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Nelson Hahne The Theory of Deception
1930 8
Nelson Hahne Method of Analysis
1930 13
Nelson Hahne The Ultra Card Reversal selection reverses in the deck
1930 18
Nelson Hahne Patter Suggestions some lines and jokes
1930 21
Joe Berg The Coin Disappears coin folded into trouser cloth above knee, spectator feels coin, it vanishes
Related to 1930 24
Nelson Hahne Another Method coin folded into trouser cloth above knee, spectator feels coin, it vanishes
Related to 1930 25
Nelson Hahne The Multiplying Cigarette four lit ligarette production
1930 30
Nelson Hahne The Cards With The Color-Changing Backs card named, that card is removed from blue-backed and red-backed deck and placed face-up on the odd-backed deck, the two cards transpose
1930 34
Nelson Hahne Where Does The Cigarette Go? lit cigarette vanishes and reappears from mouth, performer in profile and cigarette never leaves mouth
1930 41
Nelson Hahne The Penetrating Match Box Drawer match box drawer penetrates handkerchief with matches
1930 45
Nelson Hahne The Spelling Location four spectators have a packet of cards, remember bottom card, and cards are collected, then all selections spelled out, no set-up
1930 48
Nelson Hahne Deviating Dime dime placed on performer's closed hand, covered with half dollar, dime penetrates hand
1930 50
Nelson Hahne The Bewitched Poker Chips poker chips pushed through thing tube change their order even though it doesn't seem possible, secret cavity
1930 53
Nelson Hahne The Peripatetic Rabbit performer draws rabbit on paper, it becomes a real rabbit, rabbit is wrapped and shot towards paper and appears there as drawing
1930 57
Nelson Hahne The Sticks of En Hah two rods/sticks penetrate each other in some apparatus frame
1930 61
Joe Berg, Nelson Hahne And In Closing
1930 63
Ralph W. Hull, Nelson Hahne Modernism in Mentalism crude OOSOOM, one of nine
1937 184
Nelson Hahne The Penetrating Silk silk produced, penetrates borrowed handkerchief, vanishes
1938 606
Nelson Hahne Nelson Hahne's Variation variation of Kolar's cut and restored string trick
1941 ca. 121
Nelson Hahne Dime Through Hand
Related to 1943/27 145
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Smart Magic by Nelson Hahne (written by Ralph W. Hull) 1944 116
Nelson Hahne The Blue Intruder
1945 94
Nelson Hahne The Ring of Thoth
Variations 1945 167
Nelson Hahne Winged Silver four coins travel one by one, extra
Variations 1952 149
Hans E. Trixer The Ring on Silk
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "The Ring on Silk" in "Pentagram"
1955 29
Our Book-Within-A-Book-Feature Leonard Austin effects, illustrated by Nelson Hahne
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1956)
Anath Viswanathan Coin Through Hand same movement as reference
Inspired by June 1978
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Jon Racherbaumer Surprise Blue Intruder any named card turns blue, two selections are found on both sides of it, using index in lap, faro
Inspired by
  • "Blue Intruder" (Nelson Hahne)
Related to
1983 78
Nelson Hahne The Blue Intruder named card is only odd-backed card, stack and sticky card, brief, 1935
Also published here
  • Smart Magic (Ralph Hull, Nelson Hahne)
1983 62
Nelson Hahne Psychic Cigarette Paper cigarette paper crumbled up, number and color appear/predicted on it, either by writing or number written in named color
1991 282
Lou Gallo Pitched Silver three silver and one copper coin, the travel from hand to hand
Inspired byAlso published here 1996 13
Tricks by Nelson Hahne and Kolar
  • The Sphinx Revisited
Oct. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 10)
Nelson Hahne Cigarette Through Handkerchief
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, Vol. 26 No. 7, Sep. 1927
Oct. 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 10)
Larry Jennings The Larry Jennings Pushoff
Inspired by
  • "Hahne's Perfect Double Card Lift" (Nelson Hahne, Modernism in Pasteboard, 1934)
Also published here
2020 154