13 entries in Coin / Sleights / Vanish / Single Coin Vanishes / Visual
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Jeff White Rub Away Coin coin vanishes and appears on table
1980 9
Don England Pumpkin Seed Vanish over deck of card as penetration
1990 55
Sid Fleischman The Vanish coin tossed from hand to hand back and forth, then into air
1993 30
Mark Aspiazu Ravenesque coin on left palm vanishes when right hand waves over it
Apr. 1999
Onyx (Issue 7)
Tony Bartolotta Don't Blink! coin vanishes as it is tossed up, then it is reproduced
Discoverie (Issue 7)
Alexander de Cova Der sichtbare Snap Vanish visible vanish into purse frame
2016 103
Giacomo Bertini Topit Palm Vanish coin vanishes between both hands, remains secretly palmed
Jan. 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 1)
Michael Rubinstein The Wave Change as Production or Vanish
2020 39
Michael Rubinstein The Flash Vanish coin held onto palm of other hand, hand closes and opens quickly and coin is gone
Inspired by
  • vanish on Eric Chien's DVD "Coin"
  • Herb Zarrow Vanish on Master Coin Technique videos, 1985
2020 241
Ryutaro Masuo Back Drop Move vanishing a coin from a coin fan
2020 419
Motoki Kaido KA VANISH Replicating a RAVEN vanish without gimmicks
2021 243
Daniel Garcia Thumb Touch coin on back of spectator's hand, it vanishes when performer waves his hand over it, flick into sleeve, ungaffed Raven
Also published here
  • MAGIC, June 2003
2022 197
Bounce Change as Vanish
Inspired byAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Apr. 2009
2022 848