Written by Phil Willmarth

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59 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Phil Willmarth Chapter One: Simple Penetrations ring and rope moves without knots, short history, Liko Pang, Fitch Cheney, Jack Chanin & Stewart James 2
Jack Chanin Chanin's Linked On ring through middle of rope, with variation by Dick JarrowRelated to 3
Jimmy Kane Karate it On ring is hit with hand and ends up hanging on rope 4
Flip Hallema Flip it On ring on rope move, two ways 5
Phil Willmarth Crossed Ends Release ring cannot be taken from rope, then it falls off 6
Phil Willmarth Misdirection Throw On ring is thrown on rope, move 9
Phil Willmarth Direct Throw On ring is thrown on rope, without get-ready 10
Phil Willmarth, Tony Anverdi After-Anverdi Off "Overhanded Anverdi", ring off rope 10
Tony Anverdi Anverdi Two Off move, ring apparently offRelated to 12
Flip Hallema, Phil Willmarth Another Flip It On ring is thrown in center of the rope 13
Flip Hallema Flip's Original Throw On ring is thrown in center of the rope 15
Flip Hallema Flip's Snap It On with large ring 16
Phil Willmarth Swing It Off Right 17
Rick Johnsson Swing It Off Left "elevator handling" 17
Norman Houghton Melt-Through Ring Off Also published here
  • "Abracadabra" #1000
Norman Houghton How To De-Rope a Ring 21
Phil Willmarth Chapter Two: Knot Effects 23
Harlan Tarbell, Stewart James, Phil Willmarth Sefalalja Revisited 23
Phil Willmarth Instantaneous Knot On one handed, ring on knot 25
Dick Jarrow, Phil Willmarth Hindu Ring in Knot ring on rope, knotted 27
Stewart Judah Judah's Version of Hunter's Bow Knot with a ring 28
Phil Willmarth Hunter Knot Spin Off with Hunter's Bow Knot 29
Milbourne Christopher Chefalo Knot Release 31
Milbourne Christopher The Ring Escape 32
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Toss-Through Knot 33
Phil Willmarth, Burling Hull Pull the Knot & Ring Off Related to
  • J. G. Thompson, Jr. "Top Secrets of Magic Vol. 2" P. 227
Flip Hallema Flip's Knot Release 35
Flip Hallema Flip's Ring in Knot 36
Phil Willmarth The Impossible Knot and Ring without letting go of ends 38
Verne Chesbro, Phil Willmarth Chesbro's Knot it Off 39
Verne Chesbro, Phil Willmarth Chesbro's Knot it On 41
Dick Jarrow, Phil Willmarth The "Scissors" Release 42
Phil Willmarth Doubled Rip-Off 43
Dick Jarrow Single Ring Double-Knotted 45
Phil Willmarth Chapter Three: Open Knot Effects 47
Phil Willmarth, Verne Chesbro Thru-The-Hole On ring is pulled in open knotRelated to
  • J. G. Thompson, Jr. "Top Secrets of Magic Vol. 2"
Dick Jarrow Satin's Knot and Ring Thru ring is pulled in open knot 49
Peter Warlock Android Two On Related to
  • Peter Warlock's "Warlock's Way"
Peter Warlock Android On Also published here
  • Peter Warlock's "Warlock's Way"
Dick Jarrow, Flip Hallema, Phil Willmarth Deejay Knot On including the variations Backward Deejay, Forward Deejay and the Swinging DeejayRelated to 54
Dick Jarrow Deejay Rope / Silk Pull Off 58