Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
195 pages (Paperback), published by Little, Brown and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
116 entries
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Karl Fulves Preface
Karl Fulves Acknowledgments
Karl Fulves 1 - The Art of the Impossible
Karl Fulves Magic and Its Professors
Karl Fulves 2 - The Hand Is Smarter than the Eye on the methods of magic tricks
Karl Fulves Invisible Information on the methods of magic tricks
Karl Fulves Testing the Power of Misdirection empty packet of matches is waved over hand, a full one appears
John Benzais Super Transpo penny and dime tranpose, one held by spectator, secret use of nickel
Also published here 25
Karl Fulves Routined Magic match puzzle, then coin penetrates upwards through table into match box, example for routining two things
Karl Fulves The Gambler's Palm seven blank cards, two signed, cards put in both palms apparently equally, then signed cards are in one hand and other five in the other, thieves and sheep
Karl Fulves Telepathy for Two five ESP symbols on paper pieces, one chosen and wrapped in aluminum foil, medium divines it, code by position under which a slip is passed under the door
Karl Fulves Numerology performer and spectator choose a digit from serial of a bill, after some calculation the spectator has a two-digit number with both those digits
Karl Fulves Concluding Observations
Karl Fulves 3 - Closeup Magic
Karl Fulves Banded Together
Inspired by 44
Karl Fulves Bounce Band rubber band apparently penetrates fingers
Karl Fulves Mass Hypnosis rubber band apparently penetrates fingers
Bill Bowman Flying Clipper clipped, two paperclips on folded bill link
Also published here 47
Karl Fulves Banked Roll two bills, one on top of the other, rolled up and unrolled, they changed positions
Don Nielsen Passing the Buck two bills folded into strips, they are knotted together and penetrate
Inspired by 48
Karl Fulves Not a Knot simple false knot
Karl Fulves, Joseph H. Fries, Elmer Applegit Subtract a Knot knot vanishes from rope
G. W. Hunter Hunter's Impossible Knot without letting go of the ends
All in a Row six glasses, three filled, they have to be alternated by switching adjacent glasses, puzzle
Also published here 51
Three Tumblers do as I do with three glasses that have to be turned up and down
Karl Fulves Spirit Music glass hangs on string from pencil, music comes out of glass
Drop Out three dice held between two fingers, dropping only the center one
Also published here 54
Karl Fulves Jumping Dice two dice between two fingers apparently change places
Balancing Act three dice balanced in apparently impossible way
Karl Fulves Mental Dice bet about rolling a six and an eight before two sevens with two dice, probability bet
Karl Fulves The Probable Outcome three dice rolled, performer divines sum
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes on Close-up magic
Karl Fulves 4 - Card Magic
Karl Fulves Easy as A-B-C two spectators recite the alphabet to locate a selection
Related to 63
Karl Fulves, Al Baker The Yogi Knows card and its position remembered, spelling a phrase to locate it
Karl Fulves A Rare Find two cards removed, one remembered, both put wide apart in deck, performer stabs another card next to the selection, miscalling
Variations 66
Audley Walsh Fan Bluff Spacing cards inserted close together seem to be widely separated
Karl Fulves Fourcast from twelve-card packet spectator choses two cards which are mated and form a four-of-a-kind
Also published here 68
Bill Taylor The Game of 7-16 down-under deal, spectator's and performer's remaining cards predicted, game presentation
Also published here 69
Roy Walton Color Flite a card from red and blue deck are chosen, jokers pushed in deck of other color, they're supposed to be next to selections, but change in actual selections
Also published here 70
Karl Fulves The Haunted Card chosen card rises out of deck which is held inside a handkerchief
Inspired by 72
Karl Fulves Flash Aces spectator shuffles deck an snaps rubber band around it, four Aces jump out
Inspired byVariations 74
Karl Fulves Pocket Addition as something is removed from pocket
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles The Miracle Discovery spectator pulls packet out of center, shuffles it and remembers top card, then re-inserts it, card located
Karl Fulves Concluding Observations on card tricks
Karl Fulves 5 - Coin Magic
Karl Fulves Change in Mind "as many pennies as you have, plus three more, plus enough left over...", trick that fooled Einstein with coins
Related toVariations 83
Karl Fulves Heads or Tails coins on table, spectator can turn several coins over and covers one, performer divines if head or tails is up
Inspired byRelated to 84
Karl Fulves Invisible Pockets two coins pressed to shirt with both hands, coin travels across, then coin vanishes ("playing the shirt", coin tossed into shirt)
Related to 85
Karl Fulves Coin Stabbing coin vanished by stabbing knife through folded paper
Martin Gardner Turnabout coin layout puzzle
Also published here 88
Karl Fulves The 32¢ Trick two glasses, penny, dime and nickel in each glass, a penny penetrates one glass and drops in other glass, repeat
Inspired by 89
Karl Fulves Money Mental three coin values written on paper strip which is torn in three pieces, coins wrapped in paper pieces, performer divines which coin is in which paper
Karl Fulves A Coin Swindle marked coin through trouser into pocket, fake pick-up from handful of coin
Karl Fulves Double Express marked coin in inside jacket pocket (dropped into sleeve) transposes with another coin in spectator's hand
James F. Herpick Ghost Coin two small glasses mouth-to-mouth, coin through whisky glass
Also published here 95
The Nine Mystery coins placed in a Q shape, spectator counts clockwise and anticlockwise, predict the endpoint of the count
Also published here 96
Karl Fulves Coins and a Ring coins and finger ring on fists, apparently one dropped from each hand, traveling effect
Karl Fulves A Flourish and a Trick one-handed, three coin stack, middle coin spun out and rotated, effect where it is done under cover of a handkerchief and a sympathetic effect happens when center coin in another three-coin stack is turned over
Inspired by 99
Karl Fulves 6 - Rope Magic
J. W. Sarles Sawing through a Rope ring tied from handkerchief, rope tied onto it, release
Karl Fulves Double-Cut Mystery rope cut in two places
Cheating the Hangman rope through neck
Karl Fulves Single-Cut Rope
Impromptu Needle-Threading
Sam Schwartz Ring Flite
Also published here 109
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Lefty
A. Kojima Lightning Link
Also published here 112
Karl Fulves Lightning Unlink
Also published here 113
Karl Fulves, Milbourne Christopher Knot Possible three phases, knot routine with loop of ring, knot comes off at the end
Tony Slydini The Gambler's Knot performer demonstrates knot in slow-motion, spectator cannot duplicate it
Also published here 117
Karl Fulves 7 - Mental Magic
Karl Fulves How to Spot Fraudulent Psychics
Karl Fulves Sixes and Sevens dime and penny, spectator puts one in each hand, involving calculation
Fred DeMuth Match Mentalism number of remaining matches divined
Also published here 127
Karl Fulves Lines of Force pencil moves towards drawn magnet on paper, blowing
Karl Fulves The Lock Mystery three keys and one lock, keys in envelopes, performer divines which envelope contains the fitting key
Karl Fulves Oracle spectator cuts of packet, reverse faro down to one, remaining card predicted
Also published here 130
Sam Schwartz Thought Echo two card location, straight set-up
Also published here 131
Karl Fulves Living and Dead Test based on torn edges of paper
Karl Fulves Two-Person Telepathy a medium finds both cards
Inspired by 134
Karl Fulves The Parity Principle four objects used
Inspired by 135
Karl Fulves, Richard Himber How to Predict the Super Bowl two-way out prediction
Related to 137
Karl Fulves 8 - Comedy Magic
John Murray Nothing "NOTHING" sign up the sleeve
Karl Fulves Blackmailing the Enemy spectator balances coin on nose and must make it fall, then coin pressed on spectator's forehead, heckler stopper, picture snapped with camera
Related to 144
Karl Fulves The $30 TV Set gag message appears on blank card
Karl Fulves Comedy Coke in the Hat paper cup in hat, liquid poured in, apparently goes wrong
Don Nielsen A Big Card card selected, deck in paper bag, jumbo card of selection removed, rest of deck vanishes
Also published here 148
Sid Lorraine Words, Words, Words word STARLING on slate, one letter erased at a time to form a new word, gag patter
Inspired by
  • Rupert Slater item, The Magic Wand
Karl Fulves The IQ Test questions taken out of hat, credit to Lu Brent
Bill Elliott The "Oh" Puzzle layout puzzle, pieces have to be arranged in square
Also published here
  • Ibidem
Karl Fulves 9 - Gambling Secrets
Karl Fulves Ace-Deuce-Jack proposition bet, Ace, Two or Jack has to appear at the bottom of any of three piles
Related to 163
Allan Slaight Build Down progressive poker deal with ten card poker deal finale
Also published here 164
Karl Fulves The Ten-Card Deal
Karl Fulves A Dice Proposition
Also published here 166
Stewart Judah Decoy Dice six cards used, two dice rolled and selection made via counting
Also published here 167
Martin Gardner The Red-Black Swindle two red and two black cards under table, one brought out, proposition bet about the next card matching
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner How to Cut the Aces spectator cuts deck into four piles on a tray, topological swindle in which tray is turned around so that it looks like the cards come from all four piles instead of just two
Karl Fulves More Proposition Bets
  • five random cards, two have the same suit
  • three random cards, one is a picture card
  • "Three-Card Poker"
Related to 171
Dai Vernon Repeat Poker Deal same set-up dealt over and over for two players
Also published here 173
Karl Fulves According to Hoyle stud poker, after each card is dealt, the performer's face up card are exchanged with one of the other player's, performer still wins
Also published here 173
Joseph K. Schmidt How to Deal a Royal Flush one card is controlled during the repeat-dealing of five poker-hand and appears in a Royal Flush
Related toAlso published here 175
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes on gambling magic
Karl Fulves 10 - Ultimate Impossibilities
Karl Fulves de Kolta's Inventions
Karl Fulves Egyptian Hall Mysteries
Karl Fulves Howard Thurston
Karl Fulves The Bullet Catch
Karl Fulves Selbit's Mile a Minute on P. T. Selbit's inventions
Karl Fulves Le Roy and De Biere
Karl Fulves Horace Goldin
Karl Fulves Maurice Raymond
Karl Fulves Harry Houdini
Karl Fulves John Scarne recounting of effect "Card through Window"
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