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To "Change" a Card - Third Method top change
1876 30
To Change a Card - Second Method top change
1889 20
End Grip Top Change
Oct. 1895
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 2)
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Chicagoer Kartendruckerei end grip, for one or multiple cards, with display choreography
1896 7
Das Filieren der Karte - I. Methode "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
grip change
Oct. 1896
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 10)
Das Filieren der Karte - II. Methode "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
bottom change with different cover actions, also a top change cover
Nov. 1896
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 11)
The Top Change
1897 18
The New Top Change end grip
1897 20
Das Filieren der Karte - III. Methode "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
end grip, also with packet (no details for packets though)
June 1899
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 6)
Changes - The Top Change old style with finger change
1902 147
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Filieren Hofzinser Top Change
1910 21
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Top Change Variation
1910 35
The Top Change
1933 3
Theodore Annemann Top Change Tip
June 1936
The Jinx (Issue 21)
Jean Hugard The Top Change credit information
1938 42
The Fadeaway Card Change
Related toVariations 1940 81
The Throw Top Change
1940 85
Top Change from end grip
1940 313
Laurie Ireland Misdirection Card Change misdirection for top and bottom change
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1940)
Deal Change
Apr. 1942 23
Deal Change
Aug. 1942 67
Eddie Joseph The Top Change left thumb does not push card off, back of right first finger does
1942 13
Top Card Change - Method 3 old style with finger change
1942/27 182
Top Card Change - Method 4 end grip
1942/27 183
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Top Change - Double Lift doing double lift after top change as convincer
1943 27
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue A New Top Change
Related to 1943 32
Top Change
1948 216
Top and Bottom Changes handling tips
1948 222
Arthur H. Buckley Exchanging a Card in Passing - Top Change four choreographies
1948 168
The Top Change
1948 72
Paul LePaul The Top-Change four methods
1949 77
Paul LePaul Cover for the Top Change
1949 149
Dai Vernon The De Kolta Change sleeve rubbing cover, pips of card change to suit clothing
Variations 1950 450
Dai Vernon Tips on Changes
1950 451
The Top Change
1953 36
The Top Change
1954 10
Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon The "Hofzinser" Top Change
Variations 1955 41
Dai Vernon The Top Change including several tips and exercise with case
Variations 1961 63
Max Malini Top Change more on attitude than technique
1962 79
Edward Marlo Marlo Top Change variation of previous item
Related to 1968 33
Edward Marlo Marlo Top Change No. 2
Related toVariations 1968 35
Edward Marlo Marlo Change
Variations 1968 82
Martin A. Nash The New Hofzinser Change breakless, see p. 442 for additional crediting
Related to 1975 39
Dai Vernon Top Change Misdirection (Mistitled as Suggestion for Spread Location) Drop card on the floor as misdirection for top change
1975 226
The Top Change brief
1975 95
Francis Carlyle Sucker Tricks
  • false bottom change
  • all cards alike using top change (Johnny Paul)
  • card on forehead
1975 96
Dai Vernon Changes comments on Top and Bottom Change
1976 7
Harvey Rosenthal Top Change Switch three cards are restacked and switched twice
1976 4
Gene Maze Tabled I tabled top change
1977 276
Gene Maze Tabled II tabled top change
1977 279
Gene Maze Tabled V tabled top change
1977 285
Dan MacMillan Centop Change card in hand with card in-jogged from center
1977 45
Ross Bertram An Effective Top Change top card shown one-handed and removed with other hand
1978 67
Top Change with cover
1978 60
Richard Kaufman The SecondFromTheTop Change
Related to 1979 84
Earl Nelson Slow Motion Top Change
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1979 12
Hofzinser Top Change misnomer
June 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 6)
Gene Maze R.T. Top Change tabled, one handed
1980 18
Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller Hofzinser Top Change with Charlie Miller ruse for stroking the card
Apr. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4)
Two For One Hofzinser Change
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Cy Endfield, Roger Crosthwaite Hofzinser Card Change
Oct. 1980
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10)
Rovi Top Change while turning card over
1980 26
Andrew Galloway The Top Change technique and misdirection applied
1980 11
Ben Harris Backwards Center Deal Switch card injogged and held onto instead of top card as deck is moved forward
1980 9
Ben Harris Slip Change Bilis Switch, bottom card of sandwich switched as center card is dragged out
1980 33
Ken Brooke The Top Change - May Way
Also published here 1980 27
Hofzinser Top Change As Transformation
1981 155
Richard Kaufman The SecondFromTheTop Change brief
1981 157
Roy Walton Seconds In card apparently placed on top but slid underneath top card, slow motion top change
Inspired by
  • move by Verne Chesbro
Related to
1981 190
Derek Dingle Top Change Take featuring the "New Theory on Vernon's..."
1982 163
Ken Krenzel The Top Change discussion of Krenzel's method
Variations 1982 224
Richard Kaufman Second-from-top Card Change
1982 233
Al Koran Al Koran's Top-Change Card held in End Grip, some handling finesses
1982 78
Jerry Sadowitz Asymmetric Top Change one to four
June 1982
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 14)
Meir Yedid The Top Change
1982 87
Edward Marlo The Hittop Change originally in Ibidem #22, Oct. 1960
Related to 1983 23
Ross Bertram Another Top Change
1983 90
Ross Bertram Far Out Double Lift starts with single card that is fed in underneath top card
Related to 1983 102
Ross Bertram Close-Up Double Lift starts with single card that is fed in underneath top card
Related to 1983 104
John Aukes Double Lift With One Card putting a card under top card, slow-motion top change style
July 1984
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 7)
Top Change
1984 116
Peter Duffie Business for the Top Change spectator apparently saw a switch
1984 16
Jerry Sadowitz Asymmetric Top Change one to four
1984 25
Richard Kaufman, Ken Krenzel Hofzinser Top Change to change miniature card to normal sized card
1985 44
Russell T. Barnhart Top "Snap" Change similar to so-called Hofzinser type Top Change
1985 209
Walter E. Cummings Karate Top Change not really similar to classic top change
1985 336
Frederick Braue Braue Top Change (1943)
1985 3
Daryl Martinez The Top Change
1985/87 10
Larry Jennings Jennings-Hofzinser Change
1986 48
Earl Nelson Slow Motion Top Change
1986 29
Karrell Fox "Slo-Moshun" Color Change slow top change
1986 51
Randy Wakeman, Edward Marlo Flexible Hittop Change
Inspired byRelated to 1987 5
Interrupted Top Change from end grip
1987 27
Thomas Hierling Thoughts on the Top Change
1987 87
Fan Top Change bottom card of right-hand fand switched
1987 32
Bruce Cervon The Tabled Top Change
1988 181
Larry Jennings The Tactile Change T.N.T type change, top change alternative, see third method of "Wrist Stroke Changes"
Related to 1988 165
Top Change face up, back color transformation
1988 16
David Williamson Top Change body language and technique
1989 74
Harry Levine The Revolution Change
1989 470
Harry Levine Hofzinser Top Change break handling
Inspired by 1989 472
Top Change face up, back color transformation
1989 29
Justin Higham Visual X-Change consecutive Endfield/Hofzinser top changes with fifth card from top
Inspired by 1989 22
Gary Kurtz The Top Change
Also published here 1989 13
Hofzinser Type Top Change
1990 44
Gary Ouellet The Slider Top Change First Variation: The Inertia Change
Second Variation: The Wrist Snap Change
1990 218
Gary Ouellet The Slider Switch while hand is turned over, with one or several cards
1990 222
Earl Nelson Slow Motion Top Change feeding card under second card
1990 112
Charles Penton The Fan Top Change
1991 24
Alex Elmsley The Tabled Top Change one-handed
1991 107
Top Change face up, back color transformation
1991 21
Ken Brooke Das Filieren
Also published here Dec. 1991
Intermagic (Vol. 16 No. 4 & 5)
T. Page Wright A Throw-Out Change throwing card as cover for top change
1991 112
Gary Kurtz Der G.K. Top Change
Also published here 1992 18
Gary Kurtz Another example: The Top Change
Also published here 1992 13
Mason, Gerald Deutsch, Bernard Bilis Covered Top Change
June 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 6)
トップチェンジ (Top Change)
1993 78
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Larry Jennings ホフジンサーの方法にもとずくトップチェンジ (Top Change based on Hofzinser's method) Card clipped between index / middle fingers
1993 79
Eddie Fechter, Dan Block Top Change Handling card held from above
1993 69
Top Change finger change
1993 115
Cy Endfield "Hofzinser" Top Change
1994 141
Alex Elmsley Interrupted Top Change as card is placed right-jogged on deck
1994 252
Meir Yedid Injog Top Change deck held with top towards body, grip change
1994 70
Roger Crosthwaite On the Top Change
1994 15
Roger Crosthwaite Off-the-Face Switch slow-motion type
Inspired by 1994 26
Michael Vincent Second-from-Top Change
  • Third-from-Top Change (or more)
Related to 1994 124
Gordon Bruce Spread Switch two cards displayed in spread condition, one taken in each hand with deck in left hand and one switched
  • Eric Mason (Stuff, 1985, p. 34)
1994 205
Dan Tong New Way Top Change card in right hand is Tenkai palmed as it is brought to the deck, switched for top card
1994 151
Roberto Giobbi The Top Change introduction
1995 231
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Roberto Giobbi The Top Change
1995 233
, Roberto Giobbi Top Change Covers five different natural situations
1995 236
Roberto Giobbi The Top Change as an Out for the Classic Force
1995 238
Hippie Torrales While Burned slow motion top change handling
VariationsAlso published here Oct. 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 10)
Gary Kurtz The G. K. Top Change
Also published here 1995 20
Tommy Wonder Top Change Handling
1996 86
Paul Harris The Two-For-One Top Change single card is exchanged for a double
1996 148
Pablo Domenèch Top Change Handling bottom card of a small fan, choreography
1996 87
Hippie Torrales While Burned top change handling
Also published here 1997 85
David Williamson The Spread Top Change
1997 8
Simon Lovell TopChangethinks
1997 57
Simon Lovell Two-Step Top Change card put on deck for a moment
1997 105
Dai Vernon Top Change Handling accidentally bumping over card case
1998 106
Ellis Stanyon Changing the Card at the Top of the Pack No. 1, no grip change
1999 254
Ellis Stanyon Stanyon's Method of Masking the "Top Change" No. 2, routined handling
1999 255
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note details on top change handling
1999 255
Ellis Stanyon Changing the Card by Rubbing It on the Sleeve No. 4, cover for top change
1999 258
Ellis Stanyon A New Top Change No. 6, End Grip
Variations 1999 258
Ellis Stanyon A New Top Change - Variation No. 7, End Grip, as card is tabled
Inspired by 1999 259
Justin Higham Reverse Top Change slow motion type
Related to 1999 12
Cy Endfield The "Hofzinser" Top Change
2000 818
Wesley James Peel Change Hofzinser Change with different stroking action
2000 14
Bill Spooner Frontal Attack Top Change card changes into selection, with top change handling
2000 113
Simon Lovell Topchangethinks
2000 101
L'Homme Masqué Top Change
July 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 7)
Dan Buck, Dave Buck The Center Switch top change with in-jogged card in center
2001 20
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Top Change
2002 27
Karl Fulves Further Notes on the Hofzinser Top Change
2002 29
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Top Change Variation
2002 42
Top Changing bottom card of Fan mention, brief
2003 130
Roberto Giobbi Top Change Handling for a kicker transformation at end of routine
2003 1238
David Williamson Top Change Tips
Related to 2003 19
Earl Nelson Slow Motion Top Change
Also published here 2003 31
Davide Costi A Color Change
2004 90
Wesley James Peel Change Hofzinser Change with different stroking action
2004 186
Top Change
2005 25
Top Change face up, back color transformation
2006 60
Gerald Deutsch The Multiple Top Change one or multiple cards
2007 286
Top Change face up, back color transformation
2007 33
Arturo de Ascanio Double Transformation top change
2008 328
Patrick Martin On the Top Change
May 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 5)
Fred Robinson Top Change with misdirection
2009 210
Ken Krenzel The Inertial Top Change extension of the discussion
Related to 2009 109
Bernard Bilis Bilis' Switch
2009 41
Steven Youell Top Change
2009 50
Bernard Bilis, Tyler Wilson Bilis Switch Handling one of two
2010 66
Tyler Wilson Top Change Credits
2010 71
Roberto Giobbi Cover for the Top Change cough
Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 30)
Fred Kaps Fred Kaps's Birthday handling for so-called Hofzinser Top Change
Secret Agenda (Issue June 8)
Roberto Giobbi Ten Professional Tips on different things
Secret Agenda (Issue Dec 11)
David Williamson Mi visión sober El Enfile on the Top Change
Related to 2010
El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Patrick Page The Top Change Top-Bottom Change
2011 66
Top Change
2013 66
Bernard Bilis Bilis Switch
2014 7
The Top Change
2014 41
Guy Hollingworth Top Change commentary
2015 5
Helder Guimarães Top Change Handling
Spring 2015
Quarterly (Issue 2)
Juan Tamariz Repeat Top Change against second-from-top card
Related to 2016
Hidden Agenda (Issue June 21)
Roberto Giobbi The Top Change
2016 84
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon The Classic Top Change
  • The Top Change from End Grip (credit information)
  • The Cross Top Change (Vernon)
  • Concluding Remarks
2016 96
Benjamin Earl Top Change Practice
2017 10
"Magic" Christian Stelzel A Sleight History on the top change, glide and related switches
2017 3
"Magic" Christian Stelzel The General Concept of the top change
2017 17
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Top Change
2017 25
"Magic" Christian Stelzel, Martin A. Nash Variation of the Marlo Change
Inspired byRelated to 2017 52
Bernard Bilis, "Magic" Christian Stelzel Bernard Bilis's Top Change of One of Two Cards
Inspired by
  • Notes de Conference (1984, p. 32)
2017 57
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Top Change with the Second Card from the Top of the Deck
Related to 2017 65
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Top Change with the Third Card from the Top of the Deck... and Further
Related to 2017 69
"Magic" Christian Stelzel To Change Two Cards, One after the Other, with the Top Two Cards of the Deck
Inspired by 2017 75
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Bottom- and Top-Change Combinations
2017 118
"Magic" Christian Stelzel To Change Each of the Four Aces with the Top Card of the Deck: A Solution to the Hofzinser Ace Problem
2017 122
"Magic" Christian Stelzel The Face-Up Top Change faces towards performer
2017 127
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Face-Up Top Change with the Face of the Deck in View
2017 130
Denis Behr, "Magic" Christian Stelzel The Literature many references
2017 163
Paul LePaul Enfile top change
2017 104
Johnny Thompson Finessed Hofzinser Snap Change
Inspired by 2018 69
Charlie Miller Vertical Snap Change
Inspired by 2018 80
Johnny Thompson, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Harry Riser Stage Top Change
2018 152
Daniel Garcia Perpendicular Top Change done slowly
Related toAlso published here 2018 12
Tatanka Tan Tabled Control kind of a tabled top change
The Neat Review (Issue 2 - New York City 2019)
Benjamin Earl Top Change Vanish using top-change dynamics to affect a visual vanish in the off-beat
2019 26
Roberto Mansilla The Mantle of Invisibility
  • Artifices
"(Annotations on an Essay on Cover)"
Dec. 2019
Genii (Vol. 82 No. 12)
Second-From-Top Change Variation break
2019 28
Cy Endfield "Hofzinser" Top Change
2020 47
Two-Step Top Change
2020 194
David Williamson, Ricardo Rodriguez Top Change
2021 62
Bernard Bilis Bilis' Switch
June 2022
Elixir (Vol. 3 No. Florida Issue Part One)
David Regal The Relocation Control
  • Material Concessions
slow motion top change handling as control
Inspired by Jan. 2022
Genii (Vol. 85 No. 1)
Dai Vernon On Telegraphing and naturalness, top change example, from private lecture notes by P. Howard Lyons
2022 89
Dai Vernon Card Changes comment on crossing hands, from private lecture notes by Gene Matsuura
Related to
  • Elliott Card Change, Elliott's Last Legacy, p. 92
2022 106
Daniel Garcia Perpendicular Top Change done slowly
Also published here 2022 17
David Williamson Expertalk: David Williamson on the Top Change
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sept. 2001
2022 8
Elisav "Biz" Bizau Why Do Some Sleights Survive? essay on the top change
  • What is a Card Change?
  • So, what exactly is the Top Change?
  • Reason 1 - The Cover
  • Reason 2 - Method and Potential
  • Reason 3 - Its Usefulness
  • Final Reason - Habit and History
  • Conclusion
Mar. 2023
The Hermit (Vol. 2 No. 3)