11 entries in Rope / Knot Effects / Real / Two-Handed
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The Lightning Knot
1941 ca. 20
The Vanishing Square Knot square knot to slip knot, two ropes
1941 ca. 27
David Berglas Knot-Knot an instant double-knot
1976 24
Philip Reed Willmarth The Acrobat knot appears in rope
Also published here 1984 13
Manfred Cattarius Mein "Schiebe"-Knoten
1984 9
Joseph K. Schmidt General Comments on the Square Knot and the Granny Knot no title
1987 1
R. C. Buff, Joseph K. Schmidt The Thief Knot unconventional way to form a Square knot, "Bread-Bag Knot"
1987 7
Ronald J. Dayton Ashley's "What Knot" unconventional way to form a Granny knot
1987 8
R. C. Buff The Snob odd way to tie Square knot using two ropes
1987 14
Joseph K. Schmidt Male and Female Rope handling to male false and real knot
1987 15
The Basic Overhand Knot No. 1, no effect
1990 4