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Terry Lynn The Seven Penny Trick seven coins counted into spectator's hand, one magically removed, repeated twice
Related toVariations 1966 413
Manuel Muerte Visuell Bill Switch as Guido Schmalriede, visual bill change
Gimmick (Issue 5)
Ravi Pazhur Guido Schmalriede aka Manuel Muerte
1991 73
Manuel Muerte Karte(n) unterm Glas
1991 74
Ravi Pazhur Guillaume le Grand & Senor Manuel Muerte
1991 79
Manuel Muerte, Guillaume le Grand Magic Fingers finger falls off hand, gag divination of thought-of number
1991 80
Manuel Muerte Zeit ist Geld four coins counted into spectator's hand, one is magically removed, instead of traveling back it travels under spectator's watch
Inspired by
  • "Watch the coin" (Mark Sicher, Try'll like it, 1990)
Related to
1996 18
Rainer Pfeiffer, Helge Thun, Manuel Muerte The Fruit Cups two-cup routine with two different colored balls
1998 35
Manuel Muerte It's Shoe Time Selected card and a wine-glass appear inside performer's shoe
1998 69
Manuel Muerte Vorwort
1998 1
Manuel Muerte Großvaters Zigarren card under cigar case, then card to mouth, then card folded into cigar case
1998 2
Manuel Muerte Die wandernde Socke card travels to card case, then sock is found in card case and card in performer's shoe, shoe load while standing
1998 8
Manuel Muerte Die Münze und der Stift coin appears, coin and pen sequence, coin in pen cap, pen grows to giant pen, jumbo coin falls from its cap
1998 12
Manuel Muerte Der fliegende Fingerring finger ring vanishes and appears on performer's finger, repeat, then ring on stick, duplicate ring on pull
1998 19
Manuel Muerte False Transfer with Ring
1998 21
Manuel Muerte Geldschein in Zigarette bill in cigarette, bill switch intro
1998 25
Scotty York, Manuel Muerte Cigarette Switch hand to hand
Variations 1998 25
Manuel Muerte Der Tüchersprung twentieth century silks with coat hanger, using tube section of hanger
1998 28
Manuel Muerte Del chinesische Ling
  • Effekt 1 (borrowed finger ring vanishes and appears at intersection of two crossed chopsticks)
  • Effekt 2 (finger ring changes into scissors under silk, scissors used to open Chinese take away food with ring inside)
1998 31
Manuel Muerte Professionelles Close Up
1998 35
Manuel Muerte Rollenfindung finding your character
1998 38
Manuel Muerte (Mis)direction: Täuschung durch Selbsttäuschung on misdirection
1998 40
Manuel Muerte The Pen-Ultimate Coin coin is marked with marker, both vanish and reappear, then grow to jumbo coin and pen
Aug. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 8)
Manuel Muerte GiddyUp, GetAway Palm card from center palmed reversed into left hand
Jan. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 5)
Dustin Stinett (reviewer) Done by Misdirection by Manuel Muerte Jan. 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 1)
Jan Logemann Bill Switch
Inspired by 2013 13