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To Predict the Sum of Five Rows of Figures
Variations 1890 241
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Mental Masterpiece impression device on card box, carbon
Variations 1935 5
William S. Houghton Getting Rid of the Thumb Tip cigarette vanishes in handkerchief, four methods
Inspired by
  • "A Simple Coin Vanish" (Frank Lane, Ideas No. 2)
1943 10
William S. Houghton Gimmick Exchange fake cigar switched for real cigar, pocket switch choreography
Inspired by
  • silk trick with cigar production finale (Frank Lane, Ideas No. 1)
1943 12
William S. Houghton "Thought Coincidence" Again spectator and performer write a word on a paper and seal it in envelopes, later they are found to be the same, using "Astro Ghost Reading" apparatus
  • Variation
Inspired by
  • "Thought Coincidence" (marketed effect, 1934 by Brown Magic Company, also in Hull's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Volume 1)
1943 13
William S. Houghton Magazine Test Wrinkle
1943 14
William S. Houghton Thought Vision word or drawing on blank card is put in envelope, performer divines it
1943 16
William S. Houghton "Blue Pencil" Book Test spectator opens book behind back near center and makes a cross on the page, another spectator finds that cross and performer divines the word that is closest
1943 17
William S. Houghton Impromptu Name Duplication Test spectator and performer write a word on a billet, they match
1943 20
William S. Houghton Sleeve Billet Holdout billet temporarily left in folds of sleeve when pulling up sleeve
1943 20
William S. Houghton Simple Billet Switch
1943 20
William S. Houghton "Prediction Supreme" Routine city, color and number predicted
1943 21
William S. Houghton Mystic Slate Prediction Routine total predicted on a slate
Inspired by 1943 25
William S. Houghton "Cards to Pocket" Wrinkle one of five cards thought of, that one travels to pocket, following gaze/eyes in five-card fan
1943 28
William S. Houghton Book Test With Playing Card card inserted into book and book opened at that page, card's value then used to count to a word, no card already in book
  • Variation
1943 28
William S. Houghton 20th Century Silks Routine "simplest and best of any"
1943 32
William S. Houghton Diachylon Number Exchange
1943 34
William S. Houghton Foolproof Number Prediction
1943 36
William S. Houghton "Cigarette from Nowhere" Wrinkles two handlings
1943 38
William S. Houghton Finger Tip Silk Vanish big silk, matching corner in finger tip
1943 40
William S. Houghton Comedy Thumb Tie Routine
1943 41
William S. Houghton Card in Envelope Effect into envelope in wallet, using "Hand of Satan" gimmick
1943 42
William S. Houghton Coin Transposition Routine three coins in each hand, one by one all travel into one hand, extra coin
1943 44
William S. Houghton Sleeve-Pull Sleeving coin loaded in sleeve while pulling sleeve back to seem fair
1943 44
William S. Houghton A Shell Coin Routine two spectators hold one coin each
  • Variation
1943 46
William S. Houghton Another Shell Coin Routine penny coin through hand, coin becomes two pennies, one changes into a quarter, another quarter produced, coin vanishes from spectator's hand, dull/shiny double-headed coin
1943 47
William S. Houghton Sponge Ball Routine large ball climax
1943 49
William S. Houghton A Paper Napkin Routine
1943 52
William S. Houghton "Miracle Slate" Presentation
1943 55
William S. Houghton Billiard Ball Routine
  • Vanishes
1943 56
William S. Houghton Spirit Writing Wrinkle numbering the sides of two slates, also for blank cards
1943 59
William S. Houghton Amazing Card Prediction stack forcing ten/eleven, count down to predicted card, interlocking chain shuffle before separating colors
1943 60
William S. Houghton The "Blackout" Double Prophecy two cards chosen in the dark are predicted, two one-way forcing decks
1943 62
William S. Houghton The Three-Pellet Trick Perfected one card written on piece of paper, another cut to with center cut (key card), one freely thought of, non-carbon impression gaff
Inspired by 1943 63
William S. Houghton Another Rope Trick
1943 65
William S. Houghton A Rope Routine, Wrinkle and Patter rope four times cut and restored
Related to
  • "Triple Mystery" (Ralph W. Hull)
1943 68
William S. Houghton Conclusion patter to introduce mental effects
1943 71
Paul Fleming (reviewer) The Magic 36 by William S. Houghton 1944 45