Written by Roberto Giobbi

Work of Various

318 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther.
Language: English

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John Carney Foreword Commencement Speech to Card College Graduates, Class of 2003 lxi
Roberto Giobbi Introduction to Volume 5 lxiii
Roberto Giobbi Versatile Jokers - Adding or Subtracting Special Cards
- Starting with Jokers and Special Cards in the Card Case
- Gimmicked Jokers
- Jokers and Simple Setups
Edward Marlo, Tom Sellers Credit Card Force on joker 1102
Roberto Giobbi Three-card Monte idea of using the jokers for monte 1103
Roberto Giobbi, Fred Kaps Twin Fools selection jumps between two tabled jokers, second phase into card case 1104
Unknown Gesture Replacement on tabled cards 1105
Trevor Lewis, Ken Krenzel Monte Move Related to 1106
Edward Marlo Card in Case Load 1108
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle 1110
Roberto Giobbi The Overhand Lift Shuffle Run-up 1113
Roberto Giobbi, Laurie Ireland, Charles T. Jordan On the Red-black Overhand Shuffle finesse to eliminate long single runRelated to 1119
Roberto Giobbi The Overhand Shuffle Glimpse 1122
Unknown The Gamblers' Bottom Card Glimpse 1123
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz Step-by-step Revelation selection found, used to build a setup for next trick 1124
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz Secret Setup strategy for setting up small setups in front of an audience, with trick examplesRelated to 1125
Unknown Conjuror's Choice Procedure three items 1126
Roberto Giobbi Effect Using a Partial Deck strategy for building small setups in front of an audience 1127
Tony Kardyro, Henry Christ Double Turnover from a Spread in the Hands 1129
Unknown The Snap-over Color Change 1133
Roberto Giobbi Obtaining a Duplicate of a Spectator's Signature 1134
Herb Zarrow, Roberto Giobbi A Psychological Test spectator cuts deck into four piles, the top four cards match four prediction cardsInspired by
  • "Matched Revolvers" (Herb Zarrow, Linking Ring, July 1977)
Related toAlso published here
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Roberto Giobbi Strange Harmony Giobbi's solution to problem 8, two handlings 1146
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer brief 1150
John Scarne, Roberto Giobbi Affinity in Numbers Prediction 1153
Walter B. Gibson, Roberto Giobbi, Harry Blackstone The Happy Birthday Card Trick card found by dealing to song lyrics, from Blackstone's Modern Card TricksRelated to 1157
Unknown Crocodile Technique replacing a card to a special position, brief 1157
Roberto Giobbi The Quick Change Artists Queens change one by one into AcesAlso published here 1163
Father Cyprian, Al Smith Flip Flop Change time-delayed transformation 1164
Unknown Side Steal Transfer transferring bottom card to top 1165
Frederick Braue, Roberto Giobbi Braue Addition Handling brief 1166
Roberto Giobbi Biddle to Pinch Grip 1167
Unknown Double Paintbrush Change two cards 1168
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Countdown Stop Daley Notebooks, Vernon's Automatic Mento Stop Trick, value is used to find selection 1170
Roberto Giobbi Pasteboard Blendo Also published here 1174
Unknown Two-Card Catch see also page 1177 1175
Roberto Giobbi, Father Cyprian, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Coalaces four aces change into single selection 1178
Unknown Spread ATFUS 1178
Frank Thompson Thompson's Aces 1183
Richard Vollmer, Roberto Giobbi How Lucky Can You Get? 1188
Unknown Faro Slough-Off brief 1188
Richard Vollmer, Allan Ackerman, Simon Aronson The Cards of Destiny 1192
Frank Garcia Sign of Four production as deck is cut to table 1199
Frank Garcia False Cut Sequence 1200
Roberto Giobbi Using "Sign of Four" to Close an Act deck is sorted in new pack order after ace production 1202
Roberto Giobbi, Henry Christ Study for Four Aces 1207
Charlie Miller, Roberto Giobbi The Joker is a Diakka joker placed aside, ace with three x cards on table, other aces vanish, pile becomes four jokers, joker becomes ace, then pile becomes aces againInspired by 1220
Roberto Giobbi Packet Switch addition and switch handling 1222
Bill Simon, Roberto Giobbi, Edward Marlo Multiple Lift Display Sequence 1227
Roberto Giobbi The Knowledgeable Cards 1233
Roberto Giobbi Top Change Handling for a kicker transformation at end of routine 1238
Roberto Giobbi Slow Henry Inspired by 1239
Roberto Giobbi Switch-Out Sequence as aces are removed from deck two of them are switched out 1239
Roy Walton, Fred Kaps Kaps Switch brief 1241
Tenkai Ishida Pivot Break 1247
Roberto Giobbi The History of Playing Cards all values are spelt out in piles, ace through king are on top of the piles 1253
Edward Marlo Immediate Bottom Deal 1257
Roberto Giobbi The Homesick Jesters Also published here 1260
Roberto Giobbi Packet Switch Handling 1261
Roberto Giobbi The Endless Loop finding a card before it is selectedRelated toAlso published here 1269
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 1273
Roberto Giobbi Stop! psychologicalInspired byAlso published here 1276
Larry Jennings T.N.T. Bottom Deal take and turn 1280
Roberto Giobbi, Frank Travers, Dai Vernon Fantasist at the Card Table draw poker, stud poker, blackjack, bridgeRelated to 1285
Steve Belchou, Roberto Giobbi The Poker Player's Royal Flush aces are cut to, royal flush appears as wellRelated to 1298
Roberto Giobbi Poker Burn inspired by "Impromptu Poker Deal" (Encyclopedia of Card Tricks) 1303
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Turnover 1305
Bruce Cervon, Richard Vollmer, Jon Racherbaumer Insured Prediction predicted by two cards and found by their values 1311
Unknown Pivot Break Glimpse 1311
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon Mind- and Sightless 1318
Unknown Swivel Cut Glimpse 1320
Unknown Angle Glimpse 1323
Jerome Sharp, Roberto Giobbi Telekinesis 1326
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz The Color-Changing Deck two-color double backer 1333
Michael Skinner Removing the Deck from the Case 1334
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display 1338
Roberto Giobbi SuperLative Lover kiss appears on face of selection, its back becomes redRelated toAlso published here 1344
Roberto Giobbi The Joker Folds Up Also published here 1349
Unknown Mercury Card Fold 1354
Fred Kaps Fred Kaps Presentation & Method for folded card in box 1359
Roberto Giobbi, Larry Jennings All's Well That Ends Well red-black shuffle, Triumph, single ambitious phase, time-travel presentationInspired byAlso published here 1361
Arthur Finley, Juan Tamariz Riffle Shuffle Finesse spectator pushes cards together 1362
Roberto Giobbi, Paul LePaul On the LePaul Envelope Set Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1367
Roberto Giobbi Wallet Bound card to envelope inside wallet 1375
Roberto Giobbi Lines and Bits: Humorous and Practical - General Considerations on the Use of Jokes and Lines
- Humor for Various Situations
Roberto Giobbi Bibliographic Notes 1395