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Charles T. Jordan A New Ring Release No. 2, inside paper box
1920 5
Charles T. Jordan The Psychic Ring Release No. 7
Also published here 1920 14
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Der Reifen des Hindu. No. 9, ring on rope, knotted to wrists travel to rope knotted between legs
1926 35
Chris Charlton, Laurie Ireland Another Effect with Chris Charlton's Ringing the Ribbon Gimmick ring and ribbon
1931 25
Tom Sellers The Phantom Ring
1931 13
Tom Sellers The Rings and Cord several rings on rope get free
1931 19
The Spirit Bracelet hands of performer and spectator tied with string between them, wooden ring penetrates in three phases
Also published here 1937
The Jinx (Issue Summer Extra 1937)
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Ringing a Ribbon
1937 51
Tom Sellers The Jumping Ring knotted ring jumps to another knot
Related to 1939 13
Tom Sellers Easy Ropes and Rings intro for the rope and rings trick
1941 2
Tom Sellers A Different Ring Release penetration of several small rings from a string
1941 3
The "Cheeky" Rope and Ring Trick ring off rope under handkerchief, using extra piece
1941 ca. 71
Charles T. Jordan Charles T. Jordan's Psychic Ring Release through sleeves of coat, extra ring
Also published here 1941 ca. 78
Metal Ring on a String
1941/27 137
Patriotic Rings and String three paper rings on string, named color penetrates
1941/27 140
Clayton Rawson Twist for Ring and String hands tied with rope, ring on rope
Dec. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 25)
Bob Hanko Papo-Leaso signed paper ring penetrates rope under a handkerchief
Sep. 1943
The Phoenix (Issue 43)
Tom Sellers A Ring Release
1943 9
Marseno Der magische Ring ring and rope routine with two ropes, three phases
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Tom Osborne The Ring from a Rope with extra
1945 261
Milbourne Christopher Ring From Rope
Mar. 1947
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Milbourne Christopher The Knotted Ring
Mar. 1947
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 4 No. 10)
Milbourne Christopher Toss Through Knot ring on rope, knot appears, illustrations on p. 301
May 1947
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 4 No. 12)
Milbourne Christopher Ring Away using Chefalo knot
Oct. 1948 469
Jack Potter A Ring and a Rope ring ends up knotted on rope
Oct. 1948 472
Milbourne Christopher The Knotted Rings two rings tied to rope, one penetrates rope
Nov. 1948 479
Dr. William Weyeneth Ein Bombenerfolg ring of rope, rope pulled through sleeves
Related to 1951
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 12 No. 4&5)
Bertram Millidge A Ring and a Ribbon five phases, with and without the Jardine Ellis Ring, normal ring and split ring
1953 2
Arthur M. Pope Double Ring Release two rings and rope
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Arthur M. Pope Single Ring Release
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Arthur M. Pope A Chain of Rings four small rings, tied to rope
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Arthur M. Pope Taking an Elevator using two rings and a rope
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1954)
Larry Becker Der ambitiöse Ring ring penetrates knotted rope, cut and restored rope
Also published here
  • in "Genii" Nr. 11.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 15 No. 4)
Harold Denhard Denhart Ring on the Rope rope tied to both wrists, rubber ring links to rope
Variations 1954/27 164
Stewart James, Harlan Tarbell Hindu Ring on the Rope beneth handkerchief
Variations 1954/27 167
Peter Warlock Ring and Rope Release
Also published here 1954/27 169
U. F. Grant Zella Ring on the Rope using extra piece
Related to 1954/27 173
U. F. Grant Another Ending for Zella Ring on the Rope with restoration
1954/27 179
U. F. Grant Bombay Ropes and Rings several rings and hat, grandmother's necklace principle
1954/27 181
Bertram Millidge Silk through Ring larger ring through ribbon
1956 24
Jochen Zmeck Mysticum, die neue Ringfessel as Jochini, ring of rope under handkerchief with wooden box
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 6)
P. Howard Lyons Ring Off
Related to Mar. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 16)
Bill Elliott Layman's Choice two rings on a shoelace or string, chosen ring penetrates string
July 1959
Ibidem (Issue 17)
Martin Gardner Hummering Off
  • Second Version
Related to Oct. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 18)
Martin Gardner Brewer's Gold ideas using Ken Beale's two ring and cord principle
Related to Oct. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 18)
Norman Osborn The Magic Rings two rings one rope, chosen one penetrates rope
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1960)
Dr. William E. Belanger Dr. Belanger's Ring off the Wand with duplicate, wand and handkerchief
Feb. 1963
The New Phoenix (Issue 377)
Linx ring on rope move, see p. 426 for comments and ideas
Related to July 1965
The New Phoenix (Issue 397)
Lewis Ganson, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen, Frederica Bangle Delight linking by Rink, unlinking by Frederica
1967 40
Raymond Hafler Travelling Ring ring knotted on rope jumps to two other knots
Related to 1967 44
Glenn G. Gravatt Ring Transposition under a handkerchief a red ring knotted on a red ribbon and a yellow ring knotted on a yellow ribbon change places
1967 47
Glenn G. Gravatt Two Rings and A Silk two rings are knotted on a silk, selected one penetrates the silk
1967 51
Ravelle, Andree Ring, Rope and Silks middle of the rope and a ring are placed into a hat, ring is threaded on the rope, magnet
1967 53
Horace E. Bennett, Franklin V. Taylor Jardine Ellis Routine on and off the shoelace, in the end string is threaded on finger ring
1967 316
Ken De Courcy Sheer Simplicity jardine ellis ring and rope
Variations 1967 320
John A. M. Howie Cylinder, Ring and Cord jardine ellis ring vanish threaded on a rope from under a handkerchief under a cylinder, then the ring passes through a wand and under the cylinder appears a ball
1967 320
Stewart James, Charles Nyquist, Hans E. Trixer Ring on Cord ring on rope under handkerchief
1967 323
Jack Avis Houdini Ring ring off rope
Related to 1967 325
Ken De Courcy Rope, Handkerchief and Rind Mystery jardine ellis ring vanishes and appears knotted on rope
1967 329
Horace E. Bennett, Dan Tong Tong's Trick jardine ellis ring and split ring, ring on ribbon
1967 331
Ken De Courcy Ring Appear ring appears on the middle of a rope
1967 338
J. W. Sarles Spectral Rings white and black rings come off and onto rope under cover of handkerchief, three phases
Related to
  • Linx (1965)
  • p. 109 for reference to "Linx" in New Phoenix #397
  • Table Time (Mike Roger, MUM April 1967)
May 1967 100
Arthur Setterington Joe i' London ring off and on rope in a box, magnetic rope
1968 10
Peter Warlock, Paul Maurer Ring-Seil Durchdringungseffekt slightly modified by Paul Maurer
Also published here 1968
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 6)
Tony Anverdi A Ring and a Rope two methods
1968 79
Fred Kaps Ring Varia small ring or washer penetrates on and off cord
Also published here 1968 93
Eddie Joseph Hindu Ring Mystery shoe lace knot and ring
1968 133
Bob Hummer Hummering ring onto rope
Also published here 1968 141
Peter Warlock Out of the Loop large ring threaded on rope and ends of rope knotted together, ring penetrates rope
1968 148
Dan Tong Ring and Ribbon Ellis Ring
1969 67
Dan Tong Rope and Ring
1969 68
Eddie Joseph A Cabaret Routine ring and silk routine with serpent silk as finale
1969 148
Eddie Joseph Elusive Tie silk/rope and ring moves
  • Teenager Club
  • Make Your Call
  • The Squeeze Through
  • Parting of the Ways
  • The Drop
  • Incredible
1969 299
Plastic Rings For Rope Tricks, Etc where to buy them
1969 209
Kirk Stiles On & Off
Feb. 1970 319
Georges Poulleau La corde traversée pa l'anneau ring penetrates rope, several phases
Also published here
  • "Journal de la Prestidigitation", May/June 1970.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 31 No. 6)
Karl Fulves The Left-Handed Knot comedy rope routine with two spectators and ring, woman can free rope from ring and man cannot
  • Handling of the Knot
  • Outline of the Routine
  • The Psychic Release
see also p. 676 for anecdote
Related to May 1971 421
Paul Swinford Pirouette flourish for ring and rope routine, see also p. 521 for J. G. Thompson Jr. comment
Sep. 1971 444
Dick Jarrow DeeJay Knot
Related to 1971
Magick (Issue 24)
Glenn G. Gravatt Color Ring Transposition
Inspired byRelated to 1972 181
Dick Jarrow Right On!
July 1972
Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 7)
Billy McComb A Variation on a Theme spectator holds a ribbon over his head, a ring hangs in the middle, ring is removed from ribbon without spectator knowing how it works, paper balls over the head effect, clippo
1972 8
Flip Hallema Ringorope
1972 7
Dai Vernon Vernon's Rope and Ring Trick No. 73, ring thrown onto rope
1972 22
Rick Johnsson Quicksilver metal ring rises up a rope and penetrates
Inspired by 1973 34
A. Kojima Lightning Link see also p. 684 for credit information, and p. 757 for more credit information by Sid Lorraine regarding Dr. Fred Ervis and Richard Durham
Related toVariationsAlso published here Oct. 1973 675
Karl Fulves Lightning Unlink
Inspired byAlso published here Oct. 1973 679
G. W. Hunter Latest Rope & Ring multiple knots appear on rope and ring in chosen knot, see also p. 711
Dec. 1973 689
Amedeo Vacca Ring & String Routine
1974 62
Mitchell Dyszel Swindle Ring
Also published here Feb. 1974 705
Sam Schwartz Ring Flite
Also published here Mar. 1974 715
Sam Schwartz Lightning Link II
  • Lightning Unlink
Inspired by Mar. 1974 719
Jack Chanin Chanin's Linked On ring through middle of rope, with variation by Dick Jarrow
Related to 1975 3
Jimmy Kane Karate it On ring is hit with hand and ends up hanging on rope
1975 4
Flip Hallema Flip it On ring on rope move, two ways
1975 5
Philip Reed Willmarth Crossed Ends Release ring cannot be taken from rope, then it falls off
1975 6
Philip Reed Willmarth Misdirection Throw On ring is thrown on rope, move
1975 9
Philip Reed Willmarth Direct Throw On ring is thrown on rope, without get-ready
1975 10
Philip Reed Willmarth, Tony Anverdi After-Anverdi Off "Overhanded Anverdi", ring off rope
1975 10
Tony Anverdi Anverdi Two Off move, ring apparently off
Related to 1975 12
Flip Hallema, Philip Reed Willmarth Another Flip It On ring is thrown in center of the rope
1975 13
Flip Hallema Flip's Original Throw On ring is thrown in center of the rope
1975 15
Flip Hallema Flip's Snap It On with large ring
1975 16
Philip Reed Willmarth Swing It Off Right
1975 17
Rick Johnsson Swing It Off Left "elevator handling"
1975 17
Norman Houghton Melt-Through Ring Off
Also published here
  • "Abracadabra" #1000
1975 20
Norman Houghton How To De-Rope a Ring
1975 21
Philip Reed Willmarth Chapter Two: Knot Effects
1975 23
Harlan Tarbell, Stewart James, Philip Reed Willmarth Sefalalja Revisited
1975 23
Philip Reed Willmarth Instantaneous Knot On one handed, ring on knot
1975 25
Dick Jarrow, Philip Reed Willmarth Hindu Ring in Knot ring on rope, knotted
1975 27
Stewart Judah Judah's Version of Hunter's Bow Knot with a ring
1975 28
Philip Reed Willmarth Hunter Knot Spin Off with Hunter's Bow Knot
1975 29
Milbourne Christopher Chefalo Knot Release
1975 31
Milbourne Christopher The Ring Escape
1975 32
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Toss-Through Knot
1975 33
Philip Reed Willmarth, Burling Hull Pull the Knot & Ring Off
Related to
  • J. G. Thompson, Jr. "Top Secrets of Magic Vol. 2" P. 227
1975 34
Flip Hallema Flip's Knot Release
1975 35
Flip Hallema Flip's Ring in Knot
1975 36
Philip Reed Willmarth The Impossible Knot and Ring without letting go of ends
1975 38
Verne Chesbro, Philip Reed Willmarth Chesbro's Knot it Off
1975 39
Verne Chesbro, Philip Reed Willmarth Chesbro's Knot it On
1975 41
Dick Jarrow, Philip Reed Willmarth The "Scissors" Release
1975 42
Philip Reed Willmarth Doubled Rip-Off
1975 43
Dick Jarrow Single Ring Double-Knotted
1975 45
Philip Reed Willmarth Chapter Three: Open Knot Effects
1975 47
Philip Reed Willmarth, Verne Chesbro Thru-The-Hole On ring is pulled in open knot
Related to
  • J. G. Thompson, Jr. "Top Secrets of Magic Vol. 2"
1975 47
Dick Jarrow Satin's Knot and Ring Thru ring is pulled in open knot
1975 49
Peter Warlock Android Two On
Related to
  • Peter Warlock's "Warlock's Way"
1975 50
Peter Warlock Android On
Also published here
  • Peter Warlock's "Warlock's Way"
1975 51
Dick Jarrow, Flip Hallema, Philip Reed Willmarth Deejay Knot On including the variations Backward Deejay, Forward Deejay and the Swinging Deejay
Related to 1975 54
Dick Jarrow Deejay Rope / Silk Pull Off
1975 58
Mitchell Dyszel Ringschwindel
Also published here June 1975
Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Roy Baker Yecrik two colored rings change places on a string
Mar./Apr. 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 7&8)
Glennan Over The Top
May 1977
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 9)
Stephen Minch The Ribbon That Was Something Ellis ribbon, small metal ring appears, penetration routine
Inspired by 1977 76
Tommy Wonder Rope and Ring Routine ring penetrates rope and changes color twice
Related to 1977 4
Sam Schwartz Ring Flite
Also published here 1977 109
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Lefty
1977 111
A. Kojima Lightning Link
Also published here 1977 112
Karl Fulves Lightning Unlink
Also published here 1977 113
Karl Fulves Robot Ring betting game like endless chain with ring and rope
  • The Win/Lose Option
  • The Must-Lose Option
  • The Must-Win Option
see p. 1149 for comment by Jerry Fulton
Related to 1978 1118
Horace E. Bennett My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine on and off shoelace
Related toAlso published here 1978 25
Steve Beam The Ringer ring is caught in knot, one handed
1978 1
Juan Tamariz Rutina tres Aros three medium sized rings on rope, three phases under handkerchief, seated
1979 12
Jim Laconte Escape! large ring and rope
Dec. 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Bob Hummer Hummer's Ring and Cord ring off and on string with handkerchief
Also published here
  • a part of Martin Gardner's column in "Hugard's Magic Monthly"
1980 85
Karl Fulves The Demon's Ring Release No. 7, using cardboard rings
1980 7
Eric DeCamps Impossible Visual Link
Also published here Aug. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 8)
Jack Mitzman One-Handed GH Release
Oct. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 10)
John Ramsay Ring Off Rope wooden ring is removed from rope behind back, tied with two knots
1982 67
Ali Bongo Ring on Rope in paper bag, extra ring
1983 12
F. "Frizano" Honegger, Marseno Ein Ring und zwei Schnüre ring off rope, using two ropes
Related to 1983
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 44 No. 1)
F. "Frizano" Honegger, Marseno Ein Ring und zwei Schnüre ring off rope, illustration is corrected
Related to 1983
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 44 No. 2)
Doug Bennett Bewildering ring & rope routine with secret thread attached to rope
  • Phase I - The Melt-Through Penetration
  • Phase II - The "On" Penetration
  • Phase III - The Mirroraculous Penetration
  • No Strings Attached
  • Patter For Bewildering
New Stars of Magic (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Michael Gorman Two Rings and Rope elaboration of dropping ring on rope, with two rings
1984 122
Warren Stephens The Ring Thing penetration of rope, with gimmick
1984 134
Dick Jarrow, Jack Potter Multiple DJ Knot ring and rope, several knots ring comes off
1984 9
Rick Johnsson The Daisy Chain on-penetration of ring on rope
1984 12
Philip Reed Willmarth New One Hand Knot - With Ring
1984 14
Daniel Kalanowski Nightmare End as Daniel Kalinofski, releasing pair of scissors from a rope, extra piece
Apr. 1984
Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 36)
Bruce Allen The Ring and Rope with extra piece
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1984 24
Peter Samelson Ring of Truth multi-phase routine
1984 58
Manfred Cattarius Ring auf Seil large ring on rope, two methods
1984 45
Manfred Cattarius Ring vom Seil large ring off rope
1984 50
Warren Stephens Real Magic Release handkerchief through ring
Also published here
  • Warren Stephens's Lecture Notes
1984 (ca.) 2
Philip Reed Willmarth Walk It Down and Off rope tied in loop
1984 (ca.) 5
Philip Reed Willmarth Knot Catch! rope tied in loop
1984 (ca.) 5
Dom Cervas Phase Eins ring penetrates middle of rope, move
Related toAlso published here
  • Dom Cervas' "Close-Up Ring Penetration" in "Genii" Vol. 36, Nr. 11. 1972. P. 489.
1985 3
Norman Houghton Phase Zwei ring is thrown on rope, move
Also published here
  • Stewart James' "Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks - Vol. 3" P. 207. 1980.
1985 5
Willi Wessel Phase Drei (Der Grund-Griff) threading rope from ring and secretly threading it back in, convincing method
1985 7
Willi Wessel Phase Vier rope linked on rope
1985 9
Willi Wessel Phase Fünf ring on rope move, through center
1985 10
Willi Wessel Phase Sechs ring on rope move, center put on ring slowly penetrates ring
1985 12
Willi Wessel Phase Sieben rope is cut and two pieces knotted together, ring and rope fall off rope, rope is restored
1985 14
Eric DeCamps Ring and Rope
Also published here 1985 10
James G. Thompson Jr. Ricochet Ring "Bounding Bangle", ring on loop of rope, held between hands, ring jumps from lower strand to upper strand
Variations 1986 26
Aldo Colombini Autostop with two rings, different sizes
Gimmick (Issue 4)
Fred Kaps Ring off String extra ring, also method with extra piece of rope where ring and middle of the rope is behind book
Related to 1986 22
Joseph K. Schmidt Up The Sleeve
Inspired by Oct. 1987
Epoptica (Issue 10)
R. C. Buff Two Color Ropes and Ring ring on two different colored ropes penetrates ropes one by one
1987 13
In der vierten Dimension hands of performer and spectator tied with string between them, wooden ring penetrates in three phases
Also published here 1987
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Steve Roth Link Illusion
  • Bluff Off
  • Drop Link
  • Swindle On
  • Up and Off
  • Notes and Credits
The Chronicles (Issue 33)
Karl Fulves Mystery Ring No. 5, ring onto rope under handkerchief cover
Inspired by
  • Peter Warlock and Jack Miller principle
Related toAlso published here
1988 14
Fred Kaps Ring Varia small ring or washer penetrates on and off cord
Related toAlso published here 1988 37
Carl Albright Ring "Proof"
Apr. 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 4)
Carl Albright Ring to Ring
Apr. 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 4)
Aldo Colombini On and Off
Variations June 1990
Apocalypse (Vol. 13 No. 6)
John Bannon The Brass Zero ring rope penetration
1990 63
Wishing Rings No. 54, two rings threaded onto two ropes, chosen one penetrates and is free
1990 111
Jack Miller Miller's Move No. 58, ring onto rope with tied ends
Variations 1990 123
Bob Hummer Hummering I No. 59, ring onto rope
Also published here 1990 125
Bob Hummer Hummering II No. 60, ring onto rope
1990 127
Karl Fulves, Peter Warlock Releaso No. 61, ring onto rope
Inspired byRelated to 1990 127
Bruce Allen Hope on a Rope with extra piece
Also published here 1990 ca. 16
Steve Clark Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by June 1991
Apocalypse (Vol. 14 No. 6)
David (Foote) Drake Here Comes the Bridle Hitch Bridle Hitch with knotted rope and without hands
Sep. 1991
The Minotaur (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Roy Johnson Suparings routine with two plastic rings and rope, six phase routine
Inspired by
  • "Ring Sation" (Ken Beale)
Also published here
  • marketed manuscript
Jan. 1991
Intermagic (Vol. 16 No. 1)
Harvey Rosenthal Bangle Tangle two rings are knotted on a rope, flourish, figure eight knots
Mar. 1992
The Minotaur (Vol. 4 No. 1)
Giovanni Livera Rope Nut Knot nut & rope routine, nut appears under salt shaker as finale
1992 2
Jon Racherbaumer On Ring and Rope Routines credit information on using an extra piece, Edward Victor, Larry Becker, Bruce Allen
Related to Mar. 1992
Swipe (Issue 4)
Bob McAllister Rings should "ring" using two rings
Mar. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 3)
Doug Edwards Ring-on-Rope Toss
Apr. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 4)
Les Scheyer It Doesn't Stand Alone visual gag
May 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 5)
Michael Sondermeyer Direct Ring/Rope Penetration for rather small ring
Nov. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 11)
Stephen Tucker Symphony small ring changes to key
Dec. 1993
Apocalypse (Vol. 16 No. 12)
Harvey Rosenthal Loop De Loop ring off rope move, knot
Sep. 1994
The Minotaur (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Horace E. Bennett Ellis Ring - A New Beginning with shoelace
1994 27
Horace E. Bennett My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine on and off shoelace
Also published here 1994 30
Steve Dusheck Two Tricks at Once ring penetrates off shoelace, shoelace then changes color
1994 153
Aldo Colombini Ring on Rope, or Vice Versa
1994 128
Aldo Colombini Rings Off... Rings On two key rings & rope, rings link as finale
1994 137
Karl Norman Ring and Rope Routine piece of rope is cut and restored twice
1995 65
Harold Cataquet Perfect Ring-on-Rope Illusion
Jan. 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 1)
Steve Dusheck Doubleffect shoelace changes color & penetration
Dec. 1995
Apocalypse (Vol. 18 No. 12)
Martin Gardner Sefalaljia Sans
Arcane (Issue 14)
Dan Harlan On Again Off Again ring and rope move
Sep. 1995
The Minotaur (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Karl Fulves Ghost Ring No. 18, rope between wrists, large ring penetrates onto it when spectator closes eyes
1995 23
Karl Fulves Behind That Door No. 19, rope to wrist, other end held by spectator, ring onto rope when out of sight behind a door
1995 24
Pavel Perfekte Ring-Durchdringung ring on rope, magnetic rope
1995 20
Felix Farrell Ring & Rope Climax climax for Allen / Williamson routine, ring knotted on rope, ring is removed with knot on it
Inspired by 1995 66
Jon Allen Double Impact ideas for
  • Coins Across
  • Ring and Rope
Related to 1995 9
Tommy Wonder Colors Three and Through ring and rope routine, with color changing ring
  • Phase One: The Ring Goes On
  • Phase Two: The Ring Comes Off
  • Phase Three: On Again
  • Phase Four: From Orange to Blue
  • Phase Five: From Blue to White
  • Phase Six: Off Once More
  • Phase Seven: One More Time
Related to 1996 161
Francis Tabary Double Ring Through
Jan. 1996
Apocalypse (Vol. 19 No. 1)
Jon Allen Twin Peaks endings for
  • Coins Across
  • Ring on Rope
Related to Jan./Feb. 1996
The Magic Menu (Vol. 6 No. 33)
Edward D. Hesse Ring- & Seilverknotung
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 4 & 5)
Karl Fulves After Eva Fay variation of classic ring release, ring tied on rope, more rings then threaded onto rope, those rings are released
Related to 1998 190
Ronald J. Dayton New Vista Rope & Ring "Blink Knot" combined with ring
Also published here
  • MUM, January 1995
1998 197
Karl Fulves Silberian Ring Release "Unsolved Mysteries"
ring-rope release with arm, posed as a problem
1998 267
Karl Fulves Wraparound "a one-handed harness hitch"
Related to 1998 271
Karl Fulves Harness Hitch Bet
Related to 1998 274
Jack Avis Houdini Ring
Related to 1998 145
Jack Avis Escape from Ellis ellis ring off cord
1998 148
John Hawken Penetring ring of cord, beads at end of cord
Apr. 1998
Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 10)
John Derris, Bob McAllister Staggering ring and rope, based on McAllister routine, magnet
1998 38
Aldo Colombini Ring Up ring off rope, knot
2000 9
Bruce Allen Ring Around the Rope with extra piece
Also published here 2003 14
Francis Tabary A Ring and a Rope
2004 101
Francis Tabary Ring and Rope "Pseudo-Release of the Ring (With a Single Rope)"
ends in pocket, ring is apparently removed
2004 109
Francis Tabary Genuine Release of the Ring (With a Single Rope)
2004 114
Francis Tabary Aerial Link (With two Ropes)
2004 116
Francis Tabary The Bite Release with extra piece
2004 120
Francis Tabary Bluff Link of the Ring (With a Single Rope)
2004 124
Francis Tabary Toss Link (With a Single Rope)
2004 127
Francis Tabary Final Release of the Ring
2004 128
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring auf Seil rope knotted around body, ring on rope
2004 16
Joseph K. Schmidt Elevator Malfunction
Inspired by
  • "Elevator Ring" (Sam Schwartz)
Prolix (Issue 5)
Picking Pockets ring and string release, spectator holds one end
Prolix (Issue 6)
Allan Lambie Ring Escape
Prolix (Issue 8)
Joseph K. Schmidt Dayton Plus Chop
Inspired by
  • "Simple Offering" (Rope Worker - A Tribute to R. C. Buff)
Prolix (Issue 9)
Walter Rollins Ringy Dingy three rings penetrate a rope one by one
Variations 2012
Prolix (Issue 10)
Karl Fulves KF Notes Jardine-Ellis ring with Rollins's routine
Inspired by 2012
Prolix (Issue 10)
Doug Edwards Kicker Rope ring and knot off rope
2013 126