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Multiple spectators select the same card without knowing that. See also the categories Tossed-Out Deck and Dual Reality for related items.
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faire tirer des cartes par quatre spectateur; les nommer ensuite sans les avoir vues, et faire qu'une de ces cartes se metamorphose successivement en chacune des autres four chosen cards are guessed by the magician, then one of these cards will be transformed successively into each of them (miscalling)
1786 156
To allow several Persons each to draw a Card, and the Pack having been Shuffled, to make another Card drawn haphazard Change successively into each of those first chosen
Related to 1876 87
Everybody's Card
1889 120
Die von drei Personen gedachten Karten erraten zu können three spectators each think of one of three cards, performer divines them
1896 48
Carl Willmann Eine Kartenmetamorphose four cards chosen, fourth card changes into each of the other selections and back
Dec. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 12)
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Das Herz-Ass
Also published here 1910 188
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Hallucination several spectators remember a card, all the same which is produced from pocket
1941 29
U. F. Grant Grant's Triple Stop Card Trick three people select cards, then three decks are dealt in unison until someone calls stop, the three cards are the selected ones
Related to Aug./Sep. 1949
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 11 & 12)
Vern Schoneck Bluff & Challenge four aces change into jacks, aces found in pocket of performer, challenge presentation
Oct. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 213)
Al Baker The Spectator Does The Trick four cards chosen from one deck by four spectators, another spectator cuts a second deck and the four cards at that spot match selections
Also published here 1951 51
Smith's Myth in multiple challenge location
1962 44
Karl Fulves By Any Other Name two methods (gaffed card & Elmsley Count)
Related toVariations Winter 1967
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 1st Folio)
Allan Ackerman The General's Universal Card gaffed
Variations 1971 6
Paul Swinford Swinford's Myth 14-15 force, faro, new deck order
1971 17
Karl Fulves Smyth Myth Selection Procedure
1971 25
Edward Marlo The Cam Myth Smith Myth Coincidence Effect, but with really different selections
1974 146
Orville Wayne Meyer Tossed II three-way forcing deck instead of one-way, see p. 863 for comment by Peter Warlock, p. 985 for comment by Jerry Fulton
Inspired byRelated to Sep. 1974 787
Harry Lorayne Ultra General Card (and Impossible Location) three spectator choose the same card, used as effect and also as method
1975 29
Ken Krenzel Two-Gether Again two selections at same position in two piles, duplicate
1975 93
Jon Racherbaumer The Stabbing Myth card is stabbed between two selections by spectator
Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue)
Jon Racherbaumer The Stabbing Myth spectator stabs card between two selections
1976 14
Gene Nielsen The Third Person thirteen symbol cards, two cards are thought of, cards turned over in two piles both spectators stop at same time
May 1982
Magick (Issue 306)
Peter Plotkin No Hands Smyth's Myth two selections in two piles appear at same position despite shuffling
Feb. 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Larry Jennings Duffer's Two Cards to Pocket two thought-of cards from small packet to pocket, no palming, double backer
Also published here June 1983
Epoptica (Issue 4)
U. F. Grant Gen Grant's Triple Stop Card Trick three decks, three selections, first published 1953
1984 15
Jon Racherbaumer Full-Deck Smith-Myth Force two cards are selected with the "card at position of cut-off number"-procedure, performer forces same card on both
Inspired by
  • forcing procedure in "Ten Self-Working Master Effects" (Professor Sydney Lawrence)
Related to
Jan. 1986 21
Harry Lorayne Ellipses (...) short mention right at the bottom
Jan. 1988
Apocalypse (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Edward Marlo A Multiple Effect two spectators think of a number and card at that position, they all have the same card, the numbers are divined and the card is odd-backed, three methods
Inspired by
  • "Controlled Thoughts" (Sydney Lawrence, Ten Self-Working Master Effects)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
1988 178
Ben Harris Flight of Fancy three empty wine glasses are covered with paper tubes, three signed cards vanish from deck and reappear in those glasses
1990 22
Edward Marlo Predictable Princess applying Smith Myth, based on "Princess A-Hoy" (Impostress Princess)
July 1991 13
Philip T. Goldstein Soloflex selected information on word cards divined
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1991 33
Jon Racherbaumer Making Smith More Mythic two selections occupy the same position in two halves
1992 225
Edward Marlo Smith-Myth Effect Subtlety
1992 229
Jon Racherbaumer Rashomon's Cards to Wallet Bendix Bombshell Wallet
1992 230
Karl Fulves Trans-No-Transpo of two cards only one transposes, paradox, half-transposition
Rigmarole (Issue 4)
Alex Elmsley Incommunicado four cards are selected and produced from different spots, two spectators unknowingly have the same selection
Variations 1994 254
Wylee Packer Four-Way Smyth's Myth with four packets
July 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 7)
Karl Fulves The Agent's Cut
1996 171
Mark Aspiazu, Ken Simmons Convincing Collectors selections peeked at
  • First Method (Mark Aspiazu)
    • Second Handling (Ken Simmons)
    • Third Handling (Ken Simmons)
  • Second Method (Mark Aspiazu)
July 1998
Onyx (Issue 4)
Karl Fulves Count-Down Force two spectators note card in pocket by counting down to number arrived at with calculator, secretly the same card
1998 29
Jim Steinmeyer The Thespian Card
  • Conjuring
three cards put aside, then three cards chosen and lost, the three cards from the beginning are shown to be indifferent, then they change into the selections and back, then one of the cards changes into all three selections one by one and back to an indifferent card, card with half card flap
Feb. 1998
Magic (Vol. 7 No. 6)
Bob King Impossible Four-Card Location four cards are selected and produced from different spots (two pockets, case, one signed from wallet), two spectators unknowingly have the same selection
Inspired by 1998 21
Jas Jakutsch The Rashomon Principle tossed out deck ruse plus extra card
1999 12
Karl Fulves Repeat Cheat fourteen-card packet, three cards selected in spectators's own hands by dealing two poker hand and remembering top card, another spectator finds all, all three are the same unknowingly
Variations 1999 4
Ellis Stanyon Everybody's Card No. 9
Variations 1999 217
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note three selections, vanish and disappear, not too convincing packet handling
Inspired by 1999 217
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Ace Of Hearts
Also published here 2002 141
Al Baker The Spectator Does The Trick four cards chosen from one deck by four spectators, another spectator cuts a second deck and the four cards at that spot match selections
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets)
Pit Hartling Triple Countdown three cards at three numbers, smith's myth
Related toVariations 2003 68
Karl Fulves Tell-A-Die from shuffled packet two cards are remembered by spectators indicated by die roll, one card named and performer instantly names other
2003 29
Karl Fulves Smyth Myth Comments
2003 31
Karl Fulves Transformism two cards chosen from red-backed deck, blue-backed deck in pocket, duplicates removed by touch, then decks transpose
2003 32
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Unmöglich three cards are selected and replaced, three people shuffle three decks and deal cards until spectator stops them, selections are found
Related to 2004 71
Thomas Baxter Fish-Fry for Two Approach #4
Tom Baxter, exploiting when a second spectator also thinks of a card
Related to Feb. 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Thomas Baxter SmythLed two thought-of cards appear at the same position in two halves
Related to Nov. 2005
Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. Annual 2005)
Stewart James Split Second Packet of cards are torn in two, two spectators choose a half of a card, found to match
Also published here
  • New Tops, Dec 1962
2007 144
Edward Marlo Smyth Bliss two spectators think of a number and card at that position, they all have the same card, the numbers are divined and the card is odd-backed, two methods
Also published here Sep. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 9)
Jon Racherbaumer Smith Myth Credit Information
Sep. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 9)
Michał Kociołek Du-et two selections at two numbers, Smith's Myth, duplicate
Inspired by 2012 17
Michał Kociołek Bold Collection selections appear one by one between four Kings, Smith's Myth
Inspired by 2012 24
Father Alex Finally You're a Psychic two spectators each select a card, third spectator pulls out two cards, turns out to be the selections, uses dual reality
2014 14
Roberto Mansilla Harmony
  • Artifices
triple stop trick with bells that the spectators ring
Related to Jan. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 1)
Helder Guimarães Unexplained Understandable "Preserving the Mystery"
unknown card in glass, three cards chosen, Joker transforms into each selection, all chose the Queen of hearts, it is shown as card in glass
2019 334
Nancy Colwell Everybody's Card General Card with three selections
Inspired by
  • "Everybody's Card" (Magic Without Apparatus, 1914)
Silhouette (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Larry Jennings Smith’s Pocket Myth two thought-of cards from small packet to pocket, no palming, with or without double backer
Also published here 2020 466
Max Malini General Card method guess, based on Hoffmann
Related to 2022 284
Dai Vernon Three Spectators get Same Card sequence with second deal, from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 87