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Max Malini Production of a Block of Ice under hat, guessing game with coin
Related toVariations 1962 55
Kieron Johnson Cigarettes and Candy cigarette becomes pack of candy, cigarettes in pack change to money
July 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 7)
David Regal (reviewer) Ice Qube by Kieron Johnson, Mark Traversoni Apr. 2017
Genii (Vol. 80 No. 4)
Kieron Johnson Introduction
2018 10
Kieron Johnson A Little About My Early Life in Magic
2018 12
Kieron Johnson The Gandalf Theory
2018 15
Kieron Johnson Invisible Ice invisible deck frozen in ice block, freely chosen card is reversed in it
2018 17
Kieron Johnson The La La La Switch offbeat pocket switch for small object
2018 24
Kieron Johnson Radley animal chosen from billets, balloon modelling, dog is twisted but bird was chosen, dog floats up and is suspended from string
2018 28
Kieron Johnson Lolly 2.0 cards with words on them, one chosen, it says lolly, in flash of fire a lolly appears, cards in case also change to lollies
Related to 2018 32
Kieron Johnson Iced Tea hot tea suddenly freezes in mug
2018 45
Kieron Johnson How to Swallow Smoke smoke swallowed, then performer talks and drinks, smoke brought up again, regurgitation
2018 54
Kieron Johnson How to Waterproof Cards how to treat cards before freezing them in water or using them with water
2018 60
Kieron Johnson Flower Power cards with words on them, one chosen, it says flower, in flash of fire a flower appears, cards in case change to soil which is dumped out and flower planted into it
Related to 2018 61
Kieron Johnson The Anything Deck blank cards with random objects written on them, chosen object is produced, as concept
2018 66
Kieron Johnson Flash Paper Advice tips and usage
2018 68
Kieron Johnson To The Max block of ice produced in flash of fire
Inspired by 2018 70
Kieron Johnson Boiling an Egg with the Power of your Mind borrowed egg boiled in hand
2018 75
Kieron Johnson Light up the World blank cards with word "off" on them, spectator choses one and changes word to "on", card found with light bulb that lights over chosen card
2018 76
Kieron Johnson Taste the Rainbow spectator guesses color of skittles candy, rest are all another named color
2018 78
Kieron Johnson Hot Deck prediction of wrong card on card case visually melts/changes into right one, electronics
2018 83
Kieron Johnson Diabetics Nightmare sugar vanishes in mouth, then reappears in pen and pours out for a long time
2018 87
Kieron Johnson Final Thoughts and Thanks
2018 91