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Jacob Steisal The Itinerant Dollar bill to anything multiple times, erasing last digit
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1935/36)
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Ultra Dollar Bill and Cigarette Effect with method to make two bills with same serial number
1937 19
A Bill and a Cigarette
  • a. The Cigarette
  • b. The Bill
  • c. Vanishing the Bill
1937 30
Paul Fox The Latest Version no switches
1937 34
A Stage Version cigarette shell, bill shot with gun onto cigarette
1937 34
Theodore Annemann The Dollar-Cigarette Challenge bill in cigarette, serial number duplication
1939 5
Al Baker Dollar Bill and Cigarette
Also published here 1941 47
Franklin M. Chapman, Arthur C. Nelson Impromptu Bill in Cig
1942 4
The Dollar Bill in the Cigarette
1942/27 146
Herb Runge Wholly Smokes! routine with cigarette and match, glass of wine appears and disappears under a handkerchief, bill to cigarette
Sep. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 70)
Tommy Dowd Half A Buck rolling a cigarette with one hand and putting a bill inside
Aug. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 90)
R. N. Lee Lit-Switch switch of cigarette with a lighter
Jan. 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 98)
Steve Miaco Miaco's Bill, Lemon and Cigarette Combination bill to cigarette, with pretext of making bill appear inside lemon, vanish of bill under handkerchief
July 1946 231
Frank Garcia H2O lit cigarette is dunk into glass of water and then rolled between the hands, transformation into rolled wet bill
June 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 127)
Leslie P. Guest The Magician Borrows
Feb. 1947 292
Felix Korim Sir Felix Korim cigarette switch with ash tray
Oct. 1948 3
U. F. Grant Elmer Eckam description of Eckam's bill in cigarette and cards across, no explanations
Oct. 1948 4
Verne Chesbro Half a Butt is Better Than One
Dec. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 193)
Don Tanner Tanner's Cigarette Change switching a borrowed cigarette for bill in cigarette with match box
Mar. 1949 12
Jack Chanin Jap Jape cigarette and two drawer boxes, bill to cigarette finale
Jan. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 194)
Theodore Annemann The Cigarette and Dollar Bill Again signed bill in cigarette
1952 2
Yellowstone Tricky Tidbits ideas, gags and puns
  • Joy Buzzer
  • Flexible Glass
  • Bill in Cigarette
  • Sucker Silk Vanish
  • Coin in Egg
  • Dancing Hanky
  • Egg Bag Finish
  • Swallowing Wand Gag
  • Stamp Album
  • Diminishing Bills Finale
  • Torn and Restored Paper
  • Floating Bulb
  • Milk in Light Bulb
  • Handkerchief Frame
  • Hat Production
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Billy McComb An Act for a Lazy Magician complete act
  • Ring on Stick
  • Card through Handkerchief
  • Anti-Gravity Glasses
  • Bill in Cigarette
  • Transformation of Handkerchief ("The End" appears)
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955)
Harry Mendoza Card and Cigarette only comments, "transposition" with tobacco
1961 55
Max Malini Bill in Cigarette
Also published here 1962 60
Ace Gorham Hot Money bill to cigarette, torn halves then change to half dollars
1969 19
Roger Crosthwaite Note in Cigarette bill is accidentally burnt
1969 25
Frederick M. Shields The Bills of Laredo
Magick (Issue 12)
Karrell Fox Aw-Shoot! with comedy props
1976 111
Ross Bertram Bertram's Bill in a Cigarette
1978 102
Rudolf Braunmüller Magische Scherze und Gags various gags with balloon, butter/knife/bread, bill in cigarette, cigarette, coins
Mar. 1978
Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 1)
Greer Marechal Jr. Eine verrückte Geldscheinwanderung Twenty dollar bill becomes Ten dollar bill, two Five dollar bills found in cigarette
Dec. 1979
Intermagic (Vol. 6 No. 3 & 4)
Ken De Courcy Money to Burn bill burned, reappears in cigarette, fake metal tube cigarette
1980 59
Mike Caveney Signed Bill in Cigar
Variations 1981 103
Derek Dingle Bill in Cigarette thumb tip
1982 135
Derek Dingle Cornered Bill in Cigarette
Also published here 1982 45
Tom Mullica Aerobic signed borrowed bill in borrowed cigarette, featuring tonguing clean-up
1982 1
Paul Gertner Tobacco Road borrowed bill in borrowed cigarette, thumb tip, corner switch
Related to 1983 13
Paul Brignall Fagin II bill to cigarette, humorous presentation
Dec. 1983
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 32)
Michael Ammar Bill to Cigarette first rolled up bill and cigarette change places, then cigarette vanishes bill changes into cigarette eventually bill is found in cigarette
1984 112
Karl Norman Bill in Cigarette
Also published here 1984 129
Karrell Fox "Simplicibill in Cigarette" white tubing as cigarette
1986 117
Pat Conway The Note in Cigar
1987 58
Thomas Hierling Bill in Cigarette
1988 19
Gary Kurtz Cigar
Related toAlso published here 1990 83
Mac King Bill Vanishin' Cigarette Cigarette used as magic wand to vanish a bill - first cigarette vanish to behind the ear, then bill vanish and appear inside the cigarette
Inspired byAlso published here 1990 4
Steven Hamilton Editorial on Jackie McClements, Chap's Scrapbook, tip for Gary Kurtz's "Cigar"
Related to June 1991
Profile (Issue 2)
Jim Steinmeyer Smoke and Fire signed bill to cigar
Also published here 1991 123
Mac King Stick It in Your Ear corner torn from bill, bill vanished with cigarette and found within
Inspired byAlso published here Mar. 1992
The Minotaur (Vol. 4 No. 1)
Tom Mullica A.E.R.O.B.I.C. rolled-up bill vanishes, cigarette removed from mouth, cigarette paper torn off and bill found inside
Also published here
  • Show-Time at the Tom Foolery
May 1992
Magic (Vol. 1 No. 9)
William Goodwin Bill in Cigarette brief
1993 15
Scotty York The Borrowed Bill in the Borrowed Cigarette clever preparation, missing corner
1993 72
Oswald Rae Cigarette and Bill thumb tip
1994 1240
Paul Gertner The Bill in Cigarette
Related to 1994 153
Karl Norman Bill in the Cigarette
Also published here 1995 45
Vanni Bossi A Different Version of the Bill in Cigarette corner torn off for identification
1995 21
Jim Artle Chop Cup Routine with rolled up bill and leather cup, bill ends up in cigarette, torn of corner as proof
Nov./Dec. 1995
The Magic Menu (Vol. 6 No. 32)
Bob King Cigarette to Bill borrowed bill torn up, borrowed cigarette put in metal tube where it vanishes, bill appears instead
1997 2
Manuel Muerte Geldschein in Zigarette bill in cigarette, bill switch intro
1998 25
Carl Cloutier The Bill in Cigarette
Mar./Apr. 1998
The Magic Menu (Vol. 8 No. 46)
Al Baker Dollar Bill and Cigarette
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means)
Ross Bertram Bill In Cigarette loading from thumb tip
2003 9
Jim Steinmeyer Smoke and Fire signed bill to cigar
Also published here Nov. 2003
Genii (Vol. 66 No. 11)
Derek Dingle Cornered Bill in Cigarette
Also published here May 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 5)
Gary Kurtz Cigar
Also published here 2006 214
Mike Caveney Bill in Cigar
  • Cigar Loader
  • The Gimmicked Cigar
  • The Cigar Tube
  • The Cap
  • The Final Solution
  • The Envelopes
  • Silent Butler
  • Set Up
  • The Routine
Inspired by 2013 239
Alexander de Cova Phoenix aus der Asche
Inspired by
  • Ted Lesley's bill in cigarette routine
2016 24
Max Malini Bill in Cigarette
Also published here 2022 135