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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Cardini The Cardini Snap Color Change Variations Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 46
Ralph Cos Die Airtight-Section - Der Grundgriff balloon pressed against deck of cards, it shrinks around deck which is apparently now inside the balloonInspired byRelated to Hardcore 20
Paul Gertner A Familiar Ring shell coins across with spectator's finger ringInspired byVariations Steel and Silver 54
Daniel Garcia No Smoking Unburnt match reattaches onto matchbook filled with burnt matches, smoke produced from mouth Next 2
Daniel Garcia Dischover Credit card floats between hands, impromptu Next 4
Daniel Garcia Addict Resealable cigarette pack cellophane Next 5
Daniel Garcia Whassup!!! Impromptu cap in bottle routine Next 6
Daniel Garcia Stretch Three phase routine with rubberbands and ring, link and unlink and vanish and appear

- Rubberbound (page 9)
- Ringshot (page 11)
- Ringlink Bros (page 13)
Next 8
Daniel Garcia Credits Acknowledgements Next 15
Daniel Garcia cliptrip straightened paperclip warp and melts when held by two fingers Next 1
David Williamson Color Stunner Revisited Inspired byVariations MagiFest ManiFest 23
Dan Buck, Dave Buck, John Bodine, Daniel Garcia, Michael Feldman Resurrection Restrike a burnt match, match is seen to visually restore Organic 27
Daniel Garcia Ego Slip Card apparently placed openly in middle of deck, in reality it is instantly controlled to the top Limited 4
Daniel Garcia One Point Production Card visually appears under hand on tableRelated to
  • "Card Happening" (Hideo Kato)
Limited 6
Daniel Garcia White or Wheat Sandwich effect, uses table, sandwich cards never come in contact with the deckRelated to Limited 8
Daniel Garcia Math One quarter jumps from one hand to join another quarter in the other hand, then they fuse visually into a half dollarInspired by
  • "Pitchen' Penetration" (Paul Cummins)
Limited 10
Daniel Garcia Ego Change Color change of card on the deckInspired by Limited 12
Daniel Garcia Nacho Mama's Triumph Color changing deck TriumphInspired by Limited 14
Daniel Garcia Your Personal Safe Coins across, coins travel to spectator's hand (which is holding their own finger ring). At the end, ring will vanish from their own hand and appears in magician's handInspired by Limited 16
Daniel Garcia Clip Trip Straightened paperclip bends visually Limited 19
Daniel Garcia No Smoking Unburnt match vanishes and travels into matchbook (attached inside), disappears under smoke produced from mouth Limited 20
Daniel Garcia Disc Hover Floating credit card, impromptu, floats between hands Limited 21
Daniel Garcia, Marcus Eddie Stretch Multi-phased routine with finger ring and rubberband. Ring jumps from band to band, vanish, penetrate and so on. Limited 22
Daniel Garcia On The Rocks Coin through bottom of glass, visual Limited 26
Daniel Garcia DG Box Steal Method to steal a card that was placed inside a cardbox back onto the deck Limited 27
Daniel Garcia Time Line v2.0 Mystery Card plot, mystery card vanishes from box and indifferent card transforms into mystery cardRelated to Limited 28
Daniel Garcia Butter Bill Straw penetrate and melts through borrowed bill in three phasesInspired by
  • "Misled" (Timothy Wenk)
Limited 29
Luis Piedrahita, Kiko Pastur Cards in Balloon balloon pressed against deck of cards, it shrinks around deck which is apparently now inside the balloonRelated to Nanomagias 79
Daniel Garcia Foreward Above the Fold
Jon Allen Ripped Out Deck trapped in balloon, card is visibly ripped out from inside, inspired by Pressure by Daniel Garcia The Interrobang Lecture 10
Daniel Garcia Portal card visually appears as it is perpendicularly pulled out between two sandwich cards that are bent open Something More 4
Daniel Garcia Off By Force card at any number, but "off by four" which is written on prediction, faced deck Something More 8
Daniel Garcia Deck Flip Cover Something More 11
Daniel Garcia Perpendicular Top Change done slowly Something More 12
Daniel Garcia Fallen outjogged card visibly rises up, both hands on deck Something More 18
Daniel Garcia Puff spectator blows card out during dribble, invisible thread loop Something More 22
Daniel Garcia Stir Crazy stir stick (or toothpick, cigarette, ...) spins and flies off glass Something More 26
Daniel Garcia Pressure V.2 phone in balloon, finessed handling Something More 28
Daniel Garcia Love Note bill visibly transforms into folded origami finger ring Something More 30