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Victor Farelli The "Lindahl" Method Culling and securing a required stock in the action of removing the four Aces
Related to
  • (Tom Osborne, The Sphinx, June 1932)
1936 15
Tom Osborne The Coin Penetration coin in glass, handkerchief wrapped around, coin penetrates through handkerchief at top
Variations 1939 55
Tom Osborne Bewilderment of Santa "Tale of Saint Nicholas", rhyming patter
The Jinx (Issue 121)
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hen Fetch, John Scarne, James G. Thompson Jr. Orson Welles, Dunninger and Tom Osborne
Apr. 1943 138
Tom Osborne Answer To Hey Magish! "Show Us A Trick" short changing in a routine, dime to penny but not revealing it
May 1943 145
Tom Osborne "Ring and Spirit Knot" ring put in knot under handkerchief
1943/27 83
Tom Osborne Instant Number Memorization how to quickly memorize serial number
1943/27 134
Tom Osborne Five Coin Routine five coins are produced and put in bottom less glass, more coins are produced
1943/27 173
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Cups and Balls Magic by Tom Osborne 1944 83
Paul Fleming (reviewer) 3-to-1 Rope Trick by Tom Osborne 1944 85
Tom Osborne The Ring from a Rope with extra
1945 261
James G. Thompson Jr. Biographical Sketches of Contributors
  • Theo. Annemann
  • Charles Arbuthnot
  • George E. Arrowsmith
  • Roger Barkann
  • Sylvan Barnet
  • Joseph L. Barnett
  • Raymond L. Beebe
  • Eugene Bernstein
  • J. B. Bobo
  • John N. Booth
  • Tom Bowyer
  • Vynn Boyar
  • Joan Brandon
  • Fred Braue
  • John Braun
  • Lu Brent
  • R. C. Buff
  • Clyde F. Cairy
  • Loring Campbell
  • Jack Chanin
  • Frank Chapman
  • Forest V. Chesbro
  • Milbourne Christopher
  • Eddie Clever
  • Stanley Collins
  • Mystic Craig
  • Thomas J. Crawford
  • John J. Crimmins, JR.
  • Paul J. Curry
  • Del Monte
  • Harry Dobrin
  • Ronald B. Edwards
  • Bruce Elliot
  • Professor El-Tab
  • Dr. E. G. Ervin
  • Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans
  • Val Evans
  • "Hen" Fetsch
  • Thomas B. Fitzgerald
  • Dariel Fitzkee
  • Sid Fleischman
  • Joseph Harman Fries
  • Martin Gardner
  • Teral Garrett
  • Walter B. Gibson
  • Arnold L. Grubin
  • Nelson C. Hahne
  • Hathaway
  • Royal V. Heath
  • Charles H. Hopkins
  • Jean Hugard
  • Mark Jacobs
  • R. M. Jamison
  • F. H. Jeudevine
  • Maurice Kains
  • George G. Kaplan
  • George Karger
  • Joseph A. Karson
  • Wilbur Kattner
  • Gerald Lynton Kaufman
  • Howard B. Kayton, M.D.
  • The Great Kolar
  • Gerald Kosky
  • Abril Lamarque
  • William W. Larsen
  • Sid Lorraine
  • Art Lyle
  • L. Vosburgh Lyons
  • Richard F. Madden
  • Greer Marechal, JR.
  • George McAthy
  • William H. McCaffrey
  • Jack McMillen
  • Harry Mendoza
  • Orville Meyer
  • John W. Mifflin
  • Chester Morris
  • Paul Morris
  • Frederick Mosteller
  • Robert A. Nelson
  • C. A. George Newmann
  • Grady S. Nicholson
  • Dr. Cecil E. Nixon
  • Charles Walter Nyquist
  • Dell O'Dell
  • Tom Osborne
  • George Harrison Pittman
  • Julien J. Proskauer
  • Clayton Rawson
  • Ralph W. Read
  • Dolf Rudin
  • Herb Rungie
  • Ned Rutledge
  • James J. Sanders
  • Lucille Pierce Saxon
  • Sigmar - The Magician
  • Jerry Sorensen
  • Willard S. Smith
  • George Starke
  • Dr. Raymond V. Stone, SR. (RAMO)
  • Harlan Tarbell
  • DR. Franklin Taylor
  • J. G. Thompson, JR.
  • Jack F. Trebel
  • M. Van Reese
  • Jack Vosburgh
  • Audley Valentine Walsh
  • Peter Warlock
  • Herman L. Weber
  • Bob Weill
  • William H. Wilson
  • Tommy Windsor
  • Howard H. Wise
  • Ed. Wolff
  • Michael F. Zens
1945 347
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Maurice Zolotow, Dai Vernon, Bert Allerton, Annemann's use of the nail writer, Tom Osborne, Jay Marshall
Mar. 1945 323
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Robert Parrish, Bob Nelson, Dariel Fitzkee, Tom Osborne
Apr. 1945 335
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Coin Tricks by Tom Osborne 1946 77
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Phil Upton on "ghoti", Tom Osborne
Related to Oct. 1948 653
Tom Osborne Cheek to Cheek Clicks on Television short mention that Osborne performed the trick on television
Jan. 1949 9
Ed Mishell Mishell's Mite get ready for Tom Osborne's "Passing the Buck", with bills
Related to Mar. 1950 791
Jochen Zmeck Wie man zu Geld kommt coins appear between playing cards
Inspired by
  • routine in Tom Osborne's "Coin Tricks"
1961 9
Tom Osborne Passing the Buck four coins produced from four cards, they then travel around under cards
  • Bobo Variation
Related to 1966 399
Tom Osborne, Lu Brent Match It mates are produced
1972 111
Tom Osborne Osborne's Three Shell Game Routine No. 426, more than two pages
  • Starting Routine
  • Routine Regular
Related to 1972 116
Three Shell Game No. 429, three pages
  • Starting Routine
  • Regular Routine
Related to 1972 120
Karrell Fox Knowing the Ropes trade show patter for Tom Osborne's "Three-to-One Rope" trick
1991 140
Tom Osborne Salzfass-Durchdringung salt shaker on top of upside-down glass, covered with napkin, shaker instead of a promised coin penetrates table
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 3)
Tom Osborne Der Zucker-Trick cup covered with saucer, sugar put on saucer, covered with napkin, sugar penetrates saucer
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 3)
Tom Osborne Zwei Messer-Tricks knife through napkin, or knife vanishes or penetrates table
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 3)
Tom Osborne Sonne und Mond two different-colored silks, center circles transpose
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 3)
Mike Gallo I Got You Covered coins in glass, handkerchief wrapped around, coins penetrate through handkerchief one by one, glass full of coins as kicker
Inspired by 2020 384