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How to make a Card vanish, and finde it againe in a Nut duplicate card is split and printed side slit into nut beforehand, second nut filled with ink as joke when spectator opens it
Related to 1634 19
Professor Hoffmann Making Double Facers
1876 90
Professor Hoffmann Chapter III. Special Cards and Tricks Therewith
1889 38
On Splitting brief, see also footnote on page 143
1889 140
Making Double Facers
Feb. 1896
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 2)
August Roterberg Prepared and Mechanical Cards
1897 219
Das präparierte Kartenspiel "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
making a stripper deck, applications: finding selections, Aces or separating reds and blacks
Oct. 1897
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 10)
Flash Paper Card
1900 72
Eduard W. Lufa Die geteilte Karte on divided cards, making them, using gaffed cards
Sep. 1900
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 9)
Eduard W. Lufa Die Generalkarte card changed into four selections one by one
Dec. 1900
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 12)
H. F. C. Suhr La carte du diable card vanishes in flash of fire, made from flash paper, ignites by itself
Jan. 1905
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Making Double Facers splitting, brief
1911 111
Eric F. Impey The Construction of Double-Faced Cards splitting
1928 6
Making a Double Backer
1930 35
Eric F. Impey Double-Faced Cards how to split cards and make double facers or backers
1931 7
Billy O'Connor To Make Cards "Slippery"
1933 75
Eddie Clever Three in One Gaff
Oct. 1934
The Jinx (Issue 1)
Jean Hugard Diachylon history and basic information, more sticky than rough-smooth
1937 104
Impromptu Markind of Cards - The Tooth Pick Method
1938 479
The Rough and Smooth Principle
1938 530
Theodore Annemann Making Double Facers with peeling
Mar. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 54)
Theodore Annemann The Roughened Card Formulae
Dec. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 71)
Peeling Cards
1940 409
Theodore Annemann Dry Splitting remark
The Jinx (Issue 112)
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Preparing the Stripper Deck
1941 3
Al Baker "Roughing" It recipe & comments
Also published here 1941 20
Shrinking Gaff card shrinks to miniature card, see footnote
1942 17
Eddie Joseph A Home-Made Cement for Card Work
1942 76
John Snyder Letter to Phoenix sarcastic letter about card splitting
Aug. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 67)
George G. Kaplan Making Fake Indexes rubbing off ink and glueing new suit symbols, described for making divided picture cards
1948 159
Appendix A where to obtain roughing fluid
Eugene Gloye Construction of Folding Card with rubber pieces, folded in thirds, construction
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1953)
Lewis Ganson The Preparation of Cards for Manipulation preparing cards for stage manipulations
Also published here 1954 230
Jerry Andrus Powdering a Deck in paper bag
Also published here 1956 14
Making Double Facers
1958 116
Dai Vernon Bathroom Strippers using broken glass
Related to 1959 70
Jochen Zmeck Die Präparation how to gaff for rough-smooth, different recipes and how to apply them
1. Standard-Tinktur
2. Kolophonium-Lösung
3. Mastix-Lösung
Related to 1962 7
John Benzais Making Double Face Cards
1967 47
Jochen Zmeck Die Präparation tips for applying rough-smooth
Related to 1967 4
Magische Tips various ideas and tips
  • torn and restored newspaper (special paper)
  • fake cigarettes
  • large nails produced from shoe
  • splitting of a playing card
  • magnetic toy bugs
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 2)
Aldini How to Make your Own Special-Purpose Cards fanning decks, locator cards, double facer, double backer, strippers, Svengali, Mene-Tekel, Tel-O-Matic, peek decks, Brain Wave Ultra-Mental decks
Magick (Issue 57)
Roughing Fluid Formula No. 524, for "Brain Wave Deck"
1972 147
John Blunt Fake Index Gaffs glueing matching index corner from card to another card
1973 3
Jerry Andrus Powdering a Deck in paper bag
Also published here 1973 25
Karl Fulves, John Standridge, Walter B. Graham Printing Fake Cards
Interlocutor (Issue 7)
José de la Torre How to Make the Gimmicked Card step gaff
1976 5
Terry Nosek Aging Cards shoe polish
Magick (Issue 193)
Will Dexter Positive und Negative Markierungen on marking decks, or other objects
Also published here
  • The Gen, Feb. 1953
Dec. 1977
Intermagic (Vol. 4 No. 4)
Roger Crabtree, Jim Cozzens The Crabtree Connection
  • The Effect (can be handed out)
  • Requirements
  • Construction of the Display Set of Linked Cards
  • The Set to be torn
  • Performance
  • Notes
1978 4
Jim Cozzens The Jim Cozzens Instructions for preparing the Two Linked Cards
1978 13
To Prepare preparing cards for manipulation, bending and powdering
1978 106
Eradicating Pips
1979 169
Fancy Colored Backs
Related to 1979 170
Harry Lorayne, Jim Cozzens, Roger Crabtree Linking Card Addenda preparation to really link two card frames
1979 158
Roger Woods Roger Woods Writes
Related to Oct. 1979
Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 10)
Splitting a card
1979 5
Ed Brown Making Fake Index Court Cards
Arcane (Issue 3)
Pete BanDrosky Splitting Cards how to split cards
1982 3
Peter Kane How to Make a Divided Card two-ended picture card
1982 118
Edward Marlo Finally making belly strippers
1984 91
Lubor Fiedler Incredi-Change peeked-at card in packet vanishes, all backs change color (visually with acrobatic flap gaff)
Aug. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 8)
Paul Sorrentino Apex Cardcase Color Change visual using acrobatic flap gimmick
Variations Aug. 1984
Apocalypse (Vol. 7 No. 8)
Scott's Rough recipe for roughing fluid
1985 19
David Regal Half and Half signed card is torn, ONE half changes color
1987 125
Neil Lester The Art of Doctoring Cards how to gaff cards, various gaffed decks
Mar. 1987
Magick (Issue 387)
Bob Ostin My Method for Making Double Faced Cards
1989 9
Gary Ouellet, Walter E. Cummings Close Up Hint On the Preparation of Playing Cards, using soap
Variations 1990 138
Strippers and How Made
Also published here
  • "The Little Secrets" (1904)
Cheat Sheet (Issue 9)
Ken Simmons Fanning Powder Tip with faros
1992 12
Bob Farmer Where to get Marked Cards, Loaded Dice and Double-Headed Coins
1994 4
Splitting Cards
1994 75
Ellison Poland Sobo - So What??? using special flexible sobo glue to make hinge gaff
1994 36
Alexander de Cova Farbige Kartenrückseiten coloring the back of cards with spray color
  • Hier noch ein paar Tips
Also published here Mar. 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Alexander de Cova Kartenkleben glue for split cards
Also published here Mar. 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Alexander de Cova "Unsichtbares Spiel" - im Notfall lip balm as impromptu roughing fluid
Related toAlso published here Mar. 1995
Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 2)
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note credit information on gaffed cards and splitting
1999 122
Rudolf Braunmüller Kurz-Tricks & Tips
  • paddle tricks
  • storing props
  • fixing bent cards
  • magic wax alternative
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 4 & 5)
Lewis Ganson Kartenpräparation für Manipulatoren preparing cards for stage manipulations
Also published here 1999
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 2)
Ron Bauer Repairing and Aging Gypsy Curse Cards
2000 15
Alexander de Cova Farbige Kartenrückseiten coloring the back of cards with spray color
  • Hier noch ein paar Tips
Also published here 2002 12
Alexander de Cova Kartenkleben glue for split cards
Also published here 2002 13
Alexander de Cova "Unsichtbares Spiel" - im Notfall lip balm as impromptu roughing fluid
Also published here 2002 14
Al Baker "Roughing" It recipe & comments
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means)
Ross Bertram Roughing Cards tip
2003 93
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Umgang mit der Klebekarte tips on applying glue or rough smooth spray on playing cards, explanation of simple version of brainwave
2004 80
R. Paul Wilson How to make your own Fan-2-C gaffs step gaff, small triangle format
  • Setting the gaff openly
2004 6
Derek Dingle Making Gimmicked Cards
  • Equipment
  • Procedure
    • Peeling the Card
    • Assembling the Card
  • Special Note
2004 30
Ed Brown Marking Ink specific brand of ink
2006 65
Jack Avis Card Splitting Tips
2006 110
Gene Taylor A quick "Gaffed Card Corner" mis-made playing card
Feb. 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 1)
Doug Edwards The Transparent Card or The "Light" Fantastic Change alternative method to build transparent cards
2006 77
Rene Clement Making Fake Index Card
2007 194
Tom Stone Black Art Card construction of card with black back
Also published here 2007 14
Chris Mayhew Holes - The Gimmick constructing hole cards required for subsequent routines
Inspired byRelated to 2009 31
Splitting Cards
2009 13
Tom Stone Black Art Card construction of card with black back
Also published here 2011 70
Ryan Schlutz How to Print on Cards "Personalizing the Experience"
2011 127
Wolfgang Moser Trick-Druck how to make gaffed cards with a printer
2011 13
Tom Crosbie Dos Bolas (Two Scoops - Concept!) card signed by two people, when torn in halves, one part has red back and other has blue back
Inspired by
  • David Regal's "Two Scoops"
2013 56
Tom Crosbie How to Short a Card
2013 149
Vanni Bossi Cornered three locator cards
  • The Incised Corner
  • The Thin Corner
  • The Jointed Corner
2016 65
Roberto Giobbi Splitting Cards object put in split card, idea
Hidden Agenda (Issue July 19)
Ming Tou Tips on Making Gaff Cards
2016 58
Alexander de Cova Alt Aussehendes Papier making old-looking aged paper
2016 140
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman How to Cut Cards
  • Purchase
  • Card Trimmer
  • Stripper Jig (Eoin O'Hare)
  • Paper Cutter
  • "Bathroom Strippers"
  • Rounding Corners
Related to 2017 18
Bob Farmer Marked Cards three-way marking system
  • The System
  • Materials for Marking
2017 7
Bob Farmer Material & References marking pens, corner rounders, Soap, Teflon powder
2017 1
Bob Farmer, Tony Kardyro Treating the Cards with cashmere bouquet soap and teflon powder, also for faro shuffles
Related to 2017 56
Steph Lacasse The Real Secrets of Card Trimming about Slim Card Co
Dec. 2018
Operandi (Issue 4)
Steph Lacasse Trimmers Explained... different types of trimmers and cutters
  • Rotary Trimmer
  • O'Hare Stripper Jig
  • Negative Trimmer
  • Lassen Trimmer
  • Bushey Trimmer
  • Corner Rounder
Dec. 2018
Operandi (Issue 4)
Kieron Johnson How to Waterproof Cards how to treat cards before freezing them in water or using them with water
2018 60
Tom Gagnon Soaping the Faro
Inspired byRelated to 2019 339
Jonathan Neal A "Crafty" Card Trick for Charlie
  • Secrets Within Secrets
making a jumbo flap card, turnaround for rising card
Aug. 2019
Genii (Vol. 82 No. 8)
Steve Forte Appendix - Marked Card Summary
  • 1. Foreign Substances
  • 2. Removing Part of the Printed Design
  • 3. Changing the Shape
  • 4. Other Alterations
  • 5. Touch Work
  • 6. Exploiting Manufacturing Variances
  • 7. Invisible Spectrum
  • 8. Asymmetries
  • 9. Defects
  • 10. Esoteric Systems
  • Summary
2020 1057
Bob Farmer Packet Tricks how to treat cards so they last longer
  • Step 1: Protective Spray
  • Step 2: PTFE Powder
2022 1
Bob Farmer Sticking Cards Together
2022 3
Tony Kardyro Preparing a Faro Deck soap on edges
2022 6
Bob Farmer Roughing Fluid
2022 7
Bob Farmer Card Marking Ink which commercial pens to use
2022 9