Written by Ryan Plunkett
Work of Ryan Plunkett
212 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Mike Pisciotta Foreword
Ryan Plunkett Introduction
Ryan Plunkett Any Card At Our Numbers deck given to spectator, another deck wash-shuffled on table, spectator and performer think of a number each and count down in both decks, the cards match
Inspired by 3
Leaving Cards in Case
Ryan Plunkett Fan Mail card predicted in envelope, fair elimination process after table wash by spectator
Inspired by 21
Ryan Plunkett The Bug holdout under table and addition from there
Ryan Plunkett Ace on Top order of Ace through Five reverses, multiple phases
Inspired by 39
Ryan Plunkett Magnetic Silver two coins become apparently magnetic, one then travels across from hand to hand
  • Through-the-Hand Cleanup
The Basic Magnetic Coins Sequence two coins seem to attract and repel each other
Ryan Plunkett The Time Machine top and bottom card shown, another card selected, all cards lost in the center, selection emerges from deck and top and bottom cards return as well
  • A Tapered Variant (version with stripper deck)
Inspired byVariations 85
Spread Corner Crimp of out-jogged card in in-the-hands spread
Picking Up The Break using left fourth finger to in-jog corner-crimped card
Ray Kosby, Fred Robinson Ambitious Riser Move card rises out of center
Ryan Plunkett Out Of Sight, Out of Mind using a breather crimp
Ryan Plunkett Breather Crimp
  • Applying the Crimp
  • Punching the Crimp
  • Edge-Marking the Crimp
Bottom Block Slip Cut
Ryan Plunkett Two Subtleties for the Breather Crimp intro
Ryan Plunkett 1. A Replacement nonchalant handling to place card next to breather crimp
Inspired by 123
Ryan Plunkett 2. A Natural Spread Break deck spread onto table from left-hand dealing position until stopped, force or to replace card, breather crimp
Related to 126
Ryan Plunkett Versatile Transpo two borrowed bills transpose, index, with Jeff Corn/Bob McAllister gaff
Inspired by 131
Ryan Plunkett Paper and Silk intro
Ryan Plunkett TPS (Tapered Palm Shift) DPS from reversed card in stripper deck
Inspired by 150
Ryan Plunkett The Card Through Handkerchief
Theodore Annemann Hands-off Reversal - A New Kink
Elliott Terral Subtlety: A Flash of the Palm showing palm empty during card through handkerchief routine
Ryan Plunkett Muck Off magician demonstrates switching card on table for card in sleeve, has spectator try it too, then produce Royal Flush from spectator's sleeve
Inspired byAlso published here 171
Glenn Morphew Rub-A-Dub Vanish Handling card angle-jogged
Bob White Flash Double
Ryan Plunkett Triple Lift Unload
Related to 177
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm
Ryan Plunkett Bottom Placement Addition bottom card of deck in right-hand End Grip added to packet in dealing position
Ryan Plunkett Clean Up Switch fanned packet used to flip over deck in hand, one card of packet switched
Ryan Plunkett Gravity Deck Three Deck Illusion with weight/gravity using three card cases with windows, during demonstration a deck vanishes and reappears, using an omni deck
Augustin Charpentier The Three Deck Illusion stack of three card cases, haptic weight/gravity illusion
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