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Bruce Cervon Turn Me Over! funny messages on cards
Related to 1971 Expert Card Chicanery 9
Luis Gavilondo Matching "Do As I Do" Poker Player's Picnic done with two packs simultaneously
Inspired byRelated to 1977 Matching the Cards 19
Daryl Martinez Convincing Tilt
VariationsAlso published here 1980 Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant) 39
David Williamson Torn & Restored Transposition
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1989 Williamson's Wonders 72
Chad Long Intro
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 2
Chad Long Back & Forth written messages on cards ("LOOK IN YOUR POCKET", ...), scavenger hunt
Related toVariations 1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 3
Chad Long Cards Under Drink card under drink, then second selection under first selection under drink
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 5
Chad Long Pen pen & cap flurry
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 8
Chad Long Three Across four coins in one hand, one coin is moved to other hand, all other follow
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 8
Chad Long T.C.O.H.T.P.C. "The Cheesy One Hand Top Palm Control"
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 12
Chad Long The Second Control joke set-up
Variations 1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 13
Chad Long Insta-Match match touched to striking surface lights, when touched on other side goes out
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 14
Chad Long Circle O' Gold imaginary ring becomes real
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 15
Chad Long X-tracting 4 coins from box to hand one by one
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 17
Chad Long The Non-Trick Page on "Be Yourself"
1994 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume One 20
Chad Long Intro
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 2
Chad Long Nervous Condition all cards fly out via Gymnastic Aces except selection
Inspired by 1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 3
Chad Long Flash Vanish coin vanishes as fire is tossed onto it
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 5
Chad Long Quick Change Aces indifferent cards change to aces visual via Daley's Lipop (Phoenix)
Related to 1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 6
Chad Long The Darted Card card shot out of shower of cards with pistol
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 7
Chad Long Mat Slap card produced with folded close-up pad
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 9
Chad Long Torn & Kinda Restored three selections, selection found and torn up, pieces change to second selection, restores and changes to third selection, impromptu
Inspired by 1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 11
Chad Long Predic-storation prediction on napkin with pen through it, prediction comes true and napkin restored, Cornelius' "Pen Through Anything"
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 13
Chad Long The Vanishing Pen ... Through Anything! pen vanishes in napkin, using Cornelius' "Pen Through Anything"
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 15
Chad Long Playing With Doh chop cup routine with play doh container
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 17
Chad Long Quick Thoughts... restaurant work, tips, unintentional glimpse
1995 The Lost Cheesy Notebooks — Volume Two 20
Chad Long Trans-Assembling Jokers named four-of-a-kind put under ashtray, four Jokers put under three-card packets for an assembly, after assembly the Jokers transpose with quartet under ashtray
1995 MO — Modus Operandi (Issue 7) 27
Jon Allen, Chad Long, Karrell Fox The Vanishing coathanger vanishes from sheet of paper
1995 Jon Allen's Lecture — The Director's Cut 8
Chad Long Re-Set Options - Chad Long's Short Cop
Related to 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 143
Chad Long The Shuffling Lesson spectator shuffles and cuts and turns over
Related toVariations 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Astonishing Friends) 299
Chad Long Dinner Time Prediction during dinner "You will drop a spoon!" (or something else) is predicted
1997 More Stuff... 2
Chad Long Sloppy Business slop shuffle triumph with business cards
1997 More Stuff... 3
Chad Long Spray Paint ball bearing in can is silenced at will
1997 More Stuff... 4
Chad Long Ninja Coin coin tossed and caught right at the edge
1997 More Stuff... 5
Chad Long Ninja Key key ring is tossed up and wanted key caught effortlessly
1997 More Stuff... 6
Chad Long The Vanishing Ring finger ring vanishes from finger, half ring
1997 More Stuff... 7
Peter Duffie Return to St. Nicholas red Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into black Aces (first published as Harlequinesque in Imagine)
Inspired byRelated toVariations 1997 Effortless Card Magic 23
Iain Girdwood Girdwood Meets St. Nicholas Black Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into red Aces
Inspired byRelated to 1997 Effortless Card Magic 26
Chad Long The Change Machine card face up out jogged in deck changes color
1997 The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 66) 1320
Chad Long Divide And Conquer collecting cards are fairly distributed yet appear face up on top with selections in between
1998 The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 136
Chad Long The Tweezers two jokers as tweezers find two aces, then jokers turn into aces
Related to 1998 The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 67) 1364
Chad Long Popcorn Aces four ace production
1998 The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 68) 1396
Joshua Jay, Chad Long Written Favorite Two card transposition between magician and spectator's favorite card, and "Your Favorite Card" magically appears on the back of spectator's card (initial sequence inspired by Chad Long)
VariationsAlso published here 1998 A Teen's Routines 28
Joshua Jay Written Favorite Transposition between performer and spectator's named favourite cards - then "Your Favourite Card" words appear on the back on spectator's card
Also published here 1999 Magic Atlas 89
Chad Long Convincing Cut one-hand cut à la beginning of Charlier cut, then reaching in to pull out an Ace, reverse tilt
Inspired by 1999 Cyber Sessions 155
Chad Long Bounce/No-Bounce Opener
2000 Some Other Stuff... 1
Chad Long Mint Busters candy cane is transformed into ball, then flat mint
2000 Some Other Stuff... 2
Chad Long Ninja Copper/Silver
2000 Some Other Stuff... 3
Chad Long A Card and A Number card at freely chosen number has red back and is predicted
2000 Some Other Stuff... 5
Chad Long Stretching Silver borrowed quarter is bent and stretched, then returned
2000 Some Other Stuff... 7
Chad Long The Lint Brush lint brush is full of lint after brushed against spectator's jacket
2000 Some Other Stuff... 8
Chad Long Scatter four coins from hand to 4 tabled cards at once
2000 Some Other Stuff... 9
Chad Long Transputensil fork and spoon transpose, ungaffed
2000 Some Other Stuff... 11
Justin Hanes Ease top card dragged in center, yet retained on top, spelling of trick title unclear
Related to
  • Chad Long items in Racherbaumer's Inside Out column in MAGIC
2000 Action 9
Jamie Badman Here It Is written messages on cards ("Turn me over", "Look in the box", ...), scavenger hunt, color changing deck kicker
Inspired by
  • "Seattle Opener" (John Lovick, Skinny Lecture Notes)
Related to
2001 Mr. Gadfly (Vol. 1 No. 4 Nov./Dec.) 29
Paul Cummins, Chad Long No Mercy longer routine, swindle cut the Aces
2002 FASDIU II 77
Peter Duffie, Aldo Colombini, Robin Robertson Look in Your Pocket! routine with messages on cards, using Killer Count
Inspired byRelated to 2004 Killer Koncepts 29
Eric Jones Flash Coins Re-Lit three coins appear in fire flashes, the vanish again with lighter and reappear in purse
Inspired by
  • "Flash Coins" (Chad Long's Magic Video, 1997)
Nov. 2005 Antinomy (Vol. 1 No. 4) 22
Tyler Wilson Clean Sanchez two cards with big instructions on it used to locate two selections
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 2006 Dominatricks 61
Benjamin Earl The Gambling Lesson various games played, at the end spectator and performer each find four-of-a-kind
Inspired byVariations 2009 Gambit (Issue 1) 6
R. Paul Wilson, Chad Long Luck Versus Skill multiple phase gambling themed routine with cutting the high card culminating in a variation of "Shuffling Lesson"
Inspired by 2010 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 155
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Flash by Chad Long Oct. 2010 Genii (Vol. 73 No. 10) 91
Denis Behr Chad Long's "Shuffling Lesson" into a Partial Stack to end in half stack
Inspired by 2011 Handcrafted Card Magic — Volume 2 36
David Oliver (reviewer) Spineless: A Unique Book Test by Chad Long Sep. 2012 Genii (Vol. 75 No. 9) 85
David Oliver (reviewer) Flash: Color-Changing Flash Drives by Chad Long Sep. 2012 Genii (Vol. 75 No. 9) 85
Chad Long The Duviviers
June 2013 Genii (Vol. 76 No. 6) 65
Justin Higham Two-Phase Shuffling Lesson
Inspired by 2014 Impressionistic Poker Demos 46
Kiko Pastur A Través del Espejo spectator mirrors actions of performer, both end up with four of a kind
Inspired by 2014 El Puente Invisible 174
Danny Orleans (reviewer) Knitting Ninja by Chad Long Mar. 2016 Genii (Vol. 79 No. 3) 90
David Solomon Numerology & You after some calculation with a starting number, a number is formed, the starting number is the only odd-backed value in the deck and the resulting number is written on its back
Inspired by 2018 Solomon's Secrets 110
Mark Phillips (reviewer) Think Pink Deluxe by Ran Pink, Chad Long Oct. 2021 Genii (Vol. 84 No. 10) 91
Nathan Kranzo, Chad Long Copper Silver Gold Flash Paper Coin changes from copper to silver to gold by throwing flash paper at it
2021 Kranzilla Unleashed 19
Suzanne (reviewer) Spineless by Chad Long July 2022 Genii (Vol. 85 No. 7) 78
Andrew Frost The Serious Second Deal
Inspired by 2022 Double Lift 80