Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Various

134 pages (Hardcover), published by The New York Magic Symposium
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

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Richard Kaufman Foreword 9
Paul Gertner Tobacco Road borrowed bill in borrowed cigarette, thumb tip, corner switchRelated to 13
Paul Gertner Penetrating Dice Stack through cup, using a glued stackRelated to 16
Patrick Martin Hard to Swallow fish-shaped carrot becomes goldfish 21
Philip T. Goldstein Short Jump only eight cards, instant assembly 25
Philip T. Goldstein Partial Switch two four 2, using two packets of four cards each 25
Gene Maze, Philip T. Goldstein, Ken Krenzel Crandall Turnover Variation as packet on table is turned over, brief 26
Philip T. Goldstein, Jim Lee Area Code three cards appear between sandwich cards one by one, surprise kicker by Jim Lee 27
Frank Garcia Reversible Mix Up wrong card is put reversed in deck and changes into selection (via Tilt, application originally by Ed Marlo?)Variations 29
Dr. Jacob Daley Double Lift Reverse while displaying top cards 29
Edward Marlo Tilt Switch of Reversed Card credit? context 29
Frank Garcia Big Fooler corner crimp 30
Michael Weber Floored Al Koran Five-Star Deck, prediction is jumbo card on the wall when an elevator is left 33
Michael Weber 20th Century Ten borrowed $10 bill appears stapled between two $1 bills 34
Terry Seabrooke Keyring Card Related to 37
Charlie Miller Torn Transformation corner is torn off a card, both card and corner transform 39
John Kennedy Watch coin vanishes and reappears beneath tables napkin, changes into wrist watch 43
John Kennedy Card Missile cards are tossed through newspaper, selections is stuck into wall 45
Derek Dingle Switch on Elmsley 48
Brother John Hamman Top Change Switch 48
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 48
John Carney Got You Under My Skin handling for a nail writer prediction 50
Mark Lefler Reversi 51
Paul Gertner Scoop Exchange 51
Mike Gallo Poor Man's Card In Balloon using Audley Walsh's Long Distance Spinner 54
Larry Jennings, Roy Walton Morlock's Revenge red-black shuffle, Triumph, single ambitious phase, time-travel presentationInspired byVariations 56
Larry Jennings, Dai Vernon Red Black Shuffle Variation triple cut set-up 56
Dai Vernon Basic Formation of a Step 56
Larry Jennings, Jim Patton Your Best Suit ace through ten packet, chosen card turns over and transposes with joker put in breast pocket, a bit similar to DCD 60
Larry Jennings, Jim Patton Biddle Switch 60
Sol Stone Tenkai Pennies Perpetuated using back clip 62
Piet Forton The Pop-Top Catch illogical change 64
Steve Dusheck Dollar-Bill Coin Fold 66
Jay Sankey Transfusion (Mono) open double backer is "unfused" into two selections 68
Jay Sankey Transfusion (Stereo) open double backer, four of a kind production 70
Tom Mullica Under my Spell spelling to four selections 71
Unknown Thumb Count 71
Gene Maze Sympathetic Fans two cards chosen in two decks match and transpose 73
Alex Elmsley Fan Prediction Force Angle Jog Switch 73
David Roth Okito Copper/Silver using Okito Box 74
David Roth The Click Pass stealing coin under box 74
Jon Racherbaumer Any-Floor Elevator small packet ambitious routine with change to kings kickerInspired by 76
Jon Racherbaumer Surprise Blue Intruder any named card turns blue, two selections are found on both sides of it, using index in lap, faroInspired by
  • "Blue Intruder" (Nelson Hahne)
Related to
Edward Marlo 27th Key Card Placement overhand shuffle and faro 78
Edward Marlo Faro Location three packets, twenty-seventh key 78
Ben Harris Flying Collectors 80
Bob Nelson The Nelson Quickie from deck onto table 80
Harry Anderson As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Reap one coin production 82
Jerry K. Hartman Last Licks with envelopes and ten duplicates 83
Don Alan Don Alan Turnover Switch envelopes 84
Paul Harris License spectator's driver's license to wallet 87
Daryl Martinez Sunrise four of a kind, reds come back to top even though when alternated 91
Richard Kaufman Every Everywhere two selections, each appears "on top, bottom, in center", red-black kicker 95
Michael Ammar Topitized Silk to Egg 99
Vito Lupo Visual Color Change transposition of different colored billiard balls featuring color change move 103
Jonathan Neal Brown One-Hand Vanishing Cane cane held by the center 107
Jonathan Neal Brown The Record with the Movable Hole hole in record moves from edge to center 109
Stan Allen Sealed Cutter silk placed in envelope with both ends produding 113
Stan Allen Clean Sweep prop spectacle in which ring is crunged and leftovers are sucked into fake vacuum cleaner in which ring is found 115
Patrick Martin Oral Gami tissue paper is restored in mouth, mouth coil, spring flower bouquet from paper and dove from flowers 117
Philip T. Goldstein Positive I.D. Four one-in-two chances predicted correctly, No-Gag kicker 119
Philip T. Goldstein Scissoring rope is cut to remove finger ring and restored 120
Charlie Miller Havanish cigar box with cigars, cigars vanish from it 122
Charlie Miller The Croquet Cabinet Die Box routine with ball or round object instead of die 124
Terry Seabrooke Cards Across using envelopes 126
John Ferrentino Revenge of the 20 Foot Silk Worm spectacle with vanishing silk, in the end reappears on the end of long spring silk worm 130
Levent Semi-Impromptu Silk Production using rubber band 132
Leslie Anderson Time Piece "chosen" time appears on watch which was set unseen by spectator 133