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Paul Marcus A Card Named Bill
Variations 1969 38
Tommy Wonder The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet ring, watch and bill disappear from envelope and reappear at finger, arm and in wallet
Related toVariations 1996 302
Alex Ng 前言 (Introduction)
2015 ii
Alex Ng 幽冥鬼手 (Spirit Ghost Hand) Little hand appears to emerge from creepy photo of doll, hand grabs a coin placed on hand, coin later appears printed on the photograph
2015 1
Alex Ng Hopping Time Hopping Halves routine with time travel premise, coin keeps jumping back to fist to join another coin every time a wrist watch is used to touch the fist. At the end, both coins vanish and appear back in purse, while watch appears back on the wrist
Inspired by 2015 4
Alex Ng I Got the Number Phase one: Combined values of two prediction cards match freely selected card
Phase two: Value of one prediction card and suit of another matched the selected card. Combined value of the two cards give the position of the selection in the deck
2015 8
Alex Ng Impromptu All of a Kind Three freely selected random cards change into three of a kind to match the fourth card previously selected by spectator
2015 13
Alex Ng Alex's Cards to Pocket Three cards selected, first card jumps to pocket, then it transforms to selected card, then first card is found back in pocket, then deck vanishes leaving the third card
2015 19
Alex Ng Call the Number Deck has numbers written on the back, five random cards chosen, the sum of the numbers matches a prediction. When the numbers are placed together, it becomes a phone number, which when called causes the magician's phone to ring
Inspired by 2015 24
Alex Ng MTR Card with different train stations on it connected by lines, spectator moves finger around on the card, able to predict the final station the spectator is on
2015 30
Alex Ng Misdirection - 乃“虚实之道”也 Important tips on misdirection
2015 32
Alex Ng, Harry Wong (Foreword)
2016 2
Alex Ng Rubik's Playmate Spectator thinks of a color on a Rubik's cube and an animal, magician produces a photo prediction of that animal in that color
2016 76