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Jack Merlin Thumb and Finger Counting
1927/28 12
Jack Merlin First Method thumb count with two hands
1927/28 12
Jack Merlin Second Method thumb count with one hand, also for finding a card in the center and turning it over on top
1927/28 12
Jack Merlin To Place a Selected Card in a Given Position in the Pack
1927/28 12
Jack Merlin Vibrating Cards three selection produced one handed from the middle of the deck, pulled out with the thumb one by one
1927/28 13
Jack Merlin Throwing a Card in the Air and Catching in the Pack at a Chosen Number
1927/28 14
Jack Merlin Telling the Amount of Cards Cut by a Spectator performer knows amount of cards cut to, then asks for another number and cuts that number himself
1927/28 8
William Larsen The Riffle-Down quickly getting break at any small number, preparing with two breaks
Variations 1933 28
Audley Walsh Thumb Count Stacking
June 1936
The Jinx (Issue 21)
Edward Victor The "E.V." Invisible Double Lift using a thumb count
Related to 1937 4
The Top Thumb Count
1940 183
Audley Walsh Thumb Count Stacking
1943 7
Bert Allerton The Allerton Top Palm featuring the thumb count
1946 69
Thumb Count From Top
1948 101
Note on the Double Lift thumb count
1949 56
Edward Marlo Throw in Location thumb riffle estimation to nineteenth/twentieth position, two methods
Related toAlso published here 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 329)
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Count using partial secret incomplete faro condition to quickly place cards at wanted positions, two methods (faro and table faro)
Related to Winter 1969
Hierophant (Issue 2)
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Count second procedure "Marlo's Double Count"
Inspired by Spring 1970
Hierophant (Issue 3)
Thumb Count
1972 163
Double-Lift - Second Method thumb-count
1976 30
Working Behind Your Back how to minimize arm movement
1978 79
Walt Lees Thumb Count hand held upside down
1981 9
Wallace Lee Thumb Count hand held upside down
1981 14
Thumb Count
1983 71
Ross Bertram Subtle Thumb Count as Double Lift get-ready
1983 93
T. Page Wright Chapter 5 - The Riffle Count intro
1991 162
T. Page Wright A Cut at Any Number using thumb count (with right hand shielding the count) and several finesses like pre-established breaks, mis-hearing and so on
1991 162
Thumb Count brief
1992 57
Sid Fleischman An Aside on the Thumb Count
1993 120
Vicente Canuto Contrar Cartas en Secreto secret card counting techniques
  • 1.- Por Extensión de la Baraja
  • 2.- Con el Pulgar Derecho
  • 3. Con el Pulgar Izquierdo
1993 127
Roger Crosthwaite Rapid Thumb Count rhythmic
Related to 1994 109
Thumb Counting plus suggestions for management of this technique
1995 197
Thumb Count brief
2004 355
Thumb Count
2009 131
Rafael Benatar The Thumb Count
May 2024
Genii (Vol. 87 No. 5)