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Bill Wisch Thoughts About Style From Rocco Silano
Feb. 1988
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Rocco Silano The Card Trick That Fooled Vernon wrong card becomes a full packet, then all vanish except selection
Feb. 1988
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Rocco Silano Sleeving A Packet
Feb. 1988
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Johnny "J.J." Johnston (reviewer) A Few Thoughts on the Rocco Silano Lecture by Rocco Silano Jan. 1989
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 5)
Click! Click! Alan Shaxon vanishing a cane, Rocco Silano, Jeff Busby's Thaumaturgist (on Richard Kaufman's Genii column)
May 1989
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Robert Cox BMS Convention - Some Personal Reflections David Williamson, Rocco Silano
May 1989
Opus (Vol. 2 No. 9)
Rocco Silano The Sicilian Defense plastic cap from toy pistol is stabbed with knife and explodes (skill demo)
1990 115
Stephen Minch On Rocco Silano short biography
1990 115
Rocco Silano Explosive Impact plastic explosive cap for toy gun is tossed up and stabbed in midair with a pocket knife, the cap explodes
Mar. 1990
The Minotaur (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Rocco Silano Acknowledgements
1990 1
Channing Pollock Channing Pollock on Rocco Silano
1990 2
Rocco Silano Basic Sleeving Techniques: The Vanish and Recovery described with coin
1990 10
Rocco Silano The Four Coin Routine while smoking cigarette, four coins appear in flash, vanish, reproduction, jumbo coin appears
1990 19
Rocco Silano Jumbo Coin Vanish unload into jacked pocket
1990 23
Rocco Silano Slow Motion Vanish and Reappearance
1990 24
Rocco Silano Coins and Kisses four coins vanish with wave of wand, then candy kisses appear in hand
1990 26
Rocco Silano Match to Cigarette match slowly and visually changes into lit cigarette
1990 31
Rocco Silano Fountain of Cigarettes many cigarettes appear at once between hands
1990 32
Rocco Silano Multiple Cigarette Production five cigarettes one by one
1990 33
Rocco Silano Hot and Cold Cigarette lit cigarette touched on spectator's hand without burning him
1990 34
Rocco Silano Four Card Routine Thurston type routine with Tenkai palm, four Kings produced from air, then vanished again one by one, hands empty, not sleeving
1990 39
Rocco Silano Fire and Ice: The Formal Presentation cotton burned in flash, ice produced from flame, sleeving
1990 45
Rocco Silano Fire and Ice: The Informal Presentation filter of cigarette removed and a piece burned, it changes to solid plastic, another piece burns in a flash and ice is produced from flash
1990 47
Rocco Silano Shaken, Not Stirred cotton touched to lips and then burned in flash, to prove that gasoline was drunk, gag
1990 48
Rocco Silano Flash Paper Ring on Cigarette method to produce fire from cigarette
1990 51
Rocco Silano Weighting Cigarettes "Trio of Tips"
nail in cigarette to facilitate sleeving
1990 52
Rocco Silano Dye Tube Handling "Trio of Tips"
1990 52
Rocco Silano Funkenring Tip "Trio of Tips"
1990 52
Rocco Silano Body Positions and Economy of Motion with sleeving in mind
1990 53
Rocco Silano Practicing with a Mirror
1990 54
Rocco Silano Make-up and Music
  • The Importance of Make-up
  • Picking the Right Music
1990 55
Rocco Silano Motivation and Inspiration 1. Believing in Your Goals
2. Breaking the Chains
3. The Importance of Clear Vision
4. Self-determination
5. Laughter, the Best Medicine
1990 56
Rocco Silano Silver Dollar to Two Half Dollars
Also published here
  • Ruminations, Vol. 2 No. 4, April 1987
1990 63
Rocco Silano Cigarette Through Quarter
1990 65
Rocco Silano Mismade Bill Switch
1990 66
Rocco Silano Popped Corn corn changes to popcorn in hands
1990 67
Rocco Silano Cigarette to Rose and Freezing Water cigarette changes to long stem rose, cigarette reproduced from its petals, rose put in vase with water, water changes into ice cubes in vase
1990 71
Richard Kaufman, Rocco Silano Rocco
July 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 7)
Jamy Ian Swiss Rocco: Introduction on Rocco Silano
July 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 7)
David Regal, Stacy Robinson, Kimberly Wyatt, Jonathan Levit, Rocco Silano, Asi Wind, Derek Hughes, Murray SawChuck, David Kaye, Christopher Reid, Gene Maze Interview with Celebracadabra People
June 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 6)
Rocco Silano Flash Coins Across coins across, gimmick with glued coins
2012 239
Joe M. Turner (reviewer) Rocco Silano LIVE (download) by Rocco Silano Dec. 2014
Genii (Vol. 77 No. 12)
David Oliver (reviewer) Prisma Lites by Rocco Silano Feb. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 2)
David Regal (reviewer) Rocco's Prisma Lites with Sound by Rocco Silano May 2019
Genii (Vol. 82 No. 5)
William A. Wells (reviewer) The Magic of Rocco Learning Experience by Rocco Silano Feb. 2023
Genii (Vol. 86 No. 2)