken Krenzel The Multiple Cop Progressive Aces
1978 113
Gene Castillon Succession Aces of a Different Color odd-backed, gaffed
  • A. Five-Card Ace Packet Approach
  • B. Four-Card Approach
1981 27
Gene Castillon Successful Succession
  • A. Full Deck Approach
  • B. Packet Approach
1981 31
David Solomon A Blended Succession
1981 33
Gene Maze Pyramid of the Kings Kings and twelve blank cards
1981 34
Al Smith Jumping Jokers with jokers
Also published here 1981 15
Francis Pelkey Ultimate Succession Aces odd-backed progressive assembly with kickback, duplicate, credit information
Arcane (Issue 8)
Jeff Busby, Francis Pelkey Ultimate Succession Aces - ungaffed odd-backed progressive assembly with kickback, two handlings
Arcane (Issue 8)
Dave Walker Progressive Blues odd backed Progressive Ace Assembly
Inspired by 1982 38
Stephen Tucker Pilgrim
Variations May 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 13)
Terry Shaw Progress small variation
Inspired by Aug. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 16)
Peter Kane The Gossips
1982 120
Al Smith Jumping Jokers with jokers
Related toAlso published here Jan. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 21)
David Britland Promenade Aces in a row, no indifferent card on first one, one on second, ... three on fourth Ace, progressive Aces with this layout
Variations 1983
Cardopolis (Issue 1)
José Carroll Flying Aces!
Also published here 1983 21
Shiv Duggal Progressive Ace, Two, Three, Four with different sized packets
1984 60
Karl Fulves Progressive Coin Assembly suggestion, credit information
1985 80
Philip T. Goldstein Diminishing Returns reverse assembly combined with progressive assembly, Jokers instead of Aces
Inspired byAlso published here 1989 17
Aldo Colombini The Fly using blank Cards with Flys printed on them
Variations Feb. 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 2)
John Bannon Twilight Zone Assembly four blank cards, progressive assembly with backfire
1990 17
Ken Krenzel There and Back Again progressive aces with backfire ending, nine double facers
1990 59
Stephen Minch History of the Progressive Aces Plot
1990 59
Ken Krenzel Penthouse Progression (with a Foreclosure) progressive aces with backfire ending, ungaffed
1990 64
Wesley James Assemblies general comments and definition of plots:
  • The Assembly - A Categorical Perspective
  • The Simple/Reset Assembly
  • The Slow Motion/Undone Assembly
  • The Real Gone/Snap Back Assembly
  • The One at a Time/Reverse Assembly
  • The Progressive/Retro Assembly
  • The No Palm/Redone Assembly
1990 31
Philip T. Goldstein Diminishing Returns reverse assembly combined with progressive assembly, Jokers instead of Aces
Related toAlso published here 1990 120
José Carroll Flying Aces gaffed
Also published here 1991 73
Gary Kurtz The Ultimate Progression heavily gaffed
1994 1
Gene Maze Maze's Progressive Aces using two bottom deals and two switches
1994 181
Jon Racherbaumer Stranger Succession Aces credit information
Inspired by 1994 1
Allan Ackerman, Jon Racherbaumer Technicolor Progressive no preparation
1996 17
David Solomon Succession Aces ungaffed
Inspired by
  • "Strolling Cow Aces" (Dr. Sawa's Library of Magic, 1988)
1997 178
David Regal Blues Progression Progressive Aces with odd backed Aces
  • Ken Krenzel's Alternative Handling
1999 187
Wesley James Stanley Collins Meets The Progressive Aces
Inspired by Dec. 1999
Onyx (Issue 9)
Wesley James Catalytic Progressive Aces "sewt", progressive assembly with a "catalyst" card
2004 38
Wesley James Birthday Aces "alpha", hinged flaps
2004 451
Dave Campbell Highly Progressive Jokers with Jokers and twelve blank cards
Inspired byRelated to 2004 241
David Solomon Another Succession Of Aces
Inspired by 2007 96
Karl Fulves Progressive Assembly credit information, also with cups & balls, coins
Prolix (Issue 9)
Allan Ackerman Technicolor Progressive
2012 95
Steven Hamilton Discard Aces starts like progressive Ace assembly, first three packets combined, then last pile becomes all the indifferent card and discard pile consists of four Aces
2013 46
Gabi Pareras Ases de Mano a Mano using six gaffed cards
2014 8
Gabi Pareras Comodines Progresivos Progressive Ace Asembly using Jokers, Jokers are back in separated packets as climax
  • Ia Fase - Exposición de las cartas
  • 2a Fase - El primer comodin
  • 3a Fase - El segundo comodin
  • 4a Fase - El tercer comodin
  • 5a Fase El cuarto y ultimo comodin
Inspired by 2014 44
David Solomon Succession Aces 2017
2018 176
Nathan Colwell Snowflake Assembly done with only six indifferent cards (no on the first, one on the second Ace, and so on), credit information on progressive Aces plot
Silhouette (Vol. 1 No. 2)
José Carroll Flying Aces gaffed
Also published here 2019 188