Written by Daniel Garcia
Work of Daniel Garcia
51 pages (Paperback), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Daniel Garcia Portal card visually appears as it is perpendicularly pulled out between two sandwich cards that are bent open
Also published here 3
Daniel Garcia Off by Force card at any number, but "off by four" which is written on prediction, faced deck
Also published here 9
Daniel Garcia Deck Flip Cover
Also published here 13
Daniel Garcia Perpendicular Top Change done slowly
Also published here 17
Daniel Garcia Fallen outjogged card visibly rises up, both hands on deck
Also published here 26
Daniel Garcia Puff spectator blows card out during dribble, invisible thread loop
Also published here 32
Daniel Garcia Stir Crazy stir stick (or toothpick, cigarette, ...) spins and flies off glass
Also published here 38
Daniel Garcia Pressure v.2 phone in balloon, finessed handling
Also published here 42
Daniel Garcia Love Note bill visibly transforms into folded origami finger ring
Also published here 46
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