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Philip Breslaw The learned little Swan, One of Mr. Breslaw's Grand Deceptions automaton swan swims in a bowl with letters of alphabet on the rim, spelling a name or swims to named letter, on magnets and anecdote of Breslaw being heckled by Francis Blake Delaval
Related to 1784 33
Henri Decremps Autre apparence de Mouvement Perpétuel. other perpetual motion machine, made from wood
1785 147
Henri Decremps Cadrans Sympathiques two dials with letters, needle is placed on one letter and needle moves by its own on other dial
1785 150
The Box of Numbers four numbered blocks put in closed box, performer divines arranged number, magnetism
1890 257
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Die behexte Taschenuhr No. 24, borrowed pocket watch stops and continues at command, electric magnet
1899 72
Light and Heavy Chest with cigar box on plate, electro magnet
1899 74
Plate raps Number plate on tray raps according to thrown die number, electro magnet
1899 74
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Die Geisterschrift oder das unergründliche Geheimnis No. 33, freely named word appears on wrapped slate, chalk is shorter as well, assistant in table writes with magnet and chalk has iron core
1899 96
Die dressierte Fliege fake fly divines things by moving on a board that has a grid with the alphabet and letters, secret (small) assistant behind board and magnet
Related to Mar. 1899
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Der elektrische Kartenspiegel No. 10, mirror hangs on stage, deck thrown on it and selection clings to it, drops on command, electro magnet, alternative handling with battery on back and mirror in hand
1900 80
H. F. C. Suhr Der Geistertisch bell on (gaffed) table answers questions, or ball rolls, rapping hand, electro-magnetic
Related to Feb. 1900
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 2)
H. F. C. Suhr Der Geistertisch part two
Related to Mar. 1900
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Dr. G. Runschke Beitrag zum "magnetischen Zahlenkästchen" improvement, using a wand made from glass
Inspired by
  • Willmann's Salon-Magie, p. 372
Jan. 1901
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 1)
Stewart James Numismatigic coin divination behind back, magnetism
Related toVariationsAlso published here Oct. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 25)
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Dr. Ervin's Psychic Cigarette cigarette rolls towards performer on table
Dec. 1938
Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 1 No. 6)
L. Vosburgh Lyons The Knickel of Kanadah coin divination, magnetism
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Dec. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 72)
Lloyd W. Chambers Incomprehensible Predictability out of a hat, magician picks envelope containing $5 among envelopes containing just $1, steel in envelope and magnet in wand
1941 11
Lloyd W. Chambers Coingo inside mini vase, card is covering a penny, penny vanishes and card prediction is in vase
1941 15
Theodore DeLand Floating Smoke cigarette floats in hat, loop passed over it
Oct. 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 20)
Stewart James Numismatigic coin divination behind back, magnetism
Also published here 1944 242
Arnold Belais A Stamp Collector's Nightmare paddle routine with stamps on two paddles, "paste spreaders", magnets
Oct. 1945 155
Dr. William Weyeneth Anitras Tanz wooden doll starts to dance on plate, followed by french translation "Anitra, la danseuse"
Mar. 1945 3
Charles-Emile "Prof. Rex" Sauty Das magische Portrait von Rob. Houdin wand and ball cling on picture, followed by french translation "Le portrait magique de Robert-Houdin"
Mar. 1945 6
Two Matches - An Intriguing Table Trick paper matches penetrate cards, magnetic
May 1946
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 3 No. 12)
Rowland Brandwem Matchbook Discovery card is selected and shuffled back in the deck, second selection is placed unseen on the table, then 13 cards placed in a row and matchbox held over each card and one card sticks to it which turns out to be selection and unseen card's value matches position
Oct. 1946 261
Milbourne Christopher Steel Ball Puzzle idea for puzzle with ball in metal vase, ball should be lifted from vase
Nov. 1946 264
Phil Weisbecker, Ed Mishell Cosmic Comics with magnets
June 1947
The Phoenix (Issue 128)
Milbourne Christopher Magnetic Magic magnetic holdout in trousers at back of leg
Related to Feb. 1947 293
Arthur H. Buckley The Magnetic Pass with One or Several Coins magnetic holdout in trousers at back of leg
Related to 1948 76
1. Die schwebende Mumie mummy floats in little box
Related toAlso published here 1948
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 9 No. Sondernummer 1)
Dr. William Weyeneth La Momie voltigeante mummy floats in little box and vanishes, followed by german translation "Das Geheimnis der Mumie"
Also published here Jan. 1948 7
Dr. William Weyeneth La bouchon obéissant bar bet, card cannot be placed between cork and matchbox, followed by german translation "Der folgsame Korken"
June 1948 12
George B. Anderson A Mental Illusion two hidden objects are found in the audience, looks like contact mind reading, detective presentation
1949 31
Dr. Boris Zola Doc Zola's Magnet Routine matches penetrate card, with matchbook
1949 13
Dr. William Weyeneth Ein unterhaltsamer Tischscherz cigarette is balanced on matchbox, magnetic
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 10 No. 1)
Dr. William Weyeneth Das Changieren eines Zettels mittels einer Cigarettenschachtel billet is switched under cigarette box, billet clipped with paper clip
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 10 No. 2)
Hans Trunk Die magnetische Karte non-magnetic card is found with magnet on string
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 11 No. 1)
James Upchurch A Spooky Spots Finish method to hand out Spooky Spots board
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1951)
George Schindler Radar Magnet idea for the radar pencil
Apr. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 279)
Dr. William Weyeneth Eine magische Groteske coin in glass adheres to paperclip on thread, as puzzle
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 18 No. 4)
Eddie Joseph Baffling at the Bar mental monte with three discs, performer finds colored one
1959 2
Eddie Joseph The Invisible Influence several animation effects using a shimmed cigarette and a matchbox with magnet, lifting matchbox with knife and letting it fall on command
1959 8
U. F. Grant Lilly - Levi knife in paper cup, knife is held and cup remains suspended
Related to Nov. 1960
The New Phoenix (Issue 351)
Charly Eperny Die geheimnisvolle Spinne frame with playing cards, spider starts to move on frame and ends up on selection
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 21 No. 3)
James G. Thompson Jr. Five to One billets in hat, secret divination and reading
Jan. 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 353)
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks magische Kraft six ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by writing them on the envelopes with chalk
Related toVariations 1961 92
Dr. William Weyeneth Die geheimnisvolle Cigarettenschachtel glimpse of number inside a cigarette case, numbers on paper
Related to 1962
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 23 No. 5)
P. Howard Lyons Arsey Versey coin divination, magnetism
Inspired by Sep. 1962
Ibidem (Issue 26)
Dr. William Weyeneth Ein neues Zauberstäbchen das viele Möglichkeiten bietet magnet on stick, inside a wand
Related to 1963
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 24 No. 1)
Dr. William Weyeneth Typ zum Mikromagietisch im trauten Heim adding cards from under table, magnet used
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 24 No. 2)
Martin Gardner Variable Magnetic Lie Detector lie detector using the Variable Magnetic Executive Tranquilizer
Nov. 1964
The New Phoenix (Issue 393)
Henry Lannering Magnetized Needle needle clings to razor blade
July 1966 46
Ali Bongo The Balancing Yogi sucker trick with a small doll, spectator cannot balance it
1966 34
Bento Sympathetic Matches two paddles, name appears, four matches from a matchbook separately on a handkerchief join in one corner with the paddle as cover, the matches are placed in a stand and are covered, they vanish and reappear in the matchbook
1967 127
Bob Ostin Thimble Box thimble vanishes and appears in a box
1967 179
Ernesto "Ernest" Pracchia, Osmar "Mister Curdis" Moreno Vaso y Sombrero glass under handkerchief, hat placed on top and glass penetrates hat
1967 48
Bob Ostin The Cigar Tube Mystery small ball vanishes from cigar tube
1968 40
Magische Tips various ideas and tips
  • torn and restored newspaper (special paper)
  • fake cigarettes
  • large nails produced from shoe
  • splitting of a playing card
  • magnetic toy bugs
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 2)
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Acrobatic Paperclips paper clips suspend on each other and finally a finger ring as well, when examined the paperclips have linked together to form a chain with the ring
Variations 1969 101
Eddie Joseph Bewildering Buttons routine with buttons and plastic cups and magnet gimmick at finger (impromptu chop cup style)
  • Downward Penetration
  • Upward Penetration
  • Direct Penetration
1969 179
Dr. William Weyeneth Mikro-Wunderröhre round bubble gum ball placed in tube and changes color
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 30 No. 6)
John Hamilton Scientific Rope magnetic ends, held together with thread
  • cut & restored
  • Disappearing Knot
  • Penetration Of A Wand Or Pencil
Aug. 1970 353
Pavel A Rope Circle Routine three knotted rope rings become one large ring, then small rings again which are then linked
Variations 1970 ca. 7
C. "Cajano" Baumgartner Der geheimnisvolle Knoten three silks with different colors are placed inside fist, one vanishes and other two are knotted together, magnets
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 32 No. 3)
Jochen Zmeck, Herbert Paufler Tsantsa (fake) shrunken head hangs inside transparent tube and pivots into direction of chosen card, magnetism
1972 20
Chandler Mason Punk Chow! living and dead test, with food spectator likes and one he does not like, divined with pendulum
Magick (Issue 71)
John Cornelius Magnetic Fork powerful magnet below table makes fork magnetic above table
Related toAlso published here May 1974 733
Martin Gardner With Magnets picking up metal things with match, see also p. 834 for clarification, p. 874 for obtaining magnets
Related to Dec. 1974 829
Anthony Raven The Eye of the Raven! prediction in envelope, card stolen from deck, magnetic
Variations 1974
Magick (Issue 109)
Karl Fulves Zero Gee Lunaball (scientific toy), light metal sphere with magnetic outer surface, close-up levitation
Related to Jan. 1975 841
Karl Fulves Silent Thought Transmission two origami crows on table, circle of cards around them, they move to two selections
May 1975 960
Stephen Minch Confusing the Compass needle of compass dances, knee magnet attached after searching of performer
1975 26
Stephen Minch "We Interrupt this Program" running radio is made to malfunction with mind power
1975 27
Theo Doré Geld steigt einem zu Kopf bills counted and spectator holds them, some vanish and travel onto his hat
Also published here
  • Genii
June 1975
Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Gerald Kosky Impromptu Magnetic Cup magnet in aluminium foil, cover for glass
1975 233
Charles "Cicardi" Scott 'Super' Mental Image five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by drawing the symbols on the envelopes
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1976
Magick (Issue 157)
Clayton Rawson, Walter B. Gibson, Jerry Ross Date Sense coins in handkerchief, one with specific date is found, several versions
Magick (Issue 161)
Al Mann Permutation of Matter - A Solid Through Solid Effect safety pins link together, three phases
  • Part I - three pins link in spectator's hand
  • Part II - safety pin links with finger ring, phase with Andrus Linking Pin gimmick
  • Part III - pins are magnetized (inspired by Rink's Acrobatic Paperclips)
Inspired byRelated to 1977 3
Al Mann Merlin's Magic Marionettes puppet starts to move (wiggle, move head and hands) on performer's command
Related to 1977 17
Tan Hock Chuan Eclipse Discovery Selection rises from a tumbler as a cardboard cylinder covering the tumble is lifted up, card can be seen through window
1977 16
Bobby Hughes Mental Image Outdone! presentation idea for Jaks's Mental Image, five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by drawing the symbols on the envelopes, last on is predicted
Inspired by 1978
Magick (Issue 201)
Bill Tarr Coins and Magnets
  • Magnetic Coin
  • Steel-Core Coin
  • Disadvantages
  • Magnets
  • Jacket Holder
  • Sleeve Holder
  • Pocket Holder
  • Under-the-Jacket-Holder
1978 176
Tony "Doc" Shiels Mentalists Problem Number One - A Solution pencil placed under small aquarium, some or all fall over
Related to Dec. 1978 2
Nathan Stark Mind Press piece of matchbook is balanced on a pin and covered with a glas, starts turning
Magick (Issue 241)
Robert Siepielski Keylock several blank cards in envelopes and and one with a drawn key, key is found and person who chose envelope, metal detector method
Magick (Issue 244)
Stephen Minch Pickman's Model stain appears on table under statue, then statue moves and disappears
Also published here 1979 16
, Henry Slade Psychic Compass No. 23, compass needle moves, magnet in shoe under table
1979 35
Karl Fulves The Time Pool No. 41, spectator's watch apparently speeded up when dipped into special glass
1979 66
Die Magnet-Daumenspitze magnetic thumb tip
  • cigarette clings to hand
  • card rises from deck
Aug. 1979
Intermagic (Vol. 6 No. 2)
Der Hindu Nadel Trick by some "William"
Also published here
  • Pentagram, Dec. 1954
Dec. 1979
Intermagic (Vol. 6 No. 3 & 4)
Martin Lewis, Paul Harris Stamped Second demonstration second deal, stamp is stuck onto top card
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1980 111
Peter Pit Ghost Key key turns on hand and raps and twists on a tray
Magick (Issue 256)
Gene "Phantini" Grant Star Trick! prediction of a zodiac sign, with chop cup
Magick (Issue 268)
Uriah Fuller 6. Compass Needles moving compass needle
1980 59
Mike Caveney A Bloody Prediction murder story, prediction of a stabbing wound, comedy routine
1981 57
Gene "Phantini" Grant Uncanny Impulses pencil run over card with letters and stops at several letters, letters form a word a second spectator is thinking of
1981 56
Al Mann The Invisible Force effects with secretly magnetized needles
  • Psychic Motion (animation of matches)
1982 10
Prince Thebb Time Gone Wild influencing normal and digital watches
1982 11
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Skulduggery writing of person in one of several envelopes, skull on chain sticks to that envelope
June 1983
Magick (Issue 320)
Frederick Braue The Wandering Pip Five into Four of Diamonds, magnetic (1943)
1985 13
Richard Bartram, Jr. "This Ain't Psychokinesis!!" "UP" elevator button always turn over in performer's hand
1985 19
Richard Bartram, Jr. This Ain't Psychokinesis, Either! coin under glass moves and spins
1985 21
Karl Fulves Catchbets No. 6, on bets in which the sneak solution does not work as expected
  • coin on strip of paper on edge of glass has to be put into glass
  • three coins in a row, some can be touched, some moved
  • tearing a strip of paper, one hand on each end, into three pieces, posed as a problem
Related to 1985 93
Magnetic Shim Marking
1986 4
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
1986 7
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
1988 10
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
1988 8
Paul Mauerhofer Das Märchen vom goldenen Schuh five little figures are mixed by spectator, only one is golden underneath and it is located by performer
Inspired by
  • Larry Becker's "The Black Spot" in "Mentalism for Magicians" 1981.
Magische Blätter (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
1990 3
Michael Weber PeeK word written on business card, covered with glass bowl and handkerchief, secret magnet and shim in business card
Also published here 1990 8
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
1991 12
Steve Dusheck Experiment No. 10 magnet hidden in one-finger Sanada type gimmick
1991 53
Jonathan Cooke Mind Flight moving needle of compass
Apr. 1991
Magick (Issue 454)
Jim Steinmeyer Needles magnet on wine bottle
1991 116
Michael Weber PeeK word written on business card, covered with glass bowl and handkerchief, secret magnet and shim in business card
Also published here 1991 10
Ken Brooke The Ken Brooke Coin Trick edited reprint from 1964, coin penetrates silk into glass twice
Inspired by
  • "The Marconick Coin Trick", ca. 1963
Jan. 1993
New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Alexander de Cova Magnet-Gimmick magnet in trouser above knee
Related toAlso published here 1993 5
Steve Dusheck Keytector key on string swings wildly over selected ESP card
1993 73
Alexander de Cova Magnet-Gimmick magnet in trouser above knee
Also published here 1993 6
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Der Hosenmagnet magnet in trousers as hold out, production of coin
Related to 1993 162
Steve Dusheck Collapse-a-Pill Cup impromptu chop cup with magnet in pen which is held near cup, done with a pill
1994 16
Steve Dusheck Chipstick bingo markers magically attach to each other
1994 41
Steve Dusheck Rattle Cans monte type game with three cans, one of which rattles
1994 90
Steve Dusheck Beady puzzle in which small beads have to be rolled into holes, performer does it behind his bag
1994 124
Martin Gardner Gardner's Magnetized Knife secretly magnetized knife used for paper clip vanish/travel effects
Apr. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 8)
Philip T. Goldstein Psign prediction of a sign, eight different symbols on a paper
1995 8
Alexander de Cova Invisible Magnetic Holdout magnet in trouser above knee
Also published here 1995 27
Pavel Pavel's "Seil durch den Hals" rope through neck, variation with handkerchief, magnetic
1995 4
Pavel Seil durch den Körper rope through body, magnetic
1995 6
Pavel Pavel's "Seil durch den Körper" rope penetrates neck and body, magnetic
1995 6
Pavel Der Magnetische Zauberstab handkerchief appears knotted on wand
1995 26
Pavel Magnet-Halter magnetic holder in trousers
1995 30
Charles McFarland Ghost Coin coin stand up on its edge by itself on the spectator's hand
July 1995
Magic (Vol. 4 No. 11)
Martin Lewis, Paul Harris Stamped Second demonstration second deal, stamp is stuck onto top card
Also published here 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Fantasies 1 & 2)
Tom Stone Across the Void no touch version, with rubberbands
1996 5
Chad Long Spray Paint ball bearing in can is silenced at will
1997 4
Pete Biro Billion-Dollar Bill Switch switch that ends clean, magnet unload in back pocket
1997 5
Joe Mogar Hanging Around combining magnets and thimble magic
1997 146
Alexander de Cova Der Magnethalter und seine Anwendungen magnetic holder system for body loading
Related to 1998 65
Alexander de Cova Das De Cova - Haltesystem holder system for body loading
1998 69
Martin Gardner Two Stunts
  • "Bronx cheer effect" with tv screen
  • tissue around end of tube, filled with salt, tissue cannot be broken
  • affecting television screen with magnet
Underworld (Issue 7)
Martin Gardner The 7th Clip six paper clips in paper cup cling to it when turned upside down, when seventh clip is placed inside, they drop out
Underworld (Issue 9)
John Riggs Voo Doo You with voodoo doll, prediction on cardboard where spectator places pin
Jan. 1998 12
John Derris, Bob McAllister Staggering ring and rope, based on McAllister routine, magnet
1998 38
Bob King Magnet Miller on the Jack Miller Hold-out
1999 7
Barrie Richardson Mental Magnetism deck spread on table and hands placed on spread, cards cling to hand, eventually all fall down except selection
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Club 71, Easter 1990
1999 49
Barrie Richardson Suspension of Disbelief glass clings to spoon
VariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1991
1999 53
Martin Gardner Pencil Magnet pencil in paper cup, pencil is held and cup remains suspended
Related to 2000
Discoverie (Issue 3)
Vernon Winiecke Transpo Coins coin inside spectator's fist visually transposes with coin on top of his fist
Inspired by
  • "Pennys Thru Table" (Tony Kardyro)
Related to
Discoverie (Issue 4)
John Cornelius Lines of Flux powerful magnet below table makes fork magnetic above table
Also published here 2001 57
Joseph Dunninger Psychic Tricks on a medium called Eusapia Palladino, rising table, electromagnet
Discoverie (Issue 5)
Eric Mead Everything Matches matched poured on paper, ESP card chosen, matches blown off the paper and a few remain in square shape which match the symbol
Apr. 2001
Magic (Vol. 10 No. 8)
Philip T. Goldstein Clipper nail clippers put in one of several boxes, performer divines the box
May 2002
Genii (Vol. 65 No. 5)
Arthur "Dr. Rubini" Dicken The Magnetic Eggsacta Wand several egg balanced on wand, magnetic
Also published here
  • The Linking Ring, Vol. 41 No. 10, Dec. 1961, p. 63
2002 95
Antón "Mago Antón" López El Submarino y el Periscopio selection is found with the aid of a straw, submarin presentation, with variation
  • Variante: Equilibrio Inverosimil
2003 234
Al Bertini In Memoria three predictions written on paper with red pen, all are wrong and when opened again they are corrected with black ink by spirit
2004 15
Robert Cassidy The Cassidy Crossover
  • The Basic Switch
  • The Mechanics of the Move
  • The Invisible Read and Holdout
  • Proper Placement and Use of the Holdout
2004 222
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Ring auf Seil rope knotted around body, ring on rope
2004 16
Barrie Richardson The Legal Switch-pad deck switched as it slides off a pad
Inspired by
  • Stop Trick with plate by Ken Brooke
Related to
  • "Omar's Deck Switch" (U.F. Grant)
Also published here
  • Vibrations, Jan. 1998
2005 41
Bob Ostin Twister die starts to twist, when selection is placed on the table
Related to
  • "Twister" in "The Magician" June, 2004.
2005 67
Michael "Mike" Müller Handhabung der FMDSS "Flexible Magnet Daumen Spitzen Spitze"
shortened thumb tip with magnet, and handlings in a paper cup chop cup routine
  • Aufnahme
  • Aktivierung
  • Feintuning the Anziehungskraft
  • Schein-Verschwinden I (Klassisch)
  • Schein-Verschwinden II (Zusatz-Zahl)
  • Schein-Verschwinden III (Lift)
  • Schein-Verschwinden IV (Doppel-Lift)
  • Aus-Laden I (Pendel-Kippen)
  • Aus-Laden II (Weg-Ziehen)
2005 3
Jack Avis The Magnetic Straw "A Table Trick"
straw becomes apparently magnetic
2006 192
Joel Givens The Magidoodle name of chosen card is predicted on magnadoodle, see p. 132 for performance
2007 151
Axel Hecklau Das Prisma (eine Schalfärbung) with silk scarf and special gimmick
2008 20
Stéphane Bourgoin Final Flight coin travels from one spectator's hand to another, magnet under band-aid
Inspired by
  • Richard Robinson's "Fixed Raven" in "Absolute Vanish"
Jan. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 1)
Guy Hollingworth Torn & Restored Card
  • Method 1 (ditch with magnet in sleeve)
  • Method 2 (ditch with pull)
Oct. 2008
Genii (Vol. 71 No. 10)
Tom Stone From the notebooks matrix on four hands of spectators with electro-magnetic raven, offered as pipedream
Also published here 2008 7
Stephen Minch Pickman's Model stain appears on table under statue, then statue moves and disappears
Also published here 2009 45
Trevor Lewis Newton's Nightmares presentation, ball falls through tube fast or slowly,
Inspired by
  • William J. Schmeelk's "Newton's Nightmare"
2009 113
Tom Stone Note 10 matrix on four hands of spectators with electro-magnetic raven, offered as pipedream
Also published here Apr. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 4)
Tom Stone Note 10 matrix on four hands of spectators with electro-magnetic raven, offered as pipedream
Also published here 2009 5
Axel Hecklau Der Spezialhalter magnet holder for playing cards etc., in conjunction with Die Universalweste
2013 20
Jonathan Pendragon Magneto ring with magnet, for Miser's Dream
2013 80
Alexander de Cova SHAXON Peek Device Alan Shaxon style envelope for peeking
Also published here Nov. 2013 27
Christian Scherer Bewegungskontrolle disk is spun on mirror and on performer's wish it either twists quickly or almost does not stop, Euler's Disk
2014 102
Dr. Stanley Jaks His Cup of Tea tea leaves reading with wallet, Q&A, magnetic
Related toAlso published here
  • "His Cup of Tea" in "M.U.M" November, 1973
  • "His Cup of Tea" in Ed Mellon's "Mental-Wise"
2014 156
Dr. Stanley Jaks Mental Image five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by writing them on the envelopes with chalk
Related toVariations 2014 187
Torn Pieces Switch with Case magnetic
Also published here July 2014 709
Alexander de Cova Shaxon-Peek-Device Alan Shaxon style envelope for peeking
Also published here 2015 272
Alexander de Cova Back Pocket Magnet Holder
2015 66
Torn Pieces Switch with Case magnetic
Also published here 2015 124
Vanni Bossi Under a Tack signed card appears thumb tacked to underside of table
2016 106
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Project Fear spectator writes a fear on a paper, performer divines it
2016 5
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Psychometry with an Envelope several ideas, drawings in envelopes
2016 15
Tom Cutts The Gift spectator selects a picture with different presents, the same picture is found in an envelope and the person receives the gift as a climax
2016 19
John Hostler ImagineInk word written on business card is divined, card becomes blank and pen does not write afterwards, magnet steal of card
2016 27
John Hostler Convoid flap in middle of bill is opened and closed again
Related to 2016 123
Gene Anderson Knot Dr. Seuss big knot is formed, falls of rope and performer is left with short piece of rope, Pavel's Krazy Knot
  • A. Background and Credits
  • B. The poem
  • C. Gene's script
  • D. Materials and tools
  • F. Seuss book
2016 189
Technique wherein A Tatehina Moves About on Its Own secret magnet
  • Dan Sherer (additional comments)
  • Max Maven (additional comments and credit information)
Also published here
  • Hōkasen, 1764
May 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 5)
Alexander de Cova Würfelkasten Idee sequence with shell and top hat, magnet
2016 189
Tom Elderfield Listen Up
  • Left-Handed (Jeff Prace)
earbud floats in midair
Inspired by Dec. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 12)
Bill Cheung, Áriston Any Card Rising Rising Card, any card can be named
2018 10
Kieron Johnson Iced Tea hot tea suddenly freezes in mug
2018 45
Jeff Prace Inner Origami: The Bill Change of Happiness
  • Left-Handed
candy wrapper is magically folded into butterfly inside bill
Apr. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 4)
Martin Lewis Teletop
  • Making Magic
ESP card chosen, spinning top spins on a board with ESP symbols and comes to rest on chosen symbol
Nov. 2018
Genii (Vol. 81 No. 11)
Alexander de Cova Joros Ostfriesischer Teepot strategy to gaff the cup for Joro's trick in front of the audience
Inspired by
  • "Der ostfriesische Teepot" (Joro)
2018 89
Christian Scherer Süchtig nach Baumnüssen walnuts appear, vanish and travel to glas under tube, then walnuts vanish again and jumbo walnut appears, using nutcracker and toy squirrel
Inspired by 2020 3
David Regal Flying Over Washington
  • Material Concessions
signed bill travels from under one paper cup to another
Mar. 2021
Genii (Vol. 84 No. 3)
Alex Pandrea Arson card selected, lighter is vanished, burn mark on back of selection, lighter reproduced from card, burn mark is gone, magnet in back pocket as hold-out
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2010
2022 975
Jordan Varvas Pinned badge pinned to shirt, it is moved to different position without ripping the shirt
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Oct. 2010
2022 981
Joshua Jay Torn Pieces Switch with Case magnetic
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2013
2022 1235