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S. W. Erdnase A Mind-Reading Trick one out of four, "did you see your card already" and fishing
Related toVariations 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 194
Theodore Annemann A Card to be Thought About three way out, OOSOOM type
Related to 1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 11) 55
Unknown A Thought Card Prodigy spectator takes three cards and thinks of one of them which is found, one-way backs, OOSOOM
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 142
Theodore Annemann Thought in Person one of five, one-way backs, OOSOOM
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 143
Ralph W. Hull, Nelson Hahne Modernism in Mentalism crude OOSOOM, one of nine
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 184
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Positioning of Four Cards context (OOSOOM setting?)
1938 Greater Magic 164
Ralph W. Hull By Elimination OOSOOM forerunner, using a psychological fishing without asking questions
1938 Greater Magic 344
Theodore Annemann Thought, In Person one of five, one-way backs, OOSOOM
Variations 1939 The Incorporated Strange Secrets 17
Lu Brent Mental Temple one of six, OOSOOM
1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 104) 625
Edward Marlo Streamlined Discernment one out of three, OOSOOM
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1941 Early Marlo (Issue Amazing, Isn't It?) 38
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue A Mindreading Feat one of four, OOSOOM type, describing also Guyot's 1749 procedure
1942 Miracle Shuffles and Tricks 10
Eddie Joseph One Out of Five card thought of, one of five, located with mediocre procedure and deck in pocket
1942 Greater Card Tricks 30
Cy Endfield Glimpse of Thought one of five, card is thought of as pack is riffled, card named or brought from pocket, OOSOOM
1955 Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic — Part II 30
Dai Vernon Out of sight - out of mind original handling
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1960 More Inner Secrets of Card Magic 14
James Steranko Fantasy Card Routine Chapter Thirteen
  • Oneway Faces (not pointer cards, but uneven printing)
  • The Division (spectator cuts to a card behind the performer's back and replaces)
  • The Afterthought (selection from in-the-hands spread)
  • The Bisection (two selections by cutting of small packets and remembering bottom cards)
  • The Retention (fake memory demonstration, move-a-card)
  • The Abstraction (one of three cards thought of, OOSOOM)
  • Fantasy Notes
1960 Steranko on Cards 93
Charlie Miller Variation of Mental Discernment OOSOOM, with variations by Vernon
1961 The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 33
Edward Marlo "Think I'll Stop Here" using Vernon's ending procedure from OOSOOM as a multiple out for estimation location
Related to 1962 Estimation 12
Edward Marlo Streamlined Think Triumph one of three, applying "Streamlined Discernment"
Inspired by 1972 The Shank Shuffle 86
Robert (Bob) Hess Focal Point one of ten cards, OOSOOM
Inspired by
  • Hull's "Mental Discernment"
May 1973 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 7) 625
Jack Avis Focal Point II one of ten, OOSOOM
Inspired by July 1975 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 9) 977
Edward Marlo Streamlined Discernment Idea one out of three, but apparently out of six, OOSOOM
Related to 1983 Marlo without Tears 65
Roberto Giobbi, Theodore Annemann A Card to be Thought About one of three thought of
Inspired by Sep. 1983 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 12) 1152
Robert Cassidy, Darryl Harris The New Thought Card using a one-way marked deck, impromptu version (Darryl Harris)
Inspired by 1984 The Art of Mentalism 44
Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Out of Sight and Mind II one of twelve, riffle shuffle set up handling
Variations 1988 The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 32
Jerry Sadowitz No Questions Asked Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - version, six possibilities
Variations 1989 Cards on the Table 34
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Discerned Data odd-backed Mental Discernment, OOSOOM, one of nine, posed as problem
1989 Prototype 23
Edward Marlo Streamlined Mental Disclosure one out of four
Related to 1990 That's It 38
Bob King Far Out of Sight OOSOOM, with his own shuffling sequence
Inspired byAlso published here 1992 The Breather 15
Bob King Far Out of Sight OOSOOM, breather crimp
Also published here 1993 Card File 171
Roger Crosthwaite Mindshaker One OOSOOM handling, card thought-of as cards are riffled in peek position
Inspired byRelated to 1999 Arcardia 49
Roger Crosthwaite Multiple Procedures getting spectator to think of one cards of a few
1. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (full stack, spectator shuffled briefly)
2. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (small stack)
3. Spectator Shuffles and Spreads (no stack)
Related to 1999 Arcardia 78
Roger Crosthwaite Alternative Versions getting spectator to think of one cards of a few
1. Spectator Shuffles
2. Spectator Speaks
3. Spectator Imagines
4. Spectator Plays (1, incorporating wallet)
5. Spectator Plays (2)
Related to 1999 Arcardia 80
Justin Higham Mindsight
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
1999 Collected Card Notes 65
Jerry Mentzer Think A Card Improved
  • Vernon Revelation
Inspired by
  • Bob Farmer
2000 Card File Two 47
R. Paul Wilson Out of Your Mind
Also published here 2000 ca. Out Of Your Mind 1
R. Paul Wilson Out Of Your Mind
2000 ca. Out Of Your Mind 2
R. Paul Wilson Alternative Approaches
  • Easily Out Of Sight
  • Please Sir, Can I Have More Cards?
  • Other Ideas
  • Finally
Also published here 2000 ca. Out Of Your Mind 13
Justin Higham Vernonesque Stop Trick OOSOOM sure fire, not thought of
Related to 2001 The Simulation of Miracles 18
Harry Lorayne Think Only one of nine, OOSOOM
2001 Personal Collection 531
Harry Lorayne Think Again OOSOOM, no-shuffle distribution of possibilities
2001 Personal Collection 539
Lewis Jones Fish on "range forces" like in OOSOOM
2002 Ahead of the Pack 131
Lewis Jones High Five one of five
2002 Ahead of the Pack 136
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon Mind- and Sightless
2003 Card College — Volume 5 1318
Barrie Richardson Out of My Sight, But in My Mind with two spectators, one thought of and one peeked
2005 Act Two 234
Barrie Richardson Psychic Poker with two spectators
Also published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1999
2005 Act Two 333
Erik Nordvall Out of Outs Variation of Out of Sight Out of Mind
Inspired by 2006 Erik Nordvall Lecture Notes Asia 2006 9
Randy Wakeman No Questions Asked OOSOOM
Inspired by 2007 Best of Friends — Volume III 388
Jon Racherbaumer A Mind-Reading Trick credit information
Related to 2007 Marlo on Erdnase 220
Edward Marlo Streamlined Discernment one out of three
Also published here 2007 Marlo on Erdnase 222
Allan Ackerman A Wry Gleaning Trick one out of four
Inspired by Oct. 2008 Genii (Vol. 71 No. 10) 91
Benjamin Earl Out of Touch - Out of Date "Ramblings on Card Stuff", opinion
Related to 2010 Gambit (Issue 2) 13
Jared Kopf Riffled OOSOOM just the shuffling sequence with riffle shuffle
Inspired by 2016 Nothing but the Family Deck 13
Bob Farmer A Card that Lies, a Deck that Tells the Truth OOSOOM type
Variations 2017 The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox () 92
R. Paul Wilson Out of Your Mind
Also published here 2017 Just Think 3
R. Paul Wilson Easy OOSY
Also published here 2017 Just Think 13
R. Paul Wilson Do You Believe?
2017 Just Think 14
R. Paul Wilson Out of Pocket
2017 Just Think 15
R. Paul Wilson Determination D using method D with OOSOOM
Inspired by 2017 Just Think 16
R. Paul Wilson Think Stop
2017 Just Think 16
Dai Vernon Vernon's Revelation for OOSOOM
2017 Just Think 16
Ryan Plunkett Out Of Sight, Out of Mind using a breather crimp
2020 Distilled 101
Benjamin Earl Octopus one of three cards thought of, or any card with card-to-pocket out, with alternative peek selection procedure
2020 The Shift #3 21