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A Wand for the Production of Cigars
1903 130
Carl Willmann Wie man Cigarren aus der Nase ziehen kann cigar from nose
Nov. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 11)
Oswald Rae Cigarette Production miser's dream with cigarettes and a hat, finally a matchbox is produced
1929 34
Nelson Hahne The Multiplying Cigarette four lit ligarette production
1930 30
Nelson Hahne Where Does The Cigarette Go? lit cigarette vanishes and reappears from mouth, performer in profile and cigarette never leaves mouth
1930 41
Edward Victor Method of Producing a Cigarette or Cigar at the Fingertips from the Palm
1937 77
2. Multiplication of cigarettes cigarette broken in two, both halves grow to normal size, repeated
1937 21
Max Holden Max Holden's Routine with the Diestel Cigarette Dropper production of lighted cigarettes
1937 23
Production of a Number of Cigarettes from the Thumb Grip unlight
1938 725
The Push Vanish and Recovery
1938 729
"Tongue"-ing a Cigarette
1938 730
Production of Five Lighted Cigarettes, Full Size
1938 733
Production of a Lighted Cigarette from the Air
1938 734
The Finger Clip
1938 738
Preparation of Load for Production of Several Cigarettes at Once
1938 739
Franklin M. Chapman Just a Cigarette cigarette vanishes and appears again, with gimmick
Aug. 1938
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Harry C. Bjorklund Big-Cig Jumbo Cigarette Production lighted cigarette vanishes, giant cigarette appears and doubles
1939 76
Production of Three Cigarettes from Bare Hands
1939 79
Sam Berman Biting the Cigarette lit cigarette produced from mouth, secretly bitten into two
1941 7
A. Vantur Une chasse aux cigarettes pour débutants production of cigarettes, thrown in hat and as a climax flowers appear, with production props
Aug. 1941
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 3 No. 8)
Hank Nowoc, Edward Marlo Cigarettes - Cigars - Pipe production of light cigarettes, then cigars and eventually of a pipe
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1942)
Dave Spindell, Clayton Rawson Out of the Smoke paper match turns into light cigarette, three more cigarettes appear
Also published here June 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 11)
Front and Back Hand Palm
1942/27 134
To Produce Cigarette From Ear
1942/27 137
Paul Fox Vanish and Production
1942/27 138
The Multiplying Cigarette
1942/27 139
Catching Cigarettes in the Air using gimmick on finger
1942/27 150
William S. Houghton Gimmick Exchange fake cigar switched for real cigar, pocket switch choreography
Inspired by
  • silk trick with cigar production finale (Frank Lane, Ideas No. 1)
1943 12
Keith Clark Celebrated Cigarettes routine in which lit cigarettes continue to appear, with cigarette to silk, cigarette through silk, lit cigarette appears in mouth after drinking a glass of water
  • As the Spectator Sees It
  • Properties and Preparation
    • For the Cigarette to Silk
    • For the Water Drinking Routine
    • Sleights
    • For the Cigar and Pipe Finish
  • The Public Performance of Celebrated Cigarettes
    • Preparation
    • Presentation
    • Extra Deluxe Routine
    • Water Drinking Finish
    • Cigar and Pipe Finish
  • Special Note
1943 7
Bert Easley Bert Easley's Impromptu Cigarette Production manipulative, with transfer sleight
1945/27 27
E. R. Hall Production of a Real Lit Cigar fake cigar
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1946)
Gile, Nick Back and front d'une cigarette back and front with a cigarette, needle, followed by german translation "Back and front von einer Cigarette"
Sep. 1948
La Baguette Magique (Issue 23&24)
Lewis Ganson The Production of Lighted Cigarettes longer routine
  • Two cigarette droppers
Also published here 1950 16
Another production
1950 21
A vanish and recovery
1950 21
A triple production
1950 23
Multiple production
1950 24
Jerry Hornak Three Lighted Cigarettes production of two lighted cigarettes
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1953)
Dr. Hale Rx cigarette production and story with Dr. Albert M. Wilson
Apr. 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 304)
Don Greenwood Lighted Cigarette Routine productions and more
1954/27 338
George Sands Cigarette Production lighted cigarette production
1954/27 346
Dave Spindell, Clayton Rawson Out of the Smoke paper match turns into light cigarette, three more cigarettes appear
Also published here 1956 223
Alex Elmsley Production Cigarettes in Holders cigarettes in holders
Also published here 1959 2
Tony Slydini Cigarette Fantasy
1960 69
Johny "Cartelli" Gernaat Mein Zigarettenfang continuous cigarette production, using a hat
Also published here
  • "De Magier"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 22 No. 1)
Wilhelm "Yrus" von Sury Cigaretten Manipulation cigarette production, sticky
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 28 No. 6)
Ernesto "Ernest" Pracchia Fantasias con Cigarrillos production of cigarettes using a matchbox, cigarette through handkerchief
1967 23
David Berglas Producing A Pen, Pencil Or Cigar from sleeve
1969 199
David Berglas Production Of A Cigar
1969 214
Eddie Joseph Smoky Silks production of cigarette, then three silks
1969 215
Paul Maurer Ein Eröffnungseffekt production of cigarette and lit match, vanish of cigarette
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 31 No. 2)
Joseph M. White Impromptu Cigarettes From Mid-Air stuck to back of finger
1972 217
Amedeo Vacca Sink or Swim how Vacca duplicated Frakson's cigarette act overnight with cigarette dummies
1974 95
Amedeo Vacca Impromptu Dummy cigarette thrown away, another one produced, using only one cigarette
1974 97
Amedeo Vacca Instant Cigarette production move
1974 100
Amedeo Vacca Another Instant Cigarette production move
1974 101
Amedeo Vacca "Molto Bene" Cigarette Vanish manipulative, reproduction
1974 105
Amedeo Vacca One More Time production move
1974 108
Tenkai Ishida Cigarette Surprise vanish and production of cigarette
Also published here
  • Sam Berland's "Novel Cigarette Tricks"
1974 68
Peter "Peki" Kinnigkeit Alles verschränkt interlocked production methods for ball and cigarette
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 4)
Tony Slydini Poetry in Magic: The Close-Up Cigarette Production
1976 85
Lit Cigarette Production from ten to twelve cigarettes
1976 184
Johnny Cooper Suggested Cigarette Routine production routine of lit and unlit cigarettes from air and silk
1980 6
Tom Mullica Have a Smoke production routine, see page 515 for handling correction
Feb. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 2)
Harry Lorayne Quick Cig apparently throwing cigarette on floor, reproducing it
Feb. 1982
Apocalypse (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Jim Cellini Now You See It, Now You Don't cigarette vanish and reappearance, sticky thumb
1982 59
Jeff McBride Cigarette Extravaganza production and vanish of two cigarettes using thumb tip, matches, flash paper
1984 31
Pedro Pedro in Magic cigarette vanishes and appears again, then ashtray is produced in smoke
Gimmick (Issue 6)
Pat Conway Catch One invisible cigarette becomes visible
Also published here
  • Ron MacMillan's "Magic Info"
1987 145
John Cornelius Flash Appearance of a Cigarette flash paper is lit and transforms into cigarette, paper to bill as variation
Related toAlso published here 1988 2
John Cornelius EZ Cigarette Production tube
1988 14
Rocco Silano Fountain of Cigarettes many cigarettes appear at once between hands
1990 32
Rocco Silano Multiple Cigarette Production five cigarettes one by one
1990 33
Alex Elmsley A Production of Cigarettes in Holders four cigarettes in holders
Also published here 1991 187
Sven Heubes, Ravi Pazhur Vacuum Cigarette flash thread into cigarette, two handlings
Related to 1991 110
T. Page Wright Move Number One lit cigarette vanishes and reappears via thumb-push rise
1991 27
T. Page Wright A Surprising Cigarette Impromptu lit cigarette vanishes and is produced from elbow, then it is really thrown away and another lit cigarette produced from elbow
1991 46
Lewis Ganson Der brennende Zigarettenfang article on catching lighted cigarettes
Also published here Nov. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Ein anderes Erscheinen
Nov. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Ein Verschwinden und Wiedererscheinen
Nov. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Eine dreifache Produktion
Nov. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Vielfache Produktion
Nov. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 2)
Alexander de Cova The Amazing Sudden and Totally Surprising Cigarette Production at the Table or Bar in off-beat
Also published here Mar. 1993
Opus (Vol. 4 No. 9)
Alexander de Cova Appearing Cigarette
Also published here 1994 135
Lou Gallo The Shock cigarette vanishes and reappears multiple times (sticks to back of thumb), then changes into beer bottle
1996 122
Harry Lorayne That Burns Me Up! vanish and reappearance
Dec. 1997
Apocalypse (Vol. 20 No. 12)
John Cornelius Trying to Quit rubber tubing cigarettes, with applications
  • Ephemeral
  • Chain Smoker
  • Lip Service
2001 95
Cigarette Pivot Production for production of lighter
2003 8
Tom Stone Herbal Tear cigarette is broken in two which grow to full cigarettes
2003 7
William Eston Cigarette for Two cigarette is split into two cigarettes
Also published here Sep. 2003
Magic (Vol. 13 No. 1)
Cigarette Pivot Production for production of lighter
2006 13
Juan Luis Rubiales Aparición en Punta de Dedos cigarette production
El Manuscrito (Vol. 7 No. 28)
Max Malini Cigar Production and Split
2022 127
William Eston Cigarette for Two cigarette is split into two cigarettes
Also published here 2022 224
Josh Weinstein Expertalk: Josh Weinstein on the Cigarette Production unusual palm position
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Dec. 2011
2022 1085