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The Flying Salt sleeving salt, ungimmicked
1909 320
Lu Brent Tobacco Magic loose tobacco vanishes from hand, is reproduce with other hand
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1935/36)
Henry Gordien The Salt Trick salt from hand to hand
1938 858
Edward Victor An Impromptu Knife and Salt Trick pile of salt on knife blade vanishes and reappears
1940 ca. 140
Edward Victor The Flying Salt
1940 ca. 141
The Passe-Passe Salt thumb tip
Related to 1941/27 129
U. F. Grant, Danny Morris, Howcani Gaglet Department
  • idea for Al Baker's "Salt Trick" (Morris)
  • idea for cleaning slates, when done with chemical formula (Grant)
  • gag, where two eggs are cracked and one put in pocket, but still three yolks are seen (Howcani)
Inspired by July 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 14)
R. M. Jamison Odds and Ends tips and hints for
  • Clippo
  • Baker's Salt Trick
  • Oriental Restoring Powder
Related to Nov. 1943 23
Tom Fitzgerald Bromo Seltzer to the Resuce impromptu thumb tip for vanishing liquid and making salt travel
Aug. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 67)
George Starke Salt and Water salt travels from hand to hand, then water appears
May 1944
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 1 No. 12)
Jack Chanin Vanishing Salt Trick salt vanishes from hand and appears in handkerchief, tube
1945 197
U. F. Grant Round Table Salt Vanish salt poured in hand vanishes, poured straight through fist into lap
Oct. 1948 11
Dr. Jacob Daley The Salt Trick - The Perfected Method salt vanishes and appears again, using salt shaker and saucer
May 1949
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 6 No. 12)
Al Baker Salt Flight from hand to container
Related toAlso published here 1951 101
Dick Piser Supreme Salt salt vanishes and appears, loop ball gimmick
Oct. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 291)
Aaron Black Black's Salt Trick
1969 177
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Saltrix Thumb Tip Method No. 292, "My cut out method"
1972 74
Salt Routine salt vanishes from hand, reappears in pen
1977 5
Dr. Jacob Daley Der Salz Trick - Die Perfekte Methode with specially prepared thumb tip that can be kind of purse palmed
July 1978
Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Vanishing Salt Trick
  • A Good Idea to Try (wax-covered hole in thumb tip)
1978 216
Tony Slydini Sweet Salt salt poured in spectator's hand and tasted, then vanishes from magicians hand, reappears but is now sugar, paper tube gimmick, salt simply lapped
1979 5
Ken Brooke K.B. Pass the Salt salt from hand to hand, glass tube gimmick
1980 201
Paul Draylin A Tribute to Paul Draylin - A Little Salt Goes a Long Way salt vanishes from hand, reappears in silk
1982 86
Bob Chesbro The Salty Pen salt travels from fist to borrowed pen, finger tip
1982 8
David Ben Shorter and Sweeter Sugar vanishes, reappears in coffee
Also published here Nov. 1985
Epoptica (Issue 7)
James Swain Up The Sleeve sugar up the spectator's sleeve, thumb tip
Also published here Winter 1985
The Collected Almanac (Vol. 3 No. 34, 35 & 36)
Richard "Lu" Lista Shot Glass Salt Transpo salt vanishes from fist and reappears in shot glass that was wrapped in paper napkin
July 1987
Epoptica (Issue 9)
Alexander de Cova Der (fast) perfekte Salztrick using thumb tip with loop
Also published here 1988 24
Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz Exodus sugar/salt vanish, pen cap instead of thumb tip
1990 23
Alexander de Cova Der (fast) Perfekte Salztrick "nach Slydini", using thumb tip with loop
Also published here 1990 38
Steve Dusheck A Looped Thumb Tip for vanishing salt
1991 25
James Swain Up the Sleeve poured sugar disappears from fist and reproduced from spectator's sleeve, credits Roger Klause and Dan Stapleton
Also published here 1992 13
Jerry Mentzer Dollar Bill and Sugar Packet sugar from sugar packet vanishes and reappers in hand, bill travels into sugar packet
1994 55
Jon Allen Citizen Kane white and brown sugar packets are signed, sugar inside packets change places
1995 12
Brad Stine, Gregory Wilson Vanish 5000 sugar from sugar packet vanishes in hand without thumb tip
1996 285
John Riggs Sugar Vanish poured in hand, impromptu thumb tip version
1996 1196
Curtis Kam Tablehopper's Salt Trick idea for getting a tip for salt vanish from hand
1996 105
Jörg Alexander Weber Zaubersalz salt packet torn, salt poured in hand vanishes and packet restores
Inspired by
  • "Sweet and Low" (Richard Osterlind, Challenge Magic video, 1990)
2000 18
Al Baker Salt Flight from hand to container
Related toAlso published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Pet Secrets)
Al Baker Salt Trick salt vanish, gaffed salt shaker with cone inside
Also published here
  • marketed 1940
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Instructions)
David Ben Bitter Sweet Sugar vanishes, reappears in coffee
Also published here 2003 11
Alan Wakeling Holland white and black tissue paper are torn and restored into chef's hat and apron, borrowed ring and some more ingredients put in a dove pan, ring appears in cake
  • Notes (Jim Steinmeyer)
Sep. 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 9)
Alexander de Cova Der (fast) Perfekte Salztrick "nach Slydini", using thumb tip with loop
Also published here 2013 57
Michael Weber, Tim Trono, Real Secrets Team White Chain ideas for usage of thin small white chain to simulate a salt or sugar pour
  • credits on the small table & large table optical illusion by Bill Mullins
(website bonus from March 2013)
Related to Mar. 2013 1
Alexander de Cova Salzproduktion
2017 46
Alexander de Cova Brush Vanish
2017 57
Alexander de Cova Der Salztrick salt travels from hand to hand
2017 71
Kieron Johnson Diabetics Nightmare sugar vanishes in mouth, then reappears in pen and pours out for a long time
2018 87