Written by Dave Buck
Work of Dave Buck
90 pages (Hardcover), published by Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
22 entries
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Dave Buck About About the book and palming
Dave Buck Introduction
Dave Buck Cephalopalm Top card is rotated into face up bottom palm
Related toAlso published here 14
Dave Buck Octomus Palm Top card is placed into right hand palm, face of card is against the palm
Related toVariations 18
Dave Buck Octomus Load Load top card under box, card can be produced from the box, box held at fingertips
Inspired by 22
Charlie Miller, Dave Buck Cascade Control finessed handling
Inspired byVariations 26
Dave Buck Cascade Palm Palming selection into face up right hand after Cascade Control to the top
Inspired by 32
Dave Buck Peeping Palm Diagonal Palm Shift from peek
Inspired by 34
Dave Buck Treading One handed exercises for palming, two cards in the hand.
  • Version 1: move bottom card to top
  • Version 2: move top card to bottom
Dave Buck Inking Switch selection (from a dribble) using a palm replacement, something like a Drop Switch but with palmed card
Dave Buck Undertow in the action of turning the top card over a palmed card is loaded onto its face
Also published here 48
Dave Buck Hermit Transfer Transfer card from right palm to left palm in the action of turning over the deck
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm
Dave Buck, John Carney Buoyancy Replace palmed card in left hand to the top of the deck, has variation by John Carney
Dave Buck Lofty Transfer Card bottom palmed in left hand is transferred to right hand flat palm
Dave Buck Mimic Palm Left hand palms bottom card during a one handed shuffle
Derek DelGaudio Nautilus Top card is transferred into face-up bottom palm during all-around square-up, angly
Derek DelGaudio Plumber Palm top, center or bottom card from overhand shuffle
Also published here
  • "Only Notes" (2008, Derek DelGaudio)
Ricky Smith Otocyst Palm replacement while turning the deck
Inspired by 78
Dave Buck Afterword
Dave Buck Molecule Bottom Palm Palm card from center of the deck using a flourish to rotate the deck around the thumb
Dave Buck Sybil Replacement Replacement of cards in right hand palm during a fancy Sybil Cut
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