15 entries in Hand Gimmicks / Third Hand
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Don Alan Reading Palms gag, with rubber hand Pretty Sneaky 39
Punx (16) Telekinecards ESP cards on a board move on their own, as the spectator wishes, third hand gimmick Mediumistic Stunts 288
Karrell Fox On the Other Hand ideas for steel animal trap, Abbott's Daring Spring Trap, pencil snapped in two, fake hand in trap Another Book 253
Thomas Alan Waters Backhand switching an object behind a cloth, fake third hand Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Grymwyr) 289
Meir Yedid Handy Load embarrassing things produced from borrowed handbag, including rubber band Off the Wall 7
Meir Yedid Transpo-Tip silk to thumb tip on fake hand, gag Off the Wall 8
Meir Yedid Drive-Capade fake hand in car, practical joke Off the Wall 8
Meir Yedid Hotel Room Frolic fake hand in drawer in hotel room, practical joke Off the Wall 9
Meir Yedid Cold Corps fake hand in refrigerator, practical joke Off the Wall 9
Harald Kurz Z - Zombie using third hand Hardcore 38
Alexander de Cova Phoenix from the Ashes third hand set-up, cloth held with both hands but one is secretly free Secrets No. 1 106
Karl Fulves Hank the Ghost No. 38, handkerchief held in front of glass on table, chosen sock that was beside glass is suddenly inside, kind of impromptu third hand method Easy Magic 54
Nicholas Einhorn 3rd Hand Telepathy World Tour Lecture Notes - Set 2 19
Kevin Ho Little Hand Vagina Bob Farmer's "Little Hand" appears Stupid Horrible Immature Tricks 32
Alex Ng 幽冥鬼手 (Spirit Ghost Hand) Little hand appears to emerge from creepy photo of doll, hand grabs a coin placed on hand, coin later appears printed on the photograph In the Mind of Dr. Alex 1