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Phil Weisbecker, Ed Mishell Cosmic Comics with magnets
June 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 128)
Ed Mishell Mishell's Move hidden bill packet is transferred from one hand to the other behind second bill
Related toVariationsAlso published here Feb. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 196)
Ed Mishell Mishell's Mite get ready for Tom Osborne's "Passing the Buck", with bills
Related to Mar. 1950
The Phoenix (Issue 198)
Tom Osborne Passing the Buck four coins produced from four cards, they then travel around under cards
  • Bobo Variation
Related to 1966 399
Ed Mishell Roperama Professors's nightmare with restoration
Related to
  • p. 109 for reference
July 1967 109
Karl Fulves Babel Velki magazine, Mystic Power Mentations (Vosburgh Lyons), Ed Mishell's Hold-Out Miracles, Stewart Smith, practical joke by Robert Murray (two right handed gloves) via Martin Gardner
Dec. 1969 304
Ed Mishell Ribbon-Cut
1972 171
Ed Mishell Introduction - 1962
Also published here 1976 6
Ed Mishell Ed Mishell's Subtleties ideas for previous routine
1977 79
Abraham B. Hurwitz, Ed Mishell Introduction
1979 5
Martin Gardner, Eddie Fechter, Audley Walsh Control 5 with cup
Related to
  • "Eddie Fechter's Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians" (Jerry Mentzer, 1974)
  • "Dice Dexterity" (Audley Walsh, Ed Mishell, 1953)
1995 15
Audley Walsh Control 13 with cup
Related to
  • "Scarne on Dice" (John Scarne, 1974)
  • "Dice Dexterity" (Audley Walsh, Ed Mishell, 1953)
1995 25
Sam Schwartz Add It
  • "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
lightning calculation demonstration with four columns of numbers, reprint of instructions by Ed Mishell for Tannen's
The Fine Print (Issue 10)
Ed Mishell Mishell's Move moving folded bill from left to right hand while openly snapping bill
Also published here 2006 103
John Lovick Mishell's Move Variation
Inspired by 2006 104
Clayton Rosencrance Anywise Coin Vanish coin vanishes from paper, moving coin from end to end, often with bills
Related toAlso published here
  • The Sphinx, March 1924
Prolix (Issue 5)
Ed Mishell Introduction by Ed Mishell - 1962
Also published here 2014 27