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S. W. Erdnase Ordinary Methods of Stocking, Locating and Securing different methods while toying with the deck
Related toVariations 1902 60
S. W. Erdnase The Diagonal Palm-Shift mention of top palm, bottom palm and multiple shift on page 141
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1902 137
S. W. Erdnase A. By the Riffle "Methods for Determining a Card Thought Of"
Related toVariations 1902 166
S. W. Erdnase B. By Springing Flourish "Methods for Determining a Card Thought Of"
Related toVariations 1902 166
S. W. Erdnase C. By the Cut "Methods for Determining a Card Thought Of"
spectator cuts while performer holds deck, remembers card, and replaces, performer picks up break
Variations 1902 167
S. W. Erdnase D. By the Gaze "Methods for Determining a Card Thought Of"
cards shown one by one, spectator's eyes are watched
Related toVariations 1902 167
L'Homme Masqué Kinetoscopic Force cards riffled in front of spectator and King of Spades among Club cards is mistaken for King of Clubs
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1909 77
Forcing the Mental Selection of a Card and Tricks Therewith by spreading, by riffling
Related to 1938 329
Arthur H. Buckley The False Count for More
Related to 1946 53
Arthur H. Buckley Dealing from the Bottom mentioning the idea to deal bottoms to all players except oneself and performing OOTW with bottom deals
Related toVariations 1946 105
Edward Marlo The Blind Fold Stack punched cards as safety measure
Variations 1947 23
Edward Marlo The Follow Up Aces Aces lost in deck come to top
Related toVariations 1953 91
Edward Marlo Miracle Change No. 1
  • Method No. 1 (seated)
  • Method No. 2 (seated or standing)
  • Method No. 3 (unload on deck)
  • Method No. 4 (stand-up)
Related toVariations 1954 3
Cy Endfield Center Steal
Related toVariations 1955 20
Edward Marlo Shuffling the Aces after every (in-)shuffle, an Ace is on top
Variations 1958 16
Dai Vernon Emotional Reaction key card
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1959 7
Dai Vernon Look Up spectator spreads through deck and thinks of one
Related toVariations 1959 75
Edward Marlo Marlo's Strike Unit Control
Variations 1959 129
Edward Marlo Memory Matcho two decks, one stacked
Variations 1959 29
Edward Marlo Double Hit Top Change single card placed on deck, double turned over, then second card extracted instead of top card
Related toAlso published here Oct. 1960
Ibidem (Issue 22)
Edward Marlo The Push-Thru Shift
Variations 1961 23
Edward Marlo, Arthur H. Buckley Shuffle Shift and Palm Off overhand shuffle multiple shift with palm off
Variations 1961 27
Edward Marlo Side Riffle Estimation left thumb riffles down to same spot
Related toAlso published here 1962 16
Harry Lorayne Mated! spectator finds two mates
Variations 1962 175
Edward Marlo Oddity! named card is only odd-backed card
Related toVariations 1964
Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles)
Roger Crosthwaite The Hindu Needles based on Hans Trixer's version in "Pentagram", needles threaded in hand instead of mouth
1967 253
Edward Marlo Marlo Top Change No. 2
Related toVariations 1968 35
Edward Marlo Double Lift Substitutes - Fourth Method
Variations 1968 36
Roger Crosthwaite Note in Cigarette bill is accidentally burnt
1969 25
Edward Marlo The Variant Fingertip Peek applying substance to peeked-at card with right second finger
  • The Baisc Method
  • Daub Variant
  • Saliva Variant
  • Adhesive Variant
Related toVariations 1970 74
Edward Marlo The Geiger Discovery selection found in spread, edge marked key
Related toVariations 1970 86
Allan Ackerman Joker Sandwich thought of card in sandwich in deck
Inspired byVariations 1970 6
Fred Lessor Simple Optics selection travels from underneath hat into deck between aces, simplified handling
Inspired byVariations Nov. 1971
Epilogue (Issue 13)
Edward Marlo Si Stebbins Sorcery Incomplete Faro Selection, then selection named or four-of-a-kind found, four effects
Variations Fall-Spring 1971
Hierophant (Issue 5-6)
Eddie Fields The Farcical Force bold, bottom card shown to spectator during Charlier Cut
VariationsAlso published here Feb. 1971
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Frank Garcia, John Scarne TV Aces production where thumb digs in and pulls out aces, bridge
Variations 1972 59
Wesley James Coming Up In The World
Related toVariations 1973 165
Edward Marlo Special to the Expert center dealing from different positions, stepped/jogged cards, secret incomplete faro condition
Related toVariations 1974 239
Martin A. Nash Vernash's Aces faros and Free Cut Principle, see p. 443 for additional crediting
Related toVariations 1975 70
Timothy Wenk The Ribbon Spread Grab originally top card
Related toVariations 1975 114
Paul Harris The Two-For-One Top Change single card is exchanged for a double
Related toAlso published here 1977 124
Allan Ackerman An Effect spectator names card, direct, prediction type
Variations 1978 29
Harry Lorayne One Good Turn center block shift to top
Variations 1979 164
Ken Krenzel Look Ma, Just One Hand! Aces lost and cut to one-handed
Variations 1979 67
Edward Marlo Third False Count
Variations 1980 129
André Robert Tele "Vision" using estimation
Variations Apr. 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Walt Lees Editorial on Harry Dewhirst, Ger Cooper, Brian Glover, Pat Conway, Harry Nichols, Bob Little, Piet Forton, Roger Crosthwaite, Bob Read, Dick Turpin, Ken Brooke
Sep. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 9)
Roger Crosthwaite Doing the Splits gambler vs. magician theme, splitting twos into aces and one hand changes backs
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Walt Lees Editorial on Roger Crosthwaite
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Paul Curry, Edward Marlo, Roger Crosthwaite In The Air Turnover Change
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Roger Crosthwaite The Little Salt Man with the aid of a salt pot
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Cy Endfield, Roger Crosthwaite Hofzinser Card Change
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Roger Crosthwaite Skating On Ice invisible dice presentation, based on an idea by Jon Racherbaumer in "Sticks and Stones, a leaflet for the left hand." No. 7
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Roger Crosthwaite False Cut pass
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Roger Crosthwaite Partial Brainwave invisible dice, partial gaffed
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Cambridge Close-Up on Billy McComb, Mark Leveridge, Vic Allen, Roger Crosthwaite
Nov. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 11)
Ian Keable-Elliott (reviewer) The Commercial Card Magic Of Roger Crosthwaite by Roger Crosthwaite (written by Walt Lees) Dec. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 12)
Richard Kaufman Instant No-Shuffle Sandwich four handlings
Variations 1981 147
Edward Marlo, John Benzais Longitudinal Cop different grip for Benzais Cop
Related to 1981 14
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card shuffled deck, wording and eye movement
1981 3
Roger Crosthwaite Stacked Deck Refinement stacked deck in conjunction with the think a card plot
Inspired by 1981 8
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card Control think a card plot and the Hofzinser spread cull
1981 8
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card Force psychological force, timing
1981 10
Roger Crosthwaite The Eidetic Prediction card is placed in the box, spectator think of a card, that card is divined and later found to be the card put in the box in the beginning
1981 11
Roger Crosthwaite The Crosthwaite Card Case
1981 11
Roger Crosthwaite Loading a Card in Case from the rear palm
1981 16
Roger Crosthwaite The Geiger Mystery card is located by sound, then it vanishes between two others and is found to be the card put in the case in the beginning
Inspired by 1981 18
Roger Crosthwaite The 2nd Geiger Mystery
Related to 1981 22
Roger Crosthwaite The Crosthwaite Key Card with ink dot
1981 22
Roger Crosthwaite Multiple Card Control with the Crosthwaite Key Card
1981 23
Roger Crosthwaite The Multiple Shift
1981 27
Roger Crosthwaite Roger's Angels signed card appears between selected pair of queens, then the backs of the queens change into cards with dogs on it, eventually a toy dog appears
1981 30
Roger Crosthwaite Thanks to Kaps two decks, one card is signed on the back by the performer without showing the face, from the other deck a spectator thinks of a card, they match
Inspired by 1981 41
David Britland, Stuart R. Patterson Fun & Frolics in Great Yarmouth IBM convention in Great Yarmouth, Da Silva Puppet Theatre, Shaun McCree, Crisco, John Cornelius, Ali Bongo, Peter Warlock, Jack Mayes, Terry Herbert, Mike Gancia, Walt Lees, Mark Leveridge, Eddie Dawes, John Palfreyman, Peter Lane, John Salisse, Peter Kersten, Josephine, Joe Nex, Chu Chin Fu, Jan Madd & Chantal, Johnny Thompson, Jeffrey Atkins, Joe Marvel, Pierre Brahma, Jacqueline, Eddy & Company, Harry Nicholls, Frans Biemans, Tommy Wonder, Hans Van Senus, Bob Little, Roger Crosthwaite
Babel (Issue 2)
Edward Marlo Open-Air Ace Assembly no extra card
Variations 1982 194
Roger Crosthwaite An Approach to Magic
Feb. 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 2)
Al Smith (reviewer) Mindboggler by Roger Crosthwaite 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Roger Crosthwaite An Approach to Magic - Part 2
May 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 4)
Roger Crosthwaite An Approach to Magic
Aug. 1982
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 5)
Tim Gan Wow four Aces, Ace with same suit turns over, when repeated, Ace turns into selection
Variations Oct. 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 18)
Roger Crosthwaite For Publication credits for following routine
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #2 (Xmas))
Roger Crosthwaite P.Y.V.C. card vanishes and appears from sandwich, three methods
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #2 (Xmas))
Edward Marlo The Four Eightses Classic four cards change to Aces, duplicates, Kings, with selection in pocket
Variations 1983 214
Roger Crosthwaite Modified Master Grip
Nov. 1983
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Roger Crosthwaite Wow Wow!
Inspired by Jan. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 21)
David Britland Flesh Eaters three handlings, with interlace subtlety
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1983
Cardopolis (Issue 1)
Walt Lees Roger Crosthwaite
1984 27
Roger Crosthwaite The Umbrella Thing a small umbrella appears, then two coins are produced and they change places in the hands of the performer, coins turn into a small cheese and eventually a large cheese is produced
1984 27
Roger Crosthwaite, J. B. Bobo Modified Bobo Switch
1984 42
Roy Walton Blind Choice No. 39, first publication, spectator and performer successfully guess colors of four-card packets that are handed out after one riffle shuffle
Variations 1984 50
Roger Crosthwaite Half a Classic multi-phase routine
  • Spectator cuts to the Aces
  • Triumph
  • Revelation of chosen card
  • Aces change into Eights, Aces found in pocket, selection in card case
Inspired by 1985 4
Roger Crosthwaite Bluff Assembly
Inspired by
  • Ed Marlo's Bluff Aces in "The Socerer's Eyes" Vol. 3, Issue 33-36.
1985 12
Roger Crosthwaite, Edward Marlo The Travellers no extra card, last card travels to case
Inspired by 1985 16
Roger Crosthwaite Dealer's Choice open prediction, then other two cards of same Value are produced at named number and by spelling card
1985 21
Roger Crosthwaite The Lost Card
Also published here
  • Don England's "The Direct Twist" in "The Sorcerer's Eye" Vol. 3, Nr. 33-36.
1985 26
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Peek Steal
1985 28
Roger Crosthwaite Another Triumph four Aces face-up sandwiching selection
Inspired by
  • Gordon Springstead's routine in "The Sorcerer's Eye" Vol. 1, Nr. 11. 1977.
1985 30
Roger Crosthwaite Gambler Versus Cardician dealing four hands, performer deals Aces face-up in his hand, different back color of the Aces as climax
Inspired by
  • Milton Kort's "Off-Colour Aces" in "Off-Colour Card Tricks"
1985 32
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card
Related to 1985 34
Roger Crosthwaite Repeat Card to Case
1985 36
Roger Crosthwaite The Crystal Ball spectator's thought card is only blue card in red deck, using two decks
1985 36
Roger Crosthwaite Sepearations Effect 1: Reds and Blacks
four hands dealt, and two cards placed on table, performer matches color sequences of all hands by dealing cards as well, reds and blacks are dealt and eventually colors are separated
Inspired by 1985 38
Roger Crosthwaite Effect 2: Joker Separation 4x4
1985 40
Roger Crosthwaite Stereophonic Aces Aces lost and cut to one-handed
  • Variation One: Any Ace Called For
  • Variation Two: Subtle Control Aces
Inspired by 1985 44
Roger Crosthwaite Mated Updated Again! spectator finds two mates, with five variations
Inspired by
  • Mated! (Harry Lorayne, 1962)
  • Dave Solomon's "Quadruple Profit" in "Sticks and Stones" No. 7, 1977.
1985 46
Roger Crosthwaite Eleatics with Jumbo Coin finale
The New Talon (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Roger Crosthwaite Coin Switch with card
The New Talon (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Out of Sight and Mind II one of twelve, riffle shuffle set up handling
Variations 1988 32
Larry Jennings The Cream Always Rises Aces are lost, spectator touches four cards - the Aces
Related to 1988 140
Karl Fulves 3 Vues anonymous show reviews on Roger Crosthwaite and Paul Stone
Related to 1988
Interlocutor (Issue 47)
David Britland (reviewer) The Inner Sanctum of Father Roger by Roger Crosthwaite June 1988
Opus (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Roger Crosthwaite Faro Follow-Ups one out of four, kicker four-of-a-kind production, Si Stebbins & faros
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 12)
Roger Crosthwaite Plus One, Minus Two two cards are located by cutting, third is found sandwiched between them
Inspired by 1989 45
Justin Higham Visual X-Change consecutive Endfield/Hofzinser top changes with fifth card from top
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1989 22
Roger Crosthwaite, Harry Lorayne Side Swipe simplified handling for Crosthwaite's Longitudinal Peek Steal/Control
1990 165
Justin Higham One Deck Perfect Prediction duplicate from a same- or odd-backed deck of freely peeked-at card is found in performer's pocket as prediction, Menetekel-Stripper Deck
Inspired byRelated toVariations Aug. 1990
Technomagic (Issue 2)
Roger Crosthwaite Instant Aces
Also published here Sep. 1991
Apocalypse (Vol. 14 No. 9)
Alex Elmsley The Hook-Strip Shift overhand shuffle action multiple shift
Related to 1991 99
Roger Crosthwaite The FAB Change Sequence Two-For-One Top Change followed by stroke change, application effect in which back of card changes visibly when stroked
  • Variation 1
  • Variation 2: Somersault Change
  • Variation 3: All-Over Change
Inspired byRelated to Feb. 1991
Technomagic (Issue 8)
Edward Marlo The Ultimate Card To Pocket card is sticking out of pocket turns out to be later selection, switch as it is removed
  • First Version
  • Second Version
  • Third Version
  • Fourth Version
Related to June 1991
Technomagic (Issue 12)
Roger Crosthwaite Packet Thickness Estimation performer cuts off named number of cards, no set-up
Variations 1992
Technomagic (Issue 13)
Justin Higham Perfect Estimate performer cuts off named number of cards, no set-up
Inspired byVariations 1992
Technomagic (Issue 13)
Roger Crosthwaite Acknowledgments
1994 xii
Donald Bevan Profile about Roger Crosthwaite
1994 xv
Roger Crosthwaite Introduction
1994 xix
Roger Crosthwaite Completing the Circle commentary on the upcoming seven-phase card act
  • Phase One: Beginning the Act (Set-Up, Building Rapport)
  • Phase Two: Reading the Mind
  • Phase Three: Finding the Foursome
  • Phase Four: Caressing the Cards
  • Phase Five: Dealing with Desire
  • Phase Six: Making the Magic
  • Phase Seven: Ending with Style
Related to 1994 1
Roger Crosthwaite The Deck Production from invisible grain of salt, cased, from lap
Related toVariations 1994 4
Roger Crosthwaite The Salt Pot Production salt shaker appears in hand, from lap, straddle grip steal
1994 6
Roger Crosthwaite Primal Paradigms "Phase Two: Reading the Mind"
Joker grabbed from spread, originally top card
Inspired by 1994 7
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card in fan, gaze method, with fishing
Related to 1994 8
Roger Crosthwaite Salad Shuffle letting the spectator just spread the cards around on the table
1994 8
Roger Crosthwaite Incomplete Shuffle Glimpse bottom card, after tabled riffle shuffle
1994 9
Roger Crosthwaite Finding the Foursome "Phase Three"
1994 11
Roger Crosthwaite Rapid Cull downjog cull with strip-out, see also p. 227 for credit information
1994 11
Roger Crosthwaite The Kilburn Cut estimation cut to locate a card à la Marlo
1994 13
Roger Crosthwaite The Sultan Stab spectator throws indicator card into dribble, shown to be next to King, indicator card changes into King as well as:
  • The Chutney Change
1994 14
Roger Crosthwaite On the Top Change
1994 15
Roger Crosthwaite The Khan Reverse
1994 16
Roger Crosthwaite Righting Move Variation for Triumph clean-up
1994 18
Roger Crosthwaite Card Case Switch using Tenkai Palm, table edge
1994 19
Roger Crosthwaite Insertion Steal directly into LTP
1994 20
Roger Crosthwaite Visual Replacement LTP steal from table edge
1994 21
Roger Crosthwaite Lost and Found "Phase Four: Caressing the Cards"
Kings lost, spectator decides on number of players and who should win
1994 23
Roger Crosthwaite Overhand Shuffle Shift
Related to 1994 23
Roger Crosthwaite Minus 51 Riffle Stack one-shuffle riffle stack
1994 24
Roger Crosthwaite Off-the-Face Switch slow-motion type
Inspired by 1994 26
Roger Crosthwaite How It's Done "Phase Five: Dealing with Desire"
fake center deal, card dealt onto pile yet appears again when spectator says stop during deal, finally comes from pocket
1994 27
Roger Crosthwaite Spin-Out Center Deal
1994 27
Roger Crosthwaite Pocket Switch card sticking out of breast pocket, removed with one hand, see also p. 234 for credit information
Related to 1994 30
Roger Crosthwaite The Magic Salt "Phase Six: Making the Magic"
cards dealt on table become invisible, deck penetrates case
1994 31
Roger Crosthwaite Single Deal Vanish card(s) dealt on table vanish, into LTP, see also p. 234 for credit information, also:
  • Multiple Deal Vanish
1994 32
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Packet Replacement to top
1994 33
Roger Crosthwaite The Long Pour "Phase Seven: Ending with Style"
cased deck, case suddenly filled with salt
1994 34
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Card - Opening Remarks thoughts and references
  • The Selection of the Card
  • The Location of the Card
  • The Revelation of the Card
1994 37
Roger Crosthwaite Personal Roots about the think-a-card plot
1994 41
Roger Crosthwaite Psychological Roots
  • The Eyes Have It
  • The Length of Gaze
  • The Direction of Gaze
  • The Intensity of Gaze
1994 43
Roger Crosthwaite Erdnase Method A "Technical Roots"
Inspired byRelated to 1994 48
Roger Crosthwaite Variation One: Verbal Stop Technique peek-type selection, dressed as think-a-card
1994 49
Roger Crosthwaite Variation Two: Visual Stop Technique riffling through card with short pause
1994 50
Roger Crosthwaite Variation Three: Retention-of-Vision
Inspired by 1994 52
Roger Crosthwaite Erdnase Method B "Technical Roots"
springing face-up with short pause, credit information
Inspired by 1994 52
Roger Crosthwaite Variation: The Spring Force springing, spectator says stop, only one card remains in right hand, face-up or face-down
1994 53
Roger Crosthwaite Erdnase Method C "Technical Roots"
Inspired by 1994 54
Roger Crosthwaite Variation: The Charlier Force bold, bottom card shown to spectator during Charlier Cut
Inspired byRelated to 1994 54
Roger Crosthwaite Erdnase Method D "Technical Roots"
by the gaze, see following entries, credit information
Inspired by 1994 55
Roger Crosthwaite The Gaze Method - Think-a-Card cards spread through with the faces towards the spectator, observing the spectator's eyes
Inspired byRelated to 1994 55
Roger Crosthwaite Think-a-Force cards spread through with the faces towards the spectator, psychological force
  • Controlling the Gaze
Related to 1994 59
Roger Crosthwaite The Unexplained following items were unexplained on video "Inner Sanctum Volume 4"
1994 61
Roger Crosthwaite Mental Stab performer stabs next to thought-of card, (classic) out for three possibilities
1994 61
Roger Crosthwaite Direct Mindreading
1994 62
Roger Crosthwaite Mental Topper spectator shuffles deck and cuts it into four piles, top card of chosen pile is selection, LTP palm-out and replacement
1994 63
Roger Crosthwaite Mental Jacks two Jacks sandwich "thought-of" (forced) card
1994 63
Roger Crosthwaite Mindreading Experiment 1 card "thought-of" (forced), mate is in case and spectator stops on his selection
1994 64
Roger Crosthwaite Mindreading Experiment 2 card put in case, performer does not know it, mate forced on spectator, glimpse via hole in case, belly stripper suggestion
1994 64
Roger Crosthwaite Wrist Turn Reversal end-for-end turnover of half the deck
1994 67
Roger Crosthwaite Beyond the Gen chapter intro
1994 72
Roger Crosthwaite Flash Aces
Also published here 1994 74
Roger Crosthwaite Primal Premonition unknown and freely chosen card put aside, card peeked at, they match
1994 77
Roger Crosthwaite Daub Fingertip Peek
Inspired by 1994 78
Roger Crosthwaite Tabled Steal bottom card into LTP as deck is tabled
1994 80
Roger Crosthwaite Lap-Switch tabled card picked up and put in other hand, lapping, using LTP
1994 81
Roger Crosthwaite Turnover Switch tabled card turned over, lapping, using LTP
1994 82
Roger Crosthwaite Primal Memory 1 one card thought-of and one selected, both predicted via matching cards
Inspired by 1994 83
Roger Crosthwaite Primal Memory 2 card thought-of from spread and card selected, found, no no fishing
1994 84
Michael Vincent Through-the-Fist Change
Variations 1994 88
Roger Crosthwaite Miracle Change Effect card changes into selection
Inspired by 1994 89
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Peek Steal
Variations 1994 89
Roger Crosthwaite Clip Palm unusual clip position before getting into LTP
1994 90
Roger Crosthwaite Tabled Addition from LTP palm
1994 90
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Miracle Steal
Inspired by 1994 92
Roger Crosthwaite Sandwich Sequence card appears between tabled red Queens, then to black Queens and back, Visitor
  • Phase One: The Trap
  • Phase Two: The Escape
  • Phase Three: The Return
Inspired by 1994 94
Roger Crosthwaite Delayed Switch
Inspired by 1994 95
Roger Crosthwaite Purist Sandwich
Inspired by 1994 100
Roger Crosthwaite Clip Bottom Control from peek to LTP to bottom of deck
1994 100
Roger Crosthwaite Clip Second-from-Bottom Control from peek to LTP to second from bottom
1994 101
Roger Crosthwaite Quantum Classics chapter intro
1994 104
Roger Crosthwaite Free Count Aces Aces cut into deck, found again
  • Variation One: Faro Shuffle
  • Variation Two: Overhand-Faro Combination
Inspired by 1994 109
Roger Crosthwaite Rapid Thumb Count rhythmic
Related to 1994 109
Roger Crosthwaite The Diagonal Palm Shift "A Tribute to Lewis Ganson"
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1994 119
Roger Crosthwaite Diagonal Push-Through
Also published here 1994 119
Roger Crosthwaite The Cull intro
1994 127
Roger Crosthwaite Riffle Cull Finesse
1994 127
Roger Crosthwaite Method One: Single Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired card controlled, one card pass action
1994 128
Roger Crosthwaite Method Two: Single Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired card controlled, one card pass action
1994 128
Roger Crosthwaite Method Three: Multiple Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards jogged and controlled
Inspired by 1994 129
Roger Crosthwaite Method Four: Multiple Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards jogged and controlled
Inspired by 1994 129
Roger Crosthwaite Method Five: Multiple Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards jogged and controlled
Inspired by 1994 130
Roger Crosthwaite Method Six: Multiple Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards jogged and controlled
Inspired by 1994 131
Roger Crosthwaite Method Seven: Cull-Crimp deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards corner crimped down
1994 132
Roger Crosthwaite Method Eight: Cull-Crimp deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards corner crimped up
1994 132
Roger Crosthwaite Method Nine: Multiple Cull deck face-up in dealing position, left thumb riffles, desired cards jogged or crimped
1994 132
Roger Crosthwaite On the Prayer Cull credit attempt
1994 140
Roger Crosthwaite Seconds and More
1994 145
Roger Crosthwaite The Immediate Center break, mention of "Out of this Escorial" (by Kevin Reay)
1994 151
Roger Crosthwaite The Bottom Deal
Inspired by 1994 158
Edward Marlo, Roger Crosthwaite The Center Control Deal
Inspired by 1994 159
Roger Crosthwaite To Another World starts from shuffled deck
1994 163
Roger Crosthwaite Longitudinal Deal-Cop here used as red-black separation
Related to 1994 163
Roger Crosthwaite Follow Up card peeked in red half travels to black half
1994 165
Roger Crosthwaite Biddle Steal Credit Information Biddle, Kardyro, Marlo
Related to
  • "Discourse On A Move" (MUM, Dec. 1959, p. 278)
1994 177
Roger Crosthwaite The Elmsley Count with credit information
1994 195
Roger Crosthwaite The Scottish Connection chapter intro
1994 202
Roger Crosthwaite Appendix - Technical Notes for Chapter One various details and notes for the seven-phase act
Related to 1994 219
Roger Crosthwaite The Impromptu Shelf
Inspired by 1994 220
Roger Crosthwaite Building Rapport
1994 221
Roger Crosthwaite The Longitudinal Tenkai Palm (LTP) comments and credit information
1994 222
Roger Crosthwaite The Deck Production further comments
Related to 1994 222
Roger Crosthwaite The Gaze Method credit information
Related to 1994 223
Roger Crosthwaite Three-Way-Out Location for think-a-card, card found by stabbing another next to it
1994 224
Roger Crosthwaite High-Cros Move
Variations 1994 225
Roger Crosthwaite Delayed Turnaround Center Glimpse
1994 226
Roger Crosthwaite Sauter La Coupe on beating the cut and false cuts
1994 228
Roger Crosthwaite The High-Cros Move Variant
Inspired by 1994 230
Roger Crosthwaite The Shuffle Shift overhand, credit information
Related to 1994 232
Roger Crosthwaite Punch Stack
Inspired by 1994 232
Roger Crosthwaite The Diagonal Palm Shift "A Tribute to Lewis Ganson"
Also published here Sep. 1994
Opus (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Roger Crosthwaite Diagonal Push-Through
Also published here Sep. 1994
Opus (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Chuck Fayne (reviewer) Roger's Thesaurus by Roger Crosthwaite, Justin Higham Dec. 1994
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Edward Marlo The Marlo Shelf shelf at table edge
  • Construction of the Shelf
VariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Aug. 1974
1995 163
Roger Crosthwaite The Magic Assembly
Dec. 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 12)
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Change
Dec. 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 12)
Roger Crosthwaite Introduction
1997 7
Roger Crosthwaite Roger's Real Gone Aces with salt shaker
Inspired by
  • "Real Gone Aces" (Ed Marlo, Linking Ring, Jan. 1957, p. 70)
1997 9
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Steal bottom card of packet
1997 23
Roger Crosthwaite The Pull-Back False Count
Inspired byRelated to 1997 39
Roger Crosthwaite Pebbles and Aces "A brief study of vertical and lateral thinking in the development of the Four Ace Assembly"
1997 45
Roger Crosthwaite Acknowledgements
1999 4
Roger Crosthwaite Hoy Book Test Handling page miscalling
1999 9
Roger Crosthwaite Introduction
1999 11
Roger Crosthwaite The Evolution of Think-a-Card "A lecture given by Fr Roger Crosthwaite at The Magic Circle Collectors' Day, 25 May 1996"
credit and historical information
  • 1. Scot's "Discoverie"
  • 2. Goldston's Quarterly
  • 3. The Berglas Effect
1999 23
Roger Crosthwaite Perception
1999 33
Roger Crosthwaite On Victor Farelli
1999 36
Roger Crosthwaite To Pause or Not To Pause
1999 37
Roger Crosthwaite Un, Deux, Trois from invisible grains of salt, cased, from lap
Inspired by 1999 43
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker One OOSOOM handling, card thought-of as cards are riffled in peek position
Inspired byRelated to 1999 49
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker Two peeked card is named
1999 54
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker Three peeked at card found
1999 57
Roger Crosthwaite Peek Steal Control in LTP and then to top
1999 58
Roger Crosthwaite Think-as-I-Think chapter intro
1999 65
Roger Crosthwaite Look-as-I-Look spectator and performer each think of a card in two decks, deck exchanged and cards removed, they match
Inspired by 1999 65
Roger Crosthwaite The Upjog Switch upjogged card squared and thumbed off onto table, also for multiple-out tricks
Inspired byVariations 1999 69
Roger Crosthwaite Focused Television card thought of, spectator removes five cards one of which must be selection, it is found
Inspired byRelated to 1999 75
Roger Crosthwaite Multiple Procedures getting spectator to think of one cards of a few
  • 1. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (full stack, spectator shuffled briefly)
  • 2. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (small stack)
  • 3. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (no stack)
Related to 1999 78
Roger Crosthwaite Alternative Versions getting spectator to think of one cards of a few
  • 1. Spectator Shuffles
  • 2. Spectator Speaks
  • 3. Spectator Imagines
  • 4. Spectator Plays (1, incorporating wallet)
  • 5. Spectator Plays (2)
Related to 1999 80
Roger Crosthwaite, Justin Higham Independent Prediction odd-backed prediction card in breast pocket, matches peeked-at card
  • Method One (Crosthwaite)
  • Method Two (Higham)
Inspired by 1999 90
Roger Crosthwaite Breast Pocket Switch as it is removed
Related to 1999 90
Roger Crosthwaite DOT Revised card put in breast pocket, card thought of, it is shown to be the one
Inspired by
  • Domination of Thought (Hofzinser)
1999 91
Roger Crosthwaite The Cheat named four-of-a-kind produced and stacked, then face-up center deal, Aces for performer
1999 105
Roger Crosthwaite One Shuffle Riffle Stack
1999 110
Roger Crosthwaite Thirds and More intro
1999 115
Roger Crosthwaite The Unit Control Deal
Inspired by 1999 116
Roger Crosthwaite The Center Control Deal together or different positions
Inspired by 1999 119
Roger Crosthwaite The Bottom Control Deal
Inspired by 1999 120
Roger Crosthwaite Poker Deal Assembly four poker hands with an Ace in each hand, hands lost in deck, Aces found on top, bottom or center as chosen by spectator
Inspired by
  • Michael Vincent's handling of "The Cream Always Rises"
Related to
1999 125
Roger Crosthwaite Further Finesse
1999 137
Roger Crosthwaite The Two-Handed Pivot-Jog Glimpse step glimpse handling, credit information
1999 137
Roger Crosthwaite The One-Handed Pivot-Jog Glimpse step glimpse handling
1999 140
Roger Crosthwaite The Second Fingertip Crimp top card slightly pushed off and crimped
Inspired by
  • "Fingertip Crimp Control" (Matthew Bogle, Abra #472, 1955)
1999 143
Roger Crosthwaite The Delayed Bottom Palm usual delay with angle jog in right hand end grip
1999 144
Roger Crosthwaite LTP Peek Steal directly into LTP
1999 147
Roger Crosthwaite Profound Magician - An introduction to NLP
1999 153
Roger Crosthwaite Monaco's Queens Queens lost in four packets that are combined, found again with help of Joker à la Christ Aces, Kings show up as well, using Erdnase's patter for "Exclusive Coterie" with long justification
Inspired by
  • "Ricardo's Aces" (Ricardo's Card Artifice, 1979)
Related to
  • "Roger's Aces" (Linking Ring, July 1994)
1999 165
Wesley James The Original Twist Pass all-around square-up action, for Geoffrey Latta claim see review reference in Genii
Related toAlso published here 1999 185
Roger Crosthwaite Afterword on Michael Skinner
1999 197